Edi Gathegi Interview Part One

Edi Gathegi,  who plays Laurent in the Twilight movie,  was kind enough to give our roving reporter, Cocoa, a spectacular interview. It’s detailed, witty, and gives you fabulous insight into what a dedicated performer Edi is. Thanks again to Edi for taking the time out to share thoughts with Twilight fans!

Just a few teasers:

"I happened into an acting class my junior year of college and fell in love with the craft. In high school I totally laughed at the "theater geeks", and end up being one professionally. Ironic? Yeah… "

"I’m usually the one playing pranks on the cast. For this film, I have this valley girl character named Kelly…"

"One word. Vampire. My dirty little secret is that I have always wanted to play a vampire but I have never really been attracted to Vampire films…"

To read the full interview part A  click here. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the file.


  1. cool! :]

  2. hes perfect for laurent.
    cant wait


  3. Bloodlust says:

    Aaaaah! He’s so cool. LOVE it!! πŸ˜€

  4. How awesome! What a cool guy~ He’ll be great as Laurent!

  5. The Weasel says:

    Part A…so…there’s more? As in a Part B or C?!

    Part B coming On Wednesday

  6. Maddie Cullen says:

    OMG! I love the part of the interview where he says pimp cheese!!!! I was Cracking up! He definitley has a very wonderful personality and I’m glad they chose him for the role. πŸ˜€

    p.s. Robert is Hott! with a capital HOTT!

  7. What a great interview! Clever and intelligent questions, Cocoa! He sounds great for the role.

  8. Wow! I love him. he seems like such a cool guy!

  9. EdwardCullenKisses says:

    He sounds pretty cool so far. Thanks Cocoa and TwiLex! The more I hear from the actors the more excited I get.

  10. Lol, he seems funny! Argh this is so cool.

    I hope that they put his prank on Jackson in the DVD. Woot for the Jackson Rathbone fan Kelly (Edi)!

  11. LMFAO at the valley girl Kelly fangirl. XD XD XD

    He’s so funny.

  12. Awesome guys! Hey, would you mind if I linked to it on my site?


    You can put a link just please don’t copy anything.

  13. wow. I think this is my favorite interview from a cast member so far. Great questions Cocoa, and Edi gave fantastic answers. I love how much he loves the story that is Edward and Bella. He is going to make a wonderful Laurent.

  14. Haha, I love how he seems so serious and dedicated, but tells us he’s the prankster on the set! Haha to professing his love to Jackson Rathbone…that was hilarious!

  15. At first I wasn’t thrilled with Edi playing Laurent. But after watching some of the movies he has been in and reading this interview I’m really excited to see him portray Laurent!

  16. That was awesome guys!
    YAY! Laurent! lol

  17. Danobanano says:

    Cocoa that interview was wonderful.
    Thanks Edi! I hope you’ll get to a chance to say my favorite Laurent line, but it’s not until NEW MOON. “Sometimes I cheat”

    Anybody else getting goosebumps that this movie is being taken seriously? These actors are professionals in their craft and they want to perform the best they know how, and it’s all for us to enjoy!!!!!

  18. hes sooo cool and awsome. Not at all like luarant, but i guees thats where the actng comes in

  19. Amazing interview! Thank You! He seems so real and down to earth. I loved it all, and can’t wait for installment 2.

  20. Wow, he’s really awesome! Crushing on Jackson! Ha ha! I love that he understands the book and he’s a fan of Bella’s character and the bond between her and Edward! Awesome interview, can’t wait for the rest!

  21. Betting On Alice says:

    Amazing interview!!! Thanks so much for the fantastic answers (and reassurance) Edi, and for the great questions, Cocoa! I really love Edi’s sense of humor, and I can’t wai to see how this movie turns out!!

    I’m much more confident about the outcome of this movie now that I’ve heard that many of the cast have actually read the book, and also that they are taking it all so seriousy. It makes me feel like there is a much larger chance than I previously thought that they won’t butcher the characters etc. I’m so glad that I’ve finally started trusting them!

  22. I love that! And i do the same valley girl thing to all my friend’s boyfriends/guy friends except i pretend to be “Trixie from last night” and yell at the guy for not calling me back.

  23. Thayet1231 says:

    I’m excited! But of course he isn’t anything like his vampire! It makes it all the more fun to put on a mask and be someone else for a while…. Yay Theatre Geeks!

