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Mabelle attended Stephenie’s German tour in Berlin and gave us the following (pictures will come later today).

Title: "Bella is like a delicious cheesecake"

As I arrived at the Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann, dozens of fans had been already waiting.
I underestimated the situation when I thought I’d have enough time to get a good seat one hour before the actual thing started.
Apparently, I should have come at least in the morning. Some fans had been waiting since 12:00… .And now they were waiting to get a glimpse of the creator of their favorite book.

Many of them were sitting on the floor as all the seats were already taken. The hall itself was way too small for this huge amount of people, so many of them were upstairs, looking at the stage on a screen. Fans were screaming and clapping as Stephenie Meyer finally appeared.

"This is really something…", Stephenie smiled when she saw all her fans. And then she said would stay as long as necessary to get everyone’s copies signed.

After a brief introduction, Stephenie started reading out a part of Eclipse, Rosalie’s part which is her favorite background story. The fans flipped their books open and started reading along.

But we were getting really excited, finally, it was time for the questions, after a German actress read out another part of the German translation "Bis(s) zum Abendrot". People started asking a lot of questions, most of them about Stephenie’s writing skills, but there were also a few really interesting ones.

Here is a small collection of the most interesting questions (there were a lot!) and Stephenie’s answers:

Will there be a sequel to The Host?
– "I’m already working on the sequel, it’s almost done."

Is Breaking Dawn really the last book in the Twilight Saga?
– "The 4th book will be last from Bella’s perspective. We’ll see, it’s all about the time. Midnight Sun needs to be done as well. I have so many ideas, but I want to write other stories, too."

At this point everyone became really excited about Breaking Dawn. And although Stephenie said at the beginning, she would not answer any questions concerning the 4th book, because she wanted everyone to be surprised, she smirked and allowed another question to be answered:

You took your inspiration from Wuthering Heights and Romeo & Juliet.What was your inspiration for Breaking Dawn?
"I basically had two classics. Breaking Dawn is not quite based on them, but they inspired me. I will tell you ONE (everyone started screaming at that point)… it is Midsummer Night’s Dream!

How do you feel about the film cast?
"A lot of fans say ‘Don’t let them ruin the movie’! But I think adaptations are good, too. Just look at Romeo & Juliet. There are so many ways to make a good movie.  And of course I want to see the movie as well! I plan on visiting the set soon again. I’m really happy about the cast. And I’m really happy about Rob playing Edward. He fits perfectly!"

And two more questions & answers which I thought were funny:

Jake or Edward?
 "Well that is a problem… we have two perfect man here! So I guess a sharing plan needs to be worked out, you need to be flexible (laughs)"

Will Edward stop loving Bella if she was a vampire? (If-questions were actually not allowed, but this one seemed to concern so many fans, Stephenie just had to asnwer this one!) If it’s all about the smell he feels attracted to…
– "You have to look at it this way: To Edward, Bella is like a delicious cheesecake – and no one can resist a delicious cheesecake. It’s why he noticed her the first time. But he truly loves her the way she is. It’s not about the smell, because it’s like they are soulmates."

Afterwards everyone lined up for the book signing. And everyone had the chance to get their book signed, even those people who had been watching her upstairs.

In total I can say it was a really nice happening. Everyone was very cheerful and said how awesome Stephenie was.

I hope she will come to Berlin soon again! And next time, we will need a hall at least 4 times bigger than this one.

Thank you for coming!


  1. twilightobsessedddd says:

    Vi GG please tell! I have no idea! Well except for a crazy-Jacob imprint story that goes horribly wrong, another vampire falling for Bella, Bella getting amnesia before the wedding, Edward leaving Bella at the alter, Emmett falling for Bella (ew), a crazy honeymoon in a foregin country, Edward and Bella eloping and Alice freaking out….. I could go on…

  2. chalubbie 2008 says:

    Oh Bob! what thah chick said about bella falling in love with a donkey is freaking funny! I laughed for like 10 minutes she has me on the edge ! What if she falls for Jake nd leaves Edward ? If she does I’m always here for Edward! Or what if she stands up for her self nd doesn’t like any? Some one answer that question!

  3. Bella_twilight says:

    Midsummer Night’s Dream!!?? WHAT!!! In that, everyone ends up with the WRONG person!! Oh, I hope bella doesn’t leave Edward, though I can’t fathum that happening. Oh no, I’m scared now! Ugh, August is SO far away! I wonder is Steph will put BD quotes on her site like she did for Eclipse??

  4. Why did Stephenie have to say anything??????? I’m not going to sleep for 5 months now!!!!!!! 🙁

  5. Didn’t Stephenie say she liked Jane Eyre? Maybe that is why Edward wants to get married so fast; because he was tricked into marrying some one else, maybe that one vampire girl from Alaska. Probably not. But Jane Eyre is great so I wouldn’t mind.

