Anna Kendrick Article on MTV

Anna Kendrick, who plays Jessica in the Twilight movie, had an interview with MTV. Thanks to multiple people who brought this up.


  1. Thanks for posting!

  2. She’s so cute….I’m sure her part will be bigger in the movie than in the book.

  3. ‘Twilight’ Co-Star Anna Kendrick Braces Herself For Buzz Bigger Than ‘Harry Potter’

    Yeah, right! Preferences aside, you cannot deny that the circulation of Twilight is not bigger than HP. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH, fail.

  4. i think shes going to be awesome in the movie
    she seems really cool.

  5. aw she seems sweet =] she reminds me of jessica a lot.

  6. kelsieeee says:

    Clet, you are right. Twilight beats Harry Potter hands down! Anna will be an awesome as Jessica!

  7. I do love the HP series but Twilight had me the second I picked up the books. I still dream of each charcters as if I am a part in the books.

  8. She seems soooo excited! i would be too if i had a mainish part!

  9. Vi G.G.:,
    Same! except i only dreamt about Jacob 🙂

  10. forbiddenfruit_13 says:

    I think she’s gonna b gr8. I’d prefer to see her playing angela because she looks really sweet and kind. but oh, well. sure she’ll do good

  11. Stop with the Harry Potter comparisons! Every MTV article seems to feel the need to mention HP in nearly every Twilight article! Why? Just because both are popular books among teens? Big deal! Give Twilight and the fandom the respect and individual recognition the series deserves!
    *Sorry for the rant. MTV just pisses me off*

  12. That article is totally right!!!

    Twilight will always beat HP!!

    threee cheers for twilight!!!… and anna kendrick!!

  13. Cleopatra/Clet says:

    I never said Twilight was better than Harry Potter.
    It isn’t!

  14. see, when you think Twilight, you think Bella/Edward/Jacob/Cullens.
    im sure Jessica’s not the first that comes to mind.
    but she did play a HUGE role.
    she indirectly introduced us to the Cullens.
    maybe she didn’t give the FULL story, but she was the one who first told us about all of our favorite heart-throb, Edward Cullen.
    major kudos to Anna in pointing that out.

  15. yea, only cool people say kudos.
    haha, 😀

  16. Why do all compare twilight with harry potter?! those 2 has two different genres! seriously, twilight is more romantic and love-sexy thing (with edward & everything) ,
    hp is more fantasy, magic..action.. (Voldemort)
    and i know why do the most girls like twilight more than hp ( also do i) because there’s those perfect guys, the perfect true love that every girl is dreaming of.
    so stop compare those 2

  17. or- dreams about- is more right to say, maybe..

  18. I dont think anyone had any idea Twilight was going to be so huge!

  19. Thayet1231 says:

    pah! Harry Potter is second to Twilight, all the way! (but i still love those books) I’m extremely happy with the casting, if it makes a difference to ANYONE!

  20. Dancergirl says:

    Twilight is better than Harry Potter. Edward can take Harry in two seconds flat. I can’t wait for the movie!!!

  21. Harry Potter is awesome
    Twilight is awesome
    Harry Potter is amazing but Twilight probably beat Potter (sale wise), besides the fact that Twilight is well written, but because EVERY girl in the world reads Twilight and the ones who haven’t have their friends bugging them to do so. Only the wizard fans r stuck on Potter.
    They’re tied in my opinion.

  22. alter eggo says:

    Anna Kendrick seems perfect for the role of Jessica. Especially since she sees how shallow she is xD
    All this business with Harry Potter versus Twilight is kind of ridiculous, though.
    MTV isn’t saying Twilight’s better than Harry Potter, or vice versa. They’re just comparing their popularity -which I think is a pretty obvious move considering they both have fantasy and are, well, popular.
    Just saying.

  23. I love both HP and Twilight so I don’t see any rivalry that MTV wants to stir up. But they do have one thing in common, hmm now what could that be?

    Jessica is the one that introduces us to the mysterious Cullens/Hale. good eye.

  24. Cleopatra/Clet says:

    I am huge HP fan. And a huge Twilight fan. At my school all the girls are reading Twilight and all agree of how it’s not very well-written, lacks a plot, foreshadowing, and various literary devices. What they do know is that that SM does an excellent job describing a dream man. I honestly believe that’s why you people prefer Twilight, and not HP, a book that has broken the fastest-selling book record in history, and various other records and awards. And also, Twilight is /mainly/ known in the US, but is catching on other English-speaking counties. Regardless, the circulation of Twilight is negligible to HP. 8.3 million on day one, compared to the measly million of SM.

  25. TeamRobert! says:

    Come on! This is a Twilight FAN site, so stop dissing it!
    I think you might be better off at an HP fan site.

  26. People ignore the stupid troll, aparently the thing does not have no life and has nothing else better to do. So don’t give her power cause that is what she craves.

  27. Cleopatra/Clet says:

    If you are true fan, why not withstand some negative input? We are free to say anything we wish. ~*~ If you can bash HP, I can bash Twilight.

  28. hehehe “we’re more sexier” RIVAL HP, which is a fact if the statistics are anything to go by ;p Pointing out that Twilight seems to be heading for the same popularity that HP has is not a crime!

  29. ummm… it messed up my comment… the first sentence said: “we’re more sexier”

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