Chapter DIscussion Update

I’ve updated the chapter discussion questions for Eclispe with Chapter Three: Motives.  Visit our forums for the discussion questions.  Lots of thanks to Cocoa for her help in getting this one out to you guys!!


  1. Maryalicebrandon says

    Yay! I’m gonna go read it now!
    [did i get the first comment?]

  2. Wonderful, the Lex is doing a great job with updating the site how ever many times during the daylight..

  3. swissgirl says

    you guys are flippin fast!!
    holy crow!seriously how do you guys do that?!?!?!?!?
    YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. On the website Everglow ( ) they just posted this:

    It looks like the lullaby Edward wrote for Bella might not be included in the movie. I gotta say, this is the first change concerning this movie that I’m really sad about. *sigh*

    From Stephenie Meyer at a signing in Germany:

    Q: Have you any influence on the casting and will Edward’s song for Bella be included in the movie?

    A: I did have some influence on the casting, I could fix some mistakes in the script and the casting and they actually involved me a little in the progress of writing the movie, which is really amazing and I’m grateful of. About the song, they haven’t recorded or decided about the music yet, but right now, the lullaby is not planned for the movie, but they may include it in the soundtrack, in the end.

    Source: kanuenschen @ LJ

  5. To Laura: WHAT? No lullaby? You’re freaking kidding right? It’s one of my favorite moments in Twilight, and Edward consistently hums it to her throughout the series! They can’t NOT include it in the movie!

    I sorely hope the movie people change their mind….

  6. Laura: How can they not have that freakin lullaby in the movie!! That part of the book is so cute!! That does suck…
    waaaa!!!! ='[

    Oh i almost forgot…Yay for chapter trois!!

  7. Danobanano says

    I came in here to congratulate the administration for keeping with the original purpose of this site which is the books, (even though we love the idea of the movie) and I read about the lack of the lullaby.
    I’m off to post in the forums what I really think about this.

    But before I go I want to say hooray for the book discussions, it’s the rereading that keeps the fandom alive.

  8. laura: WHAT!!!??? no LULLABY??
    they have to have the lullaby. its like…its just gotta be there.