  6. Now I’m thinking I wish she would have stopped with Eclipse and left it at that!!

  7. Ok so i have a major question..and i would LOVE if you could answer it for me. after the fith book..will there be another one? i mean i know you have other books and stuff..but please..these boos are so important to me. they tought me true love and i cant wait to have it. i just cant imagine not being able to read anymore after the fith book…i’ll cry..i just know i will! am i that pathetic or what?

  8. gothika says:

    oh my god
    a midsummer nights dream
    that going to be chaiotic(did i spell that right?)
    oh my god
    i hope bella and edward get married
    and jake is FINALLY out of the picture i don’t want him to day just imprint on someone. i don’t give a damn its edward and bella forever

  9. My hope is that Bella and Edward will be together forever. I will be so disappointed if she goes with Jacob. The love story in the books have been so beautiful that between Bella and Edward that I hope is continues forever.

  10. My hope is that Bella and Edward will be together forever. I will be so disappointed if she goes with Jacob. The love story in the books have been so beautiful between Bella and Edward that I hope it continues forever.

  11. swissgirl says:

    Kenzie I think I can answer your questoin.
    By the time Midnight Sun comes out, it will have been 4 years since Twilight was released, and while Stephenie has given us 3 incredible books (2 more wonderful ones on the way), it is also time for Stephenie to explore her options.After all this time the olnything shes really done is vampire stories, I think she will do good in anythingg.

    I think we can all agree that Stephenie is amazing. The way she grasps us into her world of love,and magic and beautiful vampires is something that has never been done before and cannott mimicked.She will no dought do wonderful things in the future and continue to grace us all with her writing abilities.

    For now I wouldnt worry about the fourth book being bad.She hasnt failed to amaze us yet and I have a feeling she will come back to the Cullens.It probably wont be from Bellas POV, but I promise it will be wonderful. Stephenie Meyer isnt one to disapoint!!I can safely say she is creating something that wont be forgotten,cant be forgotten.

  12. Wow! Thank you guys for posting those bits! Seems awesome! I haven’t read A Midsummer Night’s Dream but I checked out a synopsis online. It seems to me that Edward and Jacob will eventually get into an argument, but before it turns out to be a fight Jacob will imprint. That’s how I see it, especially since Stephenie also said that when she finished with Edwards description he became her ideal man, so Bella has to end up with Edward!
    I am also one of those persons who won’t want to read anything else from Stephenie if Bella doesn’t end up with Edward, but it’s only because I’m a huge romance fan and I expect at least fiction to have a happy ending!

  13. Bella and Edward must be together! I don’t like Jacob.

  14. EEEEEEEKKKKK…….. A midsummers Nights dream is my FAVE sheakepeare play but, it is wicked scary that she’s basing breaking dawn on it…. *shivers*… Bella better not end up with Jacob though, Edward is Perfect for her, and he can’t live without her, please we can’t stand anymore Romeo and Juliet!!! scary scary scary….. but i can’t wait, why can’t they push up the releas e date!!!

  15. ladies, i think we need to listen to stephanie and not take the whole midsummer night’s dream thing tooooo literally- remember in eclipse when someone mentioned that the theory/concept of imprinting reminded them of a midsummer night’s dream? i think it simply means that jacob will imprint- at least i’m hoping cause he’s a baby (literally) and needs to get over it

  16. yea, i agree with mafer dont take it so seriously people! I mean, i totally completely ADORE the books too but really to sit here crying over it? dont you have real people to talk to or a life or something?

  17. lalalaqueen says:

    omg! eclipse was good but it was so SAD! like the ending of it she loves jacob and edward..she likes BOTH of them! ugh! i think she should end up with jacob! hes funnier and she can relate to him and theyve been best friends forever……and hes more in love with bella than edward..edward seems too serious for her and i feel so bad for jacob because he was completely crushed..i hope bella wont get married to edward and realize that jacob is the one she loves and then bella and jacob can be together..jacob is more easygoing and more fun for bella, and that’s what she needs..

  18. hi! i haerd a rough draft of the first couple of pages o breaking dawn was released. is that true?? if so where can i find it??

  19. idk, i think maybe jacob has imprinted already and it just hasn’t been specifically stated yet. He hints throughout New Moon and Eclipse both that she is the only one for him, states it in a few places actually. And they both say that the pack is annoyed w/ how he thinks about her constantly. It sounds alot to me like Sam and Emily, or when Jacob describes ____(quil’s ?) imprint on the two year old, about being a friend when it’s needed and being dedicated to one person… it all seems to fit into my picture of “her Jacob”
    but hey what do i know lol

    also, im seriously happy that there is a 4th book in the series (not counting Edward’s tale). my gf got me into the series, and i must say i’ve been entranced for the past 2 weeks reading through them and working through homework (more reading than working (^___^). After i finished Eclipse this morning i was pretty sad that it ended with them sort of, restless, unhappy in a way, and then the epilogue from Jacob’s p.o.v. was a cap to my sad mood. i agree w/ kenzie i’ll prolly tear up a bit :'( but its ok. story’s not over 😀

  20. chantelle says:

    i’m really excited for the fourth book and bella HAS to end up with edward.i swear – the book will be horrible if she goes with jake.

