The Justin Chon Interview

The Twilight Lexicon would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the talented actor playing Eric Yorkie, Justin Chon!  Feel free to link back to the interview, but please do not copy and paste the interview on your website without permission from us first!  Thanks!



Lexicon – Your father is an actor. What made you want to become an actor?
Justin – I wanted to become an actor because it’s a job where you are constantly growing as a human being. I also love the creativity of the job.

Lexicon – What advice, if any, has your father given you about the acting business?
Justin – My father has always told me "Never get too comfortable because it can all be gone at any moment."   I feel as though this advice has caused me to constantly work hard.

Lexicon – What do you prefer film, TV, or stage?
Justin – I prefer film.

Lexicon – What is the biggest difference between filming a movie and filming for a TV series?
Justin – The biggest difference is that in a movie you have 2 hours for a character to develop while in TV you have 30 minutes. This really affects how you act.

Lexicon – What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you on a set or at an audition?
Justin – I totally forgot what I was doing many times in auditions and have felt completely stupid.

Lexicon – What’s the best thing that ever happened to you on a set or at an audition?
Justin – On the set of Just Jordan the whole cast wished me goodbye when I went to go shoot a movie. They made me a huge card. It was pretty sweet.

Lexicon – Have you had the chance to meet Stephenie Meyer or are there plans in the works for you to meet her?
Justin – I’ve never met Stephenie, but I would love to meet her.

Lexicon – You read the books before being cast so what is your favorite scene and character in the book?
Justin – I would have to say I really like Emmett. I loved how he wanted to kill James the whole time during the pursuit.

Lexicon – What is it that drew you to audition for this movie?
Justin – I really admire Catherine Hardwick, so when I found out she was directing this movie I told myself I had to be in it.

Lexicon Sarah Bareilles is currently playing on your MySpace, is she indicative of your music tastes, and what are some of your other favorite songs/groups right now?
Justin – Yes, I love her music. Recently I’ve really been into a lot of female artists. I just never really paid attention to them until this past year. I really love these two girls named "Meg and Dia," especially because the weather in California has been good.

Lexicon – You play musical instruments, do you also sing? Should we expect a musical career in the future?
Justin – Ha ha. Ummm. Yes I do sing and recently have been writing a lot of songs. I am in a band but it’s more of a creative outlet. I might be brave to play my music for people sometime soon.

Lexicon – Eric has been branded as the "geek" of Forks High.  What would you consider yourself to be (i.e. geek, brain, jock…)?
Justin – I would say I’m every label wrapped into one. I can be any of those at different moments of the day.

Lexicon – Who are you most excited about working with on the set of Twilight and why?
Justin – I’m actually really excited to work with everyone on set, because I haven’t worked with anybody on this particular cast before.

Lexicon – Have you ever worked with anyone in the Twilight cast before?
Justin – Ha ha.  Ummm…I didn’t even read the next question while answering the last one, but no- I haven’t worked with anyone.

Lexicon – From what you know about him, what do you think is Eric’s main characteristic?
Justin – I think he’s a very energetic, optimistic, overachieving guy who wants to fit in and be cool with everyone at school. A diplomat.

Lexicon – Do you in anyway relate to Eric?
Justin – Yes, I think that I do try to make people happy and it upsets me when people are having a tough time.

Lexicon – Do you think Bella should have chosen Eric (you) instead? Why?
Justin – Ha ha ha ha ha….Yes, of course Bella should have chosen Eric. I mean what is there to resist? He’s smart, charming and has a decent face structure. Bella definitely made a mistake.

Lexicon – Where are you drawing inspiration for your character?
Justin – I’d say from parts of my life.

Lexicon – What part of the movie are you most looking forward to filming?
Justin – I am really looking forward to all my scenes with my friends in the movie.

Lexicon – Is it scary knowing that the fans have really high expectations for the film?
Justin – Yes, it’s very scary.

Lexicon – Have you had any Twilight fan encounters yet?
Justin – Not yet, but I welcome the idea. Ha ha

Lexicon – What other projects are you working on?  Is there anything else already set on your horizon?
Justin – Yes, I’m set to do a really small indie movie after Twilight.  It’s a cultural piece so I’m really excited.

Lexicon – Have you visited any of the fan sites (like The Twilight Lexicon)?
Justin – Yes I have visited

Lexicon – How do you feel about the broad age range appeal of the film (i.e. 12 to 50 year old female fans)?
Justin – I love that about Twilight. I feel as though it does have universal messages so I’m really excited just like everyone else is to see the finished product.

Lexicon – Are you single?
Justin – Yes I am single. Ha ha.

Thank you to Justin and his publicist, Turk Entertainment for spending a few moments with us, and for allowing us to post the fantastic picture of Justin.  Justin will begin filming in a few weeks, we wish him the best in his role as Eric Yorkie and in all of his many other endeavors.




  1. Awesome.
    I love Justin Chon!

  2. The Weasel says:

    Awe, that was really sweet of him to take the time to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OH YAH!! First post!!
    Welll….I hope it is….first that is….
    Maybe second…I’m good with top three…
    So the interview…good?
    Yah, good.

  4. Good luck, Justin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. thats cool

  6. Midnight_Sunshine says:

    lol! Bella should have totally chosen Eric! It’s really cool that he would do an interview! I’m excited, he seems like a good Eric!

  7. he sounds like a really cool guy. I’m excited that he’s going to be in the movie!

  8. he so great such a great personality!!!!
    id love to meet him

  9. laurelflower93 says:

    that’s really cool ๐Ÿ˜€

    thanks alphie and pel!
    (and whoever else helped with this, and we just don’t know it, you get credit too) :]

  10. Thayet1231 says:

    What a wonderful personality! With an atitude like this, each actor and actress is going to bring something great to the movies! This is precisely why I miss drama…

  11. littleyellowporsche says:

    aww! he seems like such a sweet guy! i am going to be traveling to Washington and Oregon the first week of may so im might have to find out where they are filming! tee hee!

  12. that’s cool he took the time to do an interview….he seems nice…. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. that’s cool he took the time to do an interview….he seems nice…. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. *** sorry didn’t mean to double-post

  15. Aww, this is great. I absolutely love it when the actors have read the books!

  16. twilightfan says:

    Great interview! I’m excited about Justin Chon being in this movie.

  17. im definatly going to watch the tv show hes in 2 c if i like him as an actor

  18. Yeah he does seem like a great guy ^^ makes me wish he has a bigger part in the movie

  19. Haha he’s awesome xD
    & I love the last question xDD Completely random

  20. twilightislife says:

    haha he seems cool and funny. Im sure he’ll do great playing Eric. I think they have similar characteristics, lol

  21. Yayyah, i really cant wait to see how the movie turns out. all these interviews and casting announcements … EEEEEPPPPP!
    the suspense is unbearable!!!! X( i really cannot wait any longer to see this.

    + Good luck as Eric, Justin. Lol REPRESENT!

  22. Awesome! I think he’ll be a great Eric!

    There was also an interview with Rachelle Lefevre a while ago…

  23. He seems so nice! I can’t wait to see him in the movie!

  24. That’s a great picture too! He is very handsome!

  25. My favorite answer by far was to the Question about Eric’s character. Justin repied he was a diplomat. That was INCREDIBLY insightful! I was very impressed at his depth of understanding with the character.

    Thank you Justin.


  26. Why did he mention his facial structure? Thats weird!

  27. okay. He has some good taste.

    Meg And Dia are awesome. (Everyone, go check out their song Monster!)

  28. Isabella says:

    LOL! OMC! ‘
    He’s funny I’m shocked maybe he’s not so bad after all…

  29. Bree: Why did he mention his facial structure? Thats weird!

    Bree, Justin is hilarious. A really really fun guy. He was being funny.

  30. not the best

  31. He seems sweet. He has good taste in music too. I LOVE Meg & Dia. Everyone should check them out.

  32. forbiddenfruit_13 says:

    At first i didn’t like him because he doesn’t look like how i pictured eric, but now i quite like him. he’s really funny and witty

  33. B Cullen says:

    Have to say it ; he has a rockin’ tat!! Ok, now on to being more serious, he sounds like a cool guy and he has been doing a lot of interviews for Twilight so it sounds like he likes the book and movie and he is really into it trying to put himself out there as an actor too. Although he definitley isn’t what I pictured Eric to look like, I really like( no not just cause he is asian ; ) ) Good Luck!!

  34. I love how Justin’s getting into character and really understanding his role.

    Way to go playing up the whole Bella admirer competition angle, “Bella definitely made a mistake.” *Classic* Puts a whole new meaning on the term Bellaric

    If Justin’s this funny typing I can’t wait to see the friendly banter between Eric and Mike on screen.

  35. You know…I probably sound crazy to everyone…but I always thought Eric was…uh…blonde.
    or that was mike…

    I’ve read the all 3 of the books twice [and twilight a 4th time :).], I just dont remember all of the details i guess.

  36. But anyway, I’m sure he’ll do fine!
    Good luck Justin!!!

  37. Lindsey says:


    i love this kidd.
    im soo excited for the moviee!! and i cant believe he metioned meg and dia. if you guys dont know them, check them out. they are really good singers!!!!


  38. Sara Marie says:

    I absolutely love his music taste!! Those are my two favorite female artists and I did not know people really knew about Meg & Dia. Woo! Thanks Lexicon for the awesome interview. =)

  39. edwardssinger says:

    good luck Justin!

  40. swissgirl says:

    Hes perfect for the part, and hes got great musical taste!!

    Good luck Justin!

  41. Crystal says:

    ha ha, that was awesome that he took time to do that, but seriously! Did you have to ask him if he’s single?! lol, poor guy!

  42. I always thought Eric was a better choice!!

    He’s my new hero!

  44. cool he’s visted the site thats awsome!..

  45. He’s single! SWEET! Haha

  46. Hellish Red Devil says:

    I’m sure Justin will make a great Eric! He sounds very amicable. ๐Ÿ˜€


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