Cam Gigandet Talks about Twilight

Cam was interviewed about his upcoming movie, Never Back Down, and he mentions Twilight as his next project.  It sounds like all the physical training he received for Never Break Down will come in handy in Twilight.

Don’t miss the other interviews of today (is it a big news day or what!)

Twilight Lexicon interviews Justin Chon, with never yet seen photo
Twilight Moms interviews Peter Facinelli


  1. NenaCullen says:

    Oh Dang, my speakers are not working but I watched the whole video for the eye candy πŸ™‚
    I think we also need an interview with Cam stat.
    Awesome day in the twilight world.
    Great job Lex and TM for the interviews also great questions!

    We love you Peter and Justin

  2. All of these interviews get me more and more excited for the movie! πŸ™‚

  3. ”And I play the bad guy, again”

    Lol!!! That was really funny! He can’t stop swinging on his chair and it looks like he would like to be anywhere else. Anybody else find he looks a bit stoned?

  4. I like him

  5. loltanyasmynametoo says:

    hahaha, did anyone else notice that when the movie title was mentioned the second time, they said “Never BREAK down?” lol. looks like someone has BREAKING dawn on the brain….

  6. Hey i can’t get to the interview on’m at work)… can any one post a direct link to the interview instead of the homepage… I can’t open the forums (because i’m a teacher and they are blocked)

  7. nevermind… sorry!

  8. kelsieeee says:

    Elspeth i can’t post a link but the URL is:

    Reading the interview, Peter sounds great! He even sounds like Carlisle and Answers as in character at times too!

    As for Cam, he’s just awesome! πŸ˜€ Justin Chon too!

    All the cast are amazing! πŸ˜€

  9. kelsieeee says:

    Oh, it automatically changed into a link! Clever! πŸ˜€

  10. Thanks so much! The interview with Peter is amazing!

  11. The interview is also available here on his myspace blog:

  12. Sirena R says:

    I think that Cam is the only one so far that i have a little problem with. I just wish he had more of a viceous look to him. I saw James looking more like Jonathan Reese Meyers or Cilian Murphy of course. But i’m not Bashing him, I am sure he will do a good job as James and I hope he can scare the hell out of me during his scenes cause its not that easy to do. I also hope they dont soften the scene with the attack with him and Bella,I hope they make it as viceous and frantic as it sounded in the book. I really hope that we get to see what Happens to James too when Edward appears, since Bella blacks out and it doesnt give to much detail after that. GOOD LUCK CAM!!!

  13. WhisperedMelody says:

    😎 I think I just fell in love!

  14. Wow, he is such a cutie! I think he has the ability to look evil and vicious, and yet he can still pull off that pleasant look when he is in the ballet studio with Bella. . . I think he is gonna do very well.

  15. SUPER EXCITED! says:

    I Loved Peter’s interview, I think he is gonna be great! I wonder if his wife is a fan of the books..? Cam is prettier than I pictured James, but I still think he will be great and I can’t wait till December!! Wah Hoo!!

  16. Peter is the coolest guy ever! Its so awesome that all these actors are so willing to give interviews! Thanks so much for posting these, it makes me feel so enthusiastic about the cast! And I will do my best to pull as many people to the theater with me as I can manage!

  17. Annette says:

    Cam is hotter than i imagined james,but still perfect! πŸ˜€

  18. twilightsexactlymybrandofheroin says:

    SO HOTTT haha I’m sure he’ll be a great James because he’s obviously good at portraying bad guys, but i DID always imagine cillian murphy while reading the book…..oh well! i think that he said stephenie meyers instead of meyer too, did anyone else hear that? i really like him though!! go cam woo hooo

  19. Giggles says:

    OMG!! Peter is so awesome, I’m like beyond excited about the whole thing

  20. It does t wanna upload for me! Any tips? Please?

  21. 1luvedward says:

    Ummm… It dosent want to load for me
    can anyone say what he said in the interview please!

  22. Sara Marie says:

    I absolutely LOVE how Peter was so in character in the interview!! It makes me want to scream because he’s an actual person….anyone know what I mean. Maybe I sound crazy but I’ll be happy. =D I think his interview is by far my favorite so far. He made me so excited with all the movie talk!!!! Oh man….I need to just breathe somewhere or else I’m going to hyperventilate. =P

  23. lala-swan says:

    What else can we ask for??? This is just sooooo awesome….getting interviews makes me feel like I’m about to see the movie or something… is really exciting!!

  24. its actually called Never BACK Down, lol, sorry i had to correct it

  25. Sara Marie says:

    I was not able to see the interview on that particular website so I just wanted to let people know that they have it up on youtube. Here’s the link:

    I can’t wait for the movie…December is not THAT long… =D

  26. Sara Marie says:

    Err…I was talking about Cam’s interview…sorry.

  27. I kind of wish I could see the Cam interview…
    I’ll have to work on that.
    I absolutely loved Peter’s interview. He seems to really be getting into the role, and I love that. I can’t wait to see him in the part! I think he’ll do a fantastic job!
    Haha, and Justin was funny – “HeÒ€ℒs smart, charming and has a decent face structure. Bella definitely made a mistake.” I loved that.

  28. swissgirl says:

    Why is it not loading for me?!
    what did he say, is he cute in the interview??
    HELP ME!

  29. yeayya! im really glad hes playingg James X) gawjuss.
    but i was really hoping that Cillian Murphy wouldd but
    im glad theyve chosen Cam.
    i really want to hear what he says πŸ™

  30. haha Cam is lyk “twilight by stephenie meyerS” hehe its MEYER ! lol nice

  31. I love when they asked about do vampires have souls, and he answered so Carlisle- like!
    He’s awesome!!

  32. aw im really happy with cam..he seems like a sweetheart, but he looks super vicious in “never back down”

  33. swissgirl says:

    it wasnt loading for me yesterday,and now it is!

    p.s.i dont think thre has ever been a hotter bad guy,i wouldnt mind if he wanted to have lunch with me,if you know what i mean!lol

    HELP!!!! πŸ™

  35. I love him! but u know hes supposed to be like the ugliest vampire in the book. But hes the hottest on screen! lol i think he will be good but idk if he will be scary enough hes to hott to be scary! lol

  36. edwardssinger says:

    hes gonna be soooo gooddd!

  37. It seems to me that Peter is most getting into the role, oh do I love him now. He is so reassuring and sounds like Carlisle, gives me goosebumps! Good Job people keep up the superb work! πŸ™‚

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