  21. Inatizzy says:

    i love jake, i love edward. i have always loved jake, but now have realized that edward is cool too. i can’t side with one or the other. i want jake and edward to be happy in the end, but i don’t know who bella should be with. the books are fabulous, but i think bella’s kind of naiive about loving both guys. at the end of eclipse, when bella cries over losing jake, i was just thinking ‘get over it. you can’t have both, so choose.’ i understand that she is in love with jake, but it’s unfair to be friends with someone who’s madly in love with you. she’s either got to cut off ties with jake or leave edward. it would be easier if she stayed with one and didn’t ever see the other guy again. it would be too hard. it’s such a tough decision. ugh. but my friends and i are obsessed with the books. they’re awesome. they’re absolutely addicting. for two weeks, they were all that i could talk or think about. i kept replaying it in my head and examining every single tiny detail. this is one of the best series’ i’ve ever read. and coming from me, that’s a huge compliment. i read AT LEAST one book a day, usually more. revel in accomplishments meyers. congratulations on the movie and your success.

  22. Carolanne says:

    Well, we know that Bella and Jacob won’t work out. I mean, he didn’t imprint on her. Which means that at some point or other he WILL imprint on soeone, and will never be able to care about someone else that same way. The author even said he didn’t imprint, but it was obvious when he was staring at her that he was trying. So sad 🙁 I mean, I love edward but when he left I startde to side with Jacob a bit. But I hope Edward and Bella end up together!! I think it won’t be as easy as one two three they’re married, so I’m very excited to find out what twists and turns Steph throws in this one!

  23. I have been on this computer all day looking up what other people think will happen in the fourth book, hoping that if there are enough people going one way, Stephenie will write that way. I REALLY hope Edward and Bella marry, she changes into a vampire, and they live happily ever after. I like twists in book, but I love happy endings. I like Jacob, but he isn’t right for Bella, Edward is the only one. I am REALLY scared the book is not going to end the way I want it. My worst case senerios are Bella dies, which would make Edward die, Edward dies, which I think would make Bella die, or she ends up with Jacob. Those scare me so bad. I personally will never read anything from Stephenie Meyer again if she doesn’t end it the right way because I would never want to be disappointed by her again. I am hoping for the best!

  24. Jacob should just go and imprint on some nice girl who will make him happy. I have nothing against Jacon at all, however i would prefer it if Stephenie Meyer finished the story with Bella becoming a Vampire and marring Edward. I think that here is so many people that want Edward and Bella to get married and for Bella not to die that Stephenie Meyer would be insane to have any other ending to the Twilight saga. I suppose all we can do and cross our finger for TEAM EDWARD.

  25. I definitely agree with you Kayzie! I hope she doesn’t end the best series anyone has ever read with anything happening but Bella and Edward getting married, she turns into a vampire, and they live happily ever after. TEAM EDWARD!

  26. Okay so this is how its gonna turn out…
    Aro (fairy king) gets mad at the cullens and makes everyone love the WRONG person.
    so now jasper likes bella who likes emmet who likes esme who likes edward who likes alice who likes carlisle who likes rosalie who likes mike newton??? (sorry jasper but no one likes you now)
    but at the same time, the werewolves are in the forest, with the totally confused cullens, making a play when BAM, jacob imprints on ROSALIE. now carlisle and jacob almost fight when jasper gets enough sense to see aro
    jasper makes aro happy (emotion control)
    then everyone loves the right person, even jacob!
    just kidding but i hope you enjoyed reading this

  27. Chantelle says:

    im soo excited for the new book!!! but i just saw the new trailer for twilight and i didnt think it was that good. it might just be me though…

  28. Oh no no no…*hyperventilates*
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Isn’t that when everyone falls in love with the wrong person? What if something horrible happens at the wedding and Bella runs off with Jacob?
    What if Edward leaves her…for real this time?
    What if Bella becomes a vampire and loses her passionate love for Edward?
    What if Alice dies?
    What if…okay, I’m scaring myself now. But seriously. I was kind of disappointed with Bella in Eclipse…omg I’m gonna faint if I don’t get my hands on that book…i’m so gonna read it before my mom =]
    But hahahahahahahahaha this will be the best birthday present ever…i love my birthday now =]]]

  29. Lala:

    Wow you just gave me the funniest visual ever…Aro in tights…:P

  30. love it u roc i cant wait 4 breaking down

  31. OMG, i cant wait for the release of the breaking dawn

  32. Kit Kat says:

    hope bella and edward will stay 2gether 4ever
    but edward is SOO against bella being a vampire (unless she marries him of course) but there’s always jake
    if edward and jake were totally human like bella, the love could be just like any other book, but THIS SERIES? is BEYOND awesomeness, vampires and werewolves, (two characters u hardly read that actually co-exist next to each other)
    that actually has a nice sound to it(L)
    really nice job stephanie!!!

  33. What would be tragic would be if Jacob died in an attempt to save Bella or something. I mean, I’m all for Edward and Bella , but I still want Jake to find someone. If this is Midnight Summer’s Dream related, then maybe all of this crazