Jacob is now official

In what is probably the worst kept secret in Hollywood since J-Lo’s and Angelina’s pregnancies, it was confirmed today that Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black.

With Taylor’s experience he should be a great young Jacob Black, the "cute kid" that Bella remembers from her childhood. He’ll then have the opportunity to mature into the role should other movies be made down the line.

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  1. Yay! omg hes perfect! 1st comment!

  2. finally!! soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!

  3. Woo, Taylor! He’s cute.

  4. They definitely could have done worse…but doesn’t Jacob have long hair? Eh, who am I kidding, I’m an Edward lover- it’s all right if Jacob’s a little off…

  5. Wow, how did this kid get so ripped? He’s actually kind of starting to grow on me..

    J.Lo’s pregnant??!!?!


    Just kiddin’ :]

  6. this is so weird because when i envision jacob in my head, its the 26-year-old looking post-werewolf jacob. taylor just looks to young for my sad fantasies lol ps. his abs look rather photoshopped

    It’s not a photoshopped pic

  7. I think he’s too young(?) I don’t know.. his face and hair doesn’t fit my idea of Jacob.. but who knows, maybe he’ll look a lot more decent/similar when the movie comes out/starts shooting .. (in-character) ahaaaaa~ :] my english is awkward

    In Twilight Jacob is 16, looks younger than Bella,  and not at all a hunk that she even gives a second thought to. Taylor is 16 and will read younger than 17-year-old Kristen.

  8. Wow good pick! That makes him the second person I agree with that they have cast for the movie. (Him and Robert Pattinson.)

  9. QUEENCROWN says:

    my friends are gonna die!

    Oh and “duh.

  10. Also, just gotta say (and no offence intended), but that article was kinda random. It was pretty badly written, imo. If someone copy/pasted that article and sent it to me, I would’ve thought that it was a fake for sure.

  11. Hmmm…well…he doesn’t look very Native American, but I can deal. I mean he has that nice wide smile that makes you want to smile with him and that was one of Jake’s strong points. They could have done way worse definetly. For Twilight Jake, I think he’s perfect. I am also exited that they are actully going to be on First Beach for his scene and not in Newport or something. lol

  12. Okay. First of all. . . Jacob is actually supposed to look young in Twilight. It is in the next two books that he is supposed to look older. On this point, he looks great. Now, secondly, he is tan, his hair is okay, i guess, and he is pretty cute. Again, it’s not until New Moon that Bella tells him that he is beautiful, so. . . we got time.

    All in all, he looks perty good. (lol, perty)


  13. No offence guys, but I think he is one of the worst possible choices for Jacob.. Sigh. -_-

    Wait, I don’t understand why Hardwicke just didn’t get in touch with Lautner or something.. Why was there was a big “open casting call” for Jacob, when he (Lautner) seems to be a fairly well known actor?
    This could be a totally stupid question…sorry if it is…but I know next to nothing about the casting process of films. =P

  14. Heartbroken…. Taylor isnt of indian decent…. Sooo sad.. I dont understand the casting call if they were going to go with someone who doesnt fall in to the “seeking a 16-18 year old Native American male” …… so confused…. bad day for me..

    Good luck anyhow….

  15. twilightislife says:

    OMG!!!! they finally released who it would it be!!!
    this is BIG!!! There is other stuff I would LIKE to say but wont here. 🙂
    He better be good enough for Jacob’s character, etc…

  16. The Weasel says:

    All I can say is, I am extremely offended that they didn’t stick with a Native American actor.

  17. “In what is probably the worst kept secret in Hollywood since J-Lo’s and Angelina’s pregnancies…”

    LMFAO!!! It’s so true :P.

  18. I definitely think he’s as perfect as it gets. He’s so…Jacob-y. And his hair’s probably longer now…maybe the picture’s a bit old. I don’t know, he looks pretty good to me. I see no reason to complain. =]

  19. He looks like a mini Steven Straight, yay we have Jacob, soo happy.

  20. Guess he’ll be ok… Too bad he’s not native american. =(

  21. I was watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2 with my little cousin yesterday (ok, so maybe I was watching it by myself..) But anyways, I paid close attention to this Taylor guy and imo, he was horrible.
    I haven’t seen that Shark Boy movie and I haven’t seen any other movies he’s been in, but hopefully his acting ability has increased tenfold.

    Anyone know what nationality he is?

  22. I’m a little annoyed that Jacob’s actor isn’t a Native American, but I can understand what Hardwicke was thinking. She wanted to be as loyal as possible to the -character-. She combed the USA for a good NA Jacob, but the best one, the one she felt portrayed Jacob the best, wasn’t Native American. I respect her decision, even if I wish she had found a Native American actor.

