Edi Gathegi Interview Part One

Edi Gathegi,  who plays Laurent in the Twilight movie,  was kind enough to give our roving reporter, Cocoa, a spectacular interview. It’s detailed, witty, and gives you fabulous insight into what a dedicated performer Edi is. Thanks again to Edi for taking the time out to share thoughts with Twilight fans!

Just a few teasers:

"I happened into an acting class my junior year of college and fell in love with the craft. In high school I totally laughed at the "theater geeks", and end up being one professionally. Ironic? Yeah… "

"I’m usually the one playing pranks on the cast. For this film, I have this valley girl character named Kelly…"

"One word. Vampire. My dirty little secret is that I have always wanted to play a vampire but I have never really been attracted to Vampire films…"

To read the full interview part A  click here. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the file.


  1. Hezzz OFF THE CHZZANNE ! – i cant seem to stop using that phrase ever since i read the interview with Welch X)
    he seems to sincere in everything i read. HES AWESOME! i cant believe i doubted him being Laurent. he seems so knowledgable and humourous. Hezz GONNA BE AWESOME!
    + ahaaa and yess i totally third-motion that they MUST include that prank on the DVD * hopefully the had it filmed. X)

  2. Thank you for the insight into this actor – I’m excited for his performance now! Can’t wait for part two!

  3. He seems so nice and WAY funny! That was a great interview Cocoa!! Thanks!

  4. Cocoa, do you think we can an interview with Esme?

    That would so fabulous.. I haven’t heard anything from her… she’s also of fav. of mine… I loved puccini for beginners

  5. ring ring… “Hello, Jackson Rathbone here…”

    Edi in a hi squeeky girl voice: Hi Jackson! OMG I can’t believe you pciked up, like gag me with a spoon!

    “Look, stop calling me!”

    “But i like can’t…”

    lol… that was the funniest part of the entire interview… i mean.. come on! Poor Jasper… I mean Jackson.

    I couldn’t have come up wit h a better prank than that… lol… well i could… lol… but that was great!

    he makes a wonderful Laurent… I can’t wait to see this film!

  6. ahhh. You can tell he will be a great laurent!!!!

  7. I think my favorite part was the Jackson/Kelly thing. I couldn’t stop laughing. lol Awesome interview. I can’t wait for the rest.

  8. When is part 2

  9. GAHHHHH!!! This dude is sooo freakin awesome!!!

  10. Oooh! Thanks E2 😀

    Also, I’m excited for the movie, all these actors will do such a good job 😀

  11. Moonpetal Lily says:

    Thanks ^^ So…is there a part B? C? V? *hopeful smile*

  12. Dancergirl says:

    Cool interview. I can’t wait to see him the movie. 🙂

  13. B Cullen says:

    Oh, I love him! So he is going to have a French accent? oh la la! Love the interview, another great one!


  15. eternaldiscord says:

    Ahh!! That was so fun to read! Thanks for the good questions Cocoa– a lot of the other interviews are kind of lame, but this was really good!!

    On a side note, did anyone else catch that line about “…just filmed the part of the film I was thrilled about filming..” or something like that? haha I actually laughed out loud on that one! I love his sense of humor. I think he’ll be great.

  16. CoolsocksSam says:

    edi is so amazing! i cant wait to see him play laurent. only he probably wont get to show much of his hilarious sense of humor! 🙂

  17. whoooooooo!!!
    he’s hilarious and reminds me of other guys at my school that are funny like that.
    im so stoked to see him play Laurent.
    yea, i said stoked.

  18. All right, i like him, but the only problem is that a vampire is supposed to be very pale, so i dont know about that. I love him as an actor, his movies are awesome and i’m sure he will do an awesome job! But he seems like a totaly awesome actor, he will be soooo goood!!! Of course there are going to be flaws with the movie, but that’s with every movie… the only thing i have to say is, is that i dont know how i will react to the movie. If i see the movie and it’s nothing like the book, i may not see the book of how i used to. i might not even watch the movie, cuz i love the books so much.

  19. Wow, i just noticed how many times i typed awesome!!! lol but i really think all in all, it will be phenominal!!!

  20. Erika cullen says:

    ok i love edi and all and im all for him being laurant but u no how hez black rnt vampires supposed to turn really pale when they change???
    the mexicans did in eclipse if u can answer this please email me at tennisrox193@yahoo.com

  21. Cullengirl99 says:

    Omg, he like described the scene when they walk in…….. i so can’t wait for this dang movie!!!!!! *hyperventilatiing right now*

  22. Hellish Red Devil says:


  23. Renaissance says:

    I loved him on House. He’s a taletned actor, and I’m glad to see him getting the exposure and work he deserves. Thanks for the interview, Cocoa and Edi!

  24. Kathrine says:

    aw man. i love it when people are so into their acting and roles that they research about their character. that is so cool. i can’t wait to see him in the film. he’ll be great.

  25. Mikea Knox says:

    I heart you!!!!!!!!!!111

  26. Mikea Knox says:

    I heart you!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. Mrs Jacob Black says:

    Wow seems cool enough. But um not to be rude but in the book was Laurent black??

  28. Awesome I’m going to link to this.


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