Stephenie Concluding Germany Tour

Stephenie is now wrapping up her Germany tour. Vienna was at the event in Cologne and was kind enough to file a report for us.

When I arrived at the ship (yes,the whole thing took place on a ship, but it didn’t leave the landing) with a friend of mine, there were only like 10 or 15 people waiting. So this was good. I left my friend there to stand in the line while going back to fetch another friend and when I got back there were like…hundreds of people standing in the line. Luckily my friend was still where I left her, so we got in and ended up in the front row. Awesome.

We then had to wait for about 30 minutes until Stephenie came on stage with the translator and a German actress. Stephenie read a part from Eclipse (Unhappy Endings, the part where Rosalie tells Bella her story > videos at the bottom) and I went crazy for the first time because that’s one of my favourite parts in the whole book. The German actress then read a part from the German one (the one where Jacob shows up at Forks High School to deliver his message).

So when the reading was done we were able to ask questions.
I got hold of the microphone first Very Happy.

My first question was on why Edward was always doubting the existence of his soul while he was being able to love Bella the way he does.
Stephenie’s answer: It comes all down to your definition of soul. She then explained how for example Carlisle and Edward have very different opinions on the matter and that Bella could not believe that someone so wonderful as Edward could possibly not have a soul. (by the way, I don’t have the answers on tape, so don’t kill me if something is not perfectly complete. I will try not to write down anything she didn’t say and I dare say that my memory is pretty good yet ^^)

The second thing I asked was whether she thought Bella and Edward were more like Romeo & Juliet, Heathcliff & Cathy or rather Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy. Stephenie’s answer: Bella and Edward are a couple of there own. She said that at different times she felt like Jane Eyre or Elizabeth Bennet or Cathy, but then she said that they are probably most like Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy (everybody was like ‘awwwww’ and I said ‘Thank you’ because that was what I had been hoping for Very Happy)

Oh, and I wanted to know whether she had ever read Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘North and South’. She hasn’t read it yet but said it was on her list of books to read (once she has time to read again Very Happy)

Of course there were other questions. Again, I’ll try to wrote down what she said as best as I can.

Question: Do the covers have any special meaning to you?
Answer: She said that the first cover they wanted to use for Twilight was horrible and she was like "They can’t do that to my book!" and that she even cried and that they actually listened to her and changed it. She was pretty happy with the apple cover, but said that it involved some problems with something so often associated with Adam and Eve.
She then said that she didn’t get any say on the New Moon cover…and that it didn’t mean anything to her. But they didn’t listen to her when she cried this time.
And then she said that she was very happy with the Eclipse Cover and that the rope kind of presents how there are some things Bella just can’t cut away from her life (like her family, friends and I suppose Jacob especially).

Question: Has the cover for Breaking Dawn been chosen already?
Answer: No, but she hopes to have some nice propositions when she gets home from Germany.

Question: How did Bella and Jacob fit into one sleeping bag? (everybody was laughing)
Answer: They had to be really close! (never thought of that lol)

Question: What do you think about the German cover art?
Answer: She said the German covers where her favourites among the international ones! Haha!

Question: Why did you cast Robert Pattinson as Edward.
Answer: (As we all know) She didn’t get any say into who was cast and said she was lucky they even talked to her. (Sounds familiar.) She said that she thought Rob was perfect now that Henry Caville was too old and that she did get the chance to talk to him and was just stunned and thinks he’s the best Edward they could have cast. I know this is old news to most of us but I think we need to spread the Rob love!

Question: Which is your favourite character?
Answer: Jacob, Edward, and she’d love to go shopping with Alice. (Old news?)

Most of the other questions where just about things that are commonly known amongst those people who know how to use the www lol.

Um yeah, so just let me say that it was a hell lot of fun. We laughed soo much and Stephenie was lovely and honest as usual. The atmosphere was great and…you know…the translator was a lot of fun to listen to. She was a very nice woman, I know that, because I talked to her twice and she said I was very welcome to ask two questions instead of one…but she made a lot of mistakes and was clearly overchallenged.

Then there was the book signing. Stephenie had promised to sign one book for everybody present and my friend and me were actually the LAST ones in the line. It had been said before that Stephenie was only going to sign ONE book and no photos or anything else. Still, there were some people who lined up again to get her to sign photos and god knows what. Anyway the Carlsen people were already rushing her away…we cried out and said that our books had not been signed and she came back, which was really really awesome because the Carlsen peoople really had no time left because they needed the location. So she signed our books and apologized for not having time to take a picture. Sadly, she didn’t read my t-shirt which listed Bella & Edward on my list of Epic Love Favourites like Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy, Heathcliff & Cathy, Natasha Rostova & Andrei Bolkonsky (you know, in reference to my second question)…but I’m taking a lot of comfort from the fact that I was the last fan who talked to her that night. Very Happy

To sum it all up, I had a wonderful, wonderful day. Stephenie was awesome and it was really cool to see her and to be able to ask her questions and everything. So yay for Stephenie & thank you so much for coming to Germany!

Videos (of Stephenie reading Rosalies story):
The beginning:
The end:


  1. Danielle says:

    cool cool. I’m very jealous. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That was awesome. Love the “sleeping bag” question- just occurred to me now. Haha. It’s always cool to always lean more and about Stephenie and Twilight. Rock on, Stephenie!

    Also, thanks to Cologne for sharing!!

  3. Heather says:

    Okay, so I’m totally jealous that I wasn’t there, and I loved the sleeping bag question – it made me realize that Edward had even more reason to be jealous (such a tight squeeze!!) Anyways, love the books, love Stephenie, and major love for sharing.

  4. Edward jealous? What about me? lol.

  5. I have the say the more I look at Robert the more I like him as Edward. He’s pretty yummalicious in my book.

  6. why people always ask the same questions? They have great opportunities like this to be with Stephenie and they ask the SAME questions………. :/

  7. THANK YOU for actually asking a question that we could get something out of! (Referring to the soul question.)

    I wish I could meet Stephenie Meyer. Glad you had fun!

  8. Aww hon, it was a wonderful day, right 🙂 *huggles tight*

    oh and … hell – Edward/Sleeping Bag/Me/tightly wrapped is my new OTP xD

  9. cocoa… theres a typo in the post where its supposed to say whole lot of fun and it says heck lot of fun… but not heck… you might want to change this

  10. Jessica says:

    Haha @ “How did Bella and Jacob fit into one sleeping bag?” =D Great, great question. =)

  11. Ha! I saw you there! =) And I was so glad you asked the question about the soul because I always wondered about that!
    You was the girl with the short black hair… I remember you!

  12. kelsieeee says:

    I’d love to meet Stephenie, but she has no UK tours anytime soon… I’ll have to find somewhere to be in the US for the Host tour! 😀

  13. bwaha. this is scary. people actually remember me? 😀

    well anyway, I’m really happy I had the opportunity to share this with you *g*

  14. Sirena R says:

    Has Stephenie ever answerd the question
    what would happen if Jacob got bit by a vampire,or can a werwolf be changed into a vampire or whatever changes happens to them if they get bit. is she still not wanting to answer that question?
    I would have asked her, AT what exact point did Edward actually finally realize for certain that he had fallen in Love with Bella?
    but i guess we will hopefully find out in Midnight Sun!!!

  15. Sirena R – –
    I believe Stephenie answered the question on her website.

  16. Sirena R says:

    hmmm? is it in faq’s? (the werwolve question)I will have to look again,I thought i had read every square inch of her site. hee hee. Hope i find what i’m looking for.

  17. Thanks for the play-by-play update! 🙂

  18. Sirena R says:

    o.k it was in the eclipse faq’s 6th question i believe.
    I’ve read it before..i forgot. i think the answer is no.
    ..there is so much confusion already in Bellas life and around it. stephenie also sais she doesnt want to give anything away on future events.
    I hope that if Bella does get changed in Breaking Dawn that we get to hear every detail of her thoughts,agony and pain during the transformation and the agony that Edward has to also endure and feel while watching Bella go through it.
    uuuuuuugh….I CANT WAIT FOR BREAKING DAWN!!!!!

  19. Way to go Vienna!!! Thanks so much for the play by play 🙂

    I personally don’t think Bella will become a vampire, but I hope I’m wrong!

  20. You were so lucky to see her, and talk to her.
    I’d love to be you.

  21. 1luvedward says:

    Every time I read the tent part in eclipse
    I always asked myself “How do they fit in that tiny sleeping with Jacob being SO huge?”
    I guess it was pretty obvious now and no wonder he just fell out when Edward opened the sleeping bag…hihi 😛

  22. #1fanoftwilightsearise says:

    i am totally in love with edward cullen (seariously!)

  23. swissgirl says:

    To the girl who asked the questions and wrote the story:
    THANK YOU! Finally a question that didnt already have an obvious answer,and didnt waste Stephenie’s time!I dont know why some people ask the questions they do!

  24. twilightrules says:

    omg that was awsome! i love that sleeping bag question! i have been on the computer almost everyday looking for new stuff about stephenie meyer and her new books! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ha i so exciited!
    but real quick, did anyone understand the whole diamond thing in eclipse? i think i got it but im still a little bit confused on that part…..

  25. swissgirl says:

    Edward told Bella it was a hand me down, but what he failed to mentoin was that it was a very valuble hand me down.Alice and Esme were given one as well but didnt think about if it was valuble or not.When Alice saw Bellas wrist,she didnt think about it like Bella would have because Bellas paranoid when it comes to gifts,especially when Edward gives them to her.Alice was just stating the obvious,which was something Bella didnt know about.Edward didnt mentoin it to Bella because he wanted to get away with giving Bella a gift.

    I hope that answers your questoin!

  26. Isabell says:

    Ooooh, Elizabeth and Darcy

  27. That’s so cool! Front seta and you got to talk to her!! Has anyone at the book signings asked who’s going to play Jacob in the movie?? I’m so curious!

  28. wow that must have taken u a really long time to right

  29. DreamerTacy says:

    Awww… Sounds like you had a great time! I can’t wait for Steph to come back to Salt Lake City. I’ll have to share that story too!

    Anyone know how to make those video’s work? It takes me to another website, but I’m not sure how to download them??

  30. Andrea Leigh says:

    im not sure, i couldn’t get them to work either.

  31. omg! I would like be crying and shaking if I met her! well more shaking i guess! i would so be studdering if i asked a question! i wish i could meet her! but i’m in canada! 😛

  32. I’m in Canada too, but I’ve met her. I went to the Toronto signing. Best day ever.

  33. aah! thanks so much :]
    i’m on like 10 fansites a day looking for this stuff,
    that and cast sightings!
    i love this stuff!
    just another joy of being a twilight obssesed girl

  34. the sleeping bag question was just funny… that did occur to me once… that sounded like fun…

  35. teamedward4ever says:

    aawww stephenie seems so awesome!!! i would probably faint if i met her lol. thanx 2 whoever posted their story! Its so awesome! you are so fortunate that u got to sit in the sinkin front row too!!! im glad that stephenie is so happy with rob as edward….i have 2 agree, he is a really good choice. im just babbling..i guess its just because i luv the series SOOO much and im completely obsessed lol. i luv the sleepng bag question! rotflol!!! im dying to know what the cover is going to be for breaking dawn!!! One of my friends said it was going to be a ruby….but i dont think so. But, who knows!!!???

  36. teamedward4ever says:

    aaaahhhh!!! i cant wait 4 breaking dawn!!! me and my friends have a count down until it releases. 145 days left!! lol. i cant wait 4 the movie either!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  37. my pics

  38. how does one go about asking stephenie a question?
    like with the FAQ dont people have to ask her questions?

    i was wondering if Midnight Sun was going to be just Twilight from Edward’s perspective or the whole Twilight series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn etc.) from Edwards perspetive. and if only Twilight then was there going to be 3 more books from Edwards point of view?

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