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We have created some additional pages to cover movie basics.  You can find them on the side bar under the heading The Twilight Saga on Film.

We are still working on the content. It currently contains a listing of confirmed actors and major production staff with their IMBD links, if they have one.  We are looking to put links to and/or archive all actor interviews regarding the Twilight movie and future movies should they happen. This way the interviews are saved in one place and not scattered around the web in case a site closes.

The most recent items on those pages are links to the Justin Chon interview that we have today and the Pater Facinelli interview that Twilight Moms has today.


  1. Celeste says:


  2. I Love that interview:) He is a perfect Carlisle…

  3. Wow! You guys just never stop working! Thanks for everything! There was also an interview with Rachelle Lefevre a while ago, I don’t know if you want to add it:

    THANKS!  You just saved me tracking down that link!


  4. Thanks for keeping us organized! 🙂

  5. twilightislife says:

    Makes sense to keep it all in one place. I predict that there will be even more interviews and news as the movie comes closer to be being completed
    Thanks Lex peeps!

  6. YaY my post finally gets to be in the top 10!!! Anyways i think its a really good idea

  7. 1luvedward says:

    I loved Peters interview
    he actually kinda answers his questions like Carlisle would and he seems very humble… not to mention good looking

  8. swissgirl says:

    Thank you so much to the lexicon. That is a great idea and it will work great for the movie updates.I tought Peters interview was great, and did anyone notice that that dude has CARLISLE written all over him!!

    Now this is a serious question that I cant seem to get answered, so if you know,do tell!

    HOW do those Twilight Moms get all those interviews man?!! They are good!
    Thanks again to the lexicon. YOU GUYS TOTTALY ROCK!!!

  9. Stephanie Campbell says:

    hey stephenie meyer,
    i just wanted to say that i absolutely love you books…i am literally hooked i can’t put them down!!!lol… i want to suggest a song for the movie because i think it really relates to what is going on in the movie. it is called ; Fall to pieces by Avril Lavigne. If you don’t think it works then tat is okay, but i just felt like telling you how amazing you are and how i love you r books and the fact that they are making amovie out of them!!! thank you for making reading so interseting again!
    stephanie c

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