Pictures of Solomon Trimble

We are so thankful to have recieved permission to post these pictures of Solomon Trimble here at the Lexicon.  These pictures do not belong to the Lexicon.  Please do not copy them at your own website without permission.



A big think you to Solomon for allowing us to use these photos!!!!  Again congratulations on your role.



  1. He looks like a Sam Uley-type to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ohh I like him!

  3. Second err….. third comment!!!!

  4. Catherine says:

    Looks good to me! He’s about what I pictured. Yay!

  5. … i’m not very fond of this
    guy for sam…
    i pictured sam…like pretty
    good looking…but who knows
    he’ll probably surprise us!

  6. I’m excited to see this guy in the film! If the directer (is it the directer? I’m not sure.) was so set on having him as sam he must be good…even if there isn’t much sam in the first book.

  7. I think he could pull Sam off. He has really long hair. (Obviously).

  8. Erg…the picture isn’t showing up for me…

  9. he’s kind of cute … i think it’s just the pictures… you really can’t get a good ook at his face to really decide whether or not he’s cute… but then again… i am also very atracted to the native american boy … which is what he looks like to me… although he could be samoan… idk… still cute to me! lol… can’t wait to see him in Twilight.

  10. This isn’t at all how I pictured Sam, but I think it will work.
    I hope he’s a good actor. =)

  11. I think he will be wonderful! I hope they get to do the other books as movies so he can show his talent.. Beautiful pick for Sam… I am totally in love with choice…

  12. vampires_4_ever_1104 says:

    He’s a little slimmer than I imagined Sam, but all in all, I love him!

  13. Oh, that hair is so beautiful. They won’t make him cut it, will they? Doesn’t Sam have short-cropped hair in the books?

  14. At first I was worried, because I thought he was like…chubby & round in the picture in the article about him, but now I am worry free. Well, I will be if he cuts his hair. lol
    Can’t wait for the movie!

  15. Lindsey says:

    OH he looks much better with his hair town…too bad he’ll have to have it short to play Sam!

  16. Lindsey says:

    *hair down

  17. these photos are MUCH better than the one in the newspaper. I can see him as sam a lot better now.

  18. BoysfromBooks says:

    “it means no worries…”
    I am so excited for this guy. and happy he’s put up pictures for us!

    soooooo excited. but we’ll really have to wait for the 2nd and 3rd (if they make that many movies) to really see his acting skills.

  19. Wow! He’s beautiful! I love his long hair!!!! I think he will be a GREAT Sam! Congratulations Solomon!!

  20. He’s not how I pictured Sam, but I still think he’ll do a great job. He’s got a good look. Good Luck Solomon!

  21. christy says:

    he looks like a hippie to me.. :[

  22. yeahh hes not completely the perfect sam uley for me, but hopefully can pull it off.

  23. christy says:

    Sam Uley to me needs to look TOUGH!

  24. There is a third picture, hang on a bit, it will be up soon.

  25. i ‘m not sure about him as sam. i keep thinking that he looks so menacing but then again sam isn’t exactly the smiling happy type. For twilight it doesn’t really matter though since they already said that he only has like four lines in the movie.

  26. And he’s probably reading this…SO BE NICE!

  27. oh yeah i forgot to say something! are they going to cut his hair? because they said all the wolves(except for jacob) had like really short hair.

  28. Goodness his hair is long! Do you think they’ll make him cut it for the movie? If they do, think he’ll get mad? I would if my hair was that long and they made me cut it really short.
    But he looks like a really great Sam! Even with the long (and really gorgeous) hair.

  29. just a fan says:

    I wounder if he knows IF there is going to be a 2nd movie he is going to have to cut his hair I hope he dosne’t mind xD

  30. whitnee says:


    Congrats! You must be so excited! I think you will be great! You look just how I pictured Sam.

  31. omg.. SAM!!!!!!!!!!!! :O… not the sam i pictured… hes a lot tougher and stronger,this guy looks weak… urgggg. greattt ๐Ÿ™

  32. Claudia says:

    Love that hair.

  33. Congratulations Solomon! Such nice hair you have! But will you have to cut it, I wonder?
    I think Solomon will be great as Sam!

  34. holy crap long hair. I LOVE IT.
    Its gorgeous…for an indian.

  35. runswiththewolves says:

    Wow, he’s gorgeous!!! ::blushes::

    He’s going to be absolutely wonderful.

  36. ehhhhhhhhhh well we’ll see int he movie how he ends up not a real fan of his hair but he does have the looks for a native american not sure if he is 100% though but he sure has the looks for that part meeh

  37. Celeste says:

    He looks grat to play sam! Very long hair i have to admit :p

  38. wow… love the long hair!!! he’s definitely Sam for me!!

  39. Very nice, long, beautiful hair. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Guys, if the director saw him and wanted him so badly in the movie, he must be really bada–, don’t you think?

    How exciting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. oh em gee!!! this dude is awesome!!!

  41. I pictured a big burley Sam …but I am sure he will be great =)

  42. he looks very Sam-ish! I approve! Although he probably will have to cut his hair! ๐Ÿ™ waste!!!

  43. saranicole says:

    SO COOL! Are they going to make him cut his hair? I wonder how long it would take to grow it back… Well. If his hair is like mine, probably 18 months-2 years. *eek*

  44. Jessica says:

    The last picture is a really great one. He definitely looks like Sam in that one, for me at least. Congrats Solomon! =)

  45. Lindsey says:

    Solomon, I hope you are reading these and see that the majority of us are really rooting for you! I am sure that you will do a phenominal job, or else they would not have worked so hard to cast you. Good luck, and please enjoy every single moment that you get to spend working on this amazing movie!

  46. He looks like Sam to me…. I hope they cut his hair though. It’s just a little bit to long.

  47. lol… whoooaaa his hair!
    and hes not the sam i pictured…=[ oh well.

  48. chikchik00 says:

    hahaha whoa.

    Dont ask why, but I totally pictured same with a dark red.. almost brown hair.

    Solomon will be great, its just not how I picture Sam at all. lol weird…

  49. Bryanna says:

    He has a nice smile! And I love the hair! ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. Isabella says:

    He looks like an amazing acotor! I can’t wait….

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