  24. mademoiselle cullen says:

    i love it!
    everybody is geting in their roles πŸ™‚

  25. He’s so funny! I’m really loving this cast, they are so down to earth and so willing to interact with the fans. πŸ™‚ I am sold on Edi as Laurent already!

  26. So Pel, is the next part of the interview not coming until Wednesday?

    Really cool interview! He sounds really funny. I think that the joke he played on jackson rathbone is flippin’ hilarious!

  27. the kelly/jackson prank is hysterical XD he seems like a lot of fun. i can’t wait to see him as laurent i’m sure he’ll make us all proud ^^

  28. hehehe i like him πŸ˜€

  29. Amber, The Waitress says:

    Aw, he seems so cool and upbeat! I’m really excited to see play Laurent πŸ™‚

  30. *passes out* that was AWESOME! XD

  31. I love this guy. He is so funny! And he knows laurent has a french accent! I wasn’t sure about his casting but he sounds psyched and like the filming is going well so I am happy.

  32. TeamRobert! says:

    Wow, I think he’ll be AMAZING as Laurent! I sure hope the part where they walk into the baseball field turns out cool, I love that part!
    I’m getting super excited about the casting, they’ve done a really really really good job!

  33. What did he mean that their entrence to the baseball field was going to be pretty sick……..I’m exited already! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  34. Great interview! I can’t wait to see the baseball scene now!

  35. This whole cast is amazing! I wish I could go on set for a day, or two, and see how they are with one another. . . They all sound pretty silly. THANKS EDI! THAT WAS A WONDERFUL INTERVIEW!!

  36. Ambereyes says:

    I think Edi might be one of my new favorite actors. He is Awesome!

    He is very eloquent and he actually took a great deal of time to answer the questions. And can I just say that whole part of him pranking Jackson killed me! It was absolutely hysterical!! I love Edi’s sense of humor.

    That was the best interview Cocoa! Way to go.

  37. saranicole says:

    Poor Jackson! πŸ˜‰ That was HILARIOUS! I wonder if his Kelly is based on Kelly Kapowski… πŸ™‚ He’s hilarious! I like him!

    (Is anyone else secretly wondering how his vampire make-up is going to work but not saying anything?)

    Danobanano! First of all, HI! How have you been since E-Prom??!??!?? I totally agree with you–Ò€œSometimes I cheatÒ€ is my favorite Laurent line! I hope Edi gets to say it! And I’m TOTALLY excited that the actors are taking the movie seriously and REALLY getting into their parts! It’s FABULOUS!

  38. I love it I love it… that was so nice of him… I just love the cast they are so very nice to entertain all of us and our questions.

    He sounds like a very fun guy. I’m glad he’s Laurent.

  39. Isabella says:

    I’m really really starting to like this guy!

  40. Sirena R says:

    I really like him!!!
    and i am excited to see him in Twilight.
    he has a great personality.
    I am really happy that we are hearing that most of the
    cast are reading the books to help them know there character
    I like when he said that Edward is good but has a little fire in him as well…I CANT WAIT to see Robert in action!
    I HOPE we get to find out who will play Billy soon?
    then we will finally have the full cast…wont we?

  41. QUEENCROWN says:

    that seems awesome. I love how he says “facinelli” and the valley girl jackson rathbone fan kelly joke.


    I love these guys. I’m hoping for an interview with Nikki, Kellan and the rest of the vamps. That would be awesome.

  42. twilightfan says:

    Awesome interview! Great questions by Cocoa and amazing answers by Edi! I’m very excited about Edi being in this movie!

  43. christina says:

    lol he sounds so awesome! yay for laurent! πŸ™‚

  44. Edi IS Laurent! Love him!!

  45. He is soo funny! I love him!!

  46. Thank you cocoa for the interview. I know that all of us obsessed lex checkers are extremely grateful to you!
    Part one was great! And since there is a part one, there must be a part two, and i can’t wait πŸ™‚

  47. There is a new article with Anna Kendrick over at MTV


  48. kelsieeee says:

    He’ll be a brilliant Laurent! I never pictured Laurent in my head to be let down by the appearance. But he sounds amazing!

    …I would love an interview with Rob… πŸ˜€ *hints

  49. We already have it, thanks Katie Jo.

  50. What a great guy. I can really see him getting into the role of Laurent and doing a fantastic job. He seems to have a really good sense of humour, as well. I second the motion that they include Edi’s Jackson Rathbone prank in the DVD extras. I think that would be just hilarious πŸ™‚

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