  23. Dancergirl says:

    I don’t like him, but I don’t hate him.I’m a little disapointed that they didn’t get an Native American actor to play Jacob.

  24. Awesome 🙂 Perfect!

  25. Ha! That guy has a T-shirt tan!

    Anyway sure, I think he can manage young Jacob. I also don’t think he looks at all native american though…:(

  26. Sirena R says:

    I was hoping that Jacob was going to look more Native American also ,oh well,Taylor will do fot Twilight. hes the right age ad his abs are not photoshoped or whatever people…he’s been doing martial arts since he was 5.
    I only care who the older bigger Jacob wil be if they make a New Moon.
    So dont be to bummed Krista.
    Jacob isnt suposed to be in alot of Twilight.
    he isnt my favorite pick,but i Wish him luck and PLEASE dont make his hair look to fake for the movie.
    WHO IS GOING TO PLAY BILLY…(Gregory Tyree Boyce?)

  27. Wicked.Vamp says:

    about time they released who is going to play him.

  28. Taylor Daniel Lautner is an Lithuanian-American actor. Is what one site says. other say welsh and french,

  29. If they do make a sequel, I’d rather they didn’t change Jacobs. Even if I didn’t like the Jacob, I’d stil want them to keep him on for the sequels. I don’t wanna destroy the flow of the thing, lol.

    Not saying I don’t like Taylor..I can see myself growing to like him. If he improves his acting a little.

    At least he’s not hotter than Robert 😉

  30. He’s cute and all…but is anyone else a little confused that he’s only 5’9…And yes I realize he’s still young and can grow…But what if he doesn’t by say the third movie?

    He just wouldn’t seem JAcob-y if he wasn’t a million feet high.

    Oh welps…that’s just me!

  31. Aw! He’s so adorable. =) I think he’ll be an awesome Jacob.

  32. Still looking but evey site only talkes about the sports he was in and really nothin of parents and what decent they are.. I just know for sure he isnt Native!!

  33. eh… this dude is okay…
    Even though I hate Jacob Black with a passion, he wasnt how I imagined him, but I wish her was Native American.
    W/e, I’ll live…

  34. iammyownhappiness says:

    this is from his official site under ‘frequently asked questions’:

    This is one of the most asked questions I get. Both of my parents are caucasian. But so many people ask where I get my “tan”? Well I do get a little color from my mothers side of the family coming from the French side. Other than that the rest comes from being out in the sun.

  35. ooooooooopppppsss!!!! i meant he!!!

  36. yay i got the french part right!! thanks

  37. EdwardCullenKisses says:

    Finally! Now, who it that Boyce dude?

  38. He is cute! 😀

  39. OMG i just knew he was goin to be jacobb…i mean who else was there left for him to play
    and hes perfect for the part!!!
    he looks obnoxious enough lol

  40. twilightislife says:

    Oh, wow hes Caucasian cept with some French-ness.
    Hmmm, maybe they can sneak in a bit of Steven Strait into the movie some other way, LOL

  41. He is actually a really sweet guy, Jacob like in every way. I know, believe me. *wink*

  42. yay!!!! LOVE HIM.

  43. Rumors say that Gregory Tyree Boyce will play Tyler.


    We do not discuss casting rumors on this site

  44. What does it mean Cocoa? Interview soon? 😀



  45. i wonder what he’ll look like with long hair?? Doesn’t Jacob have long hair in the book??

  46. I actually ran and fell over when I saw this! In school! He looks perfect!

  47. ThirdWife says:

    Oh, Cocoa.

    Now you have to get an interview with Taylor for the Lex. This way, we all will know how sweet he is. *wink wink*

  48. I think he’ll do well. He looks young enough, as Jacob is pretty young looking in Twilight. He’s a cutie!!

  49. OMG, now I understand why she has troubles to choose between edward and jacob.

    (but remember ladies! 😛 it’s the character what matters – not that sexy.. six pack, gorgeus,over-human.. human *drools*)

  50. I dont see how he coud be Jacob in the sequels, Taylor is ONLY 16 and in even 3 or 4 yrs i seriously doubt he can look 24 or 25 like in New Moon and Eclipse,A DRAMATIC change,especially in his face I know hw is a good actor, but i dont think even he could pull that off.From 16 to 25 in a few yrs?I swear I’m not trying to bash him at all cause i like him! I am just being honest and stating the obvious facts.I agree that he does look like a younger version of Steven Straight.a little.
    Stop worrying about if the actors dont have the right color skin,hair and eyes. Thats what the pros are there to do.
    Trust me…they can work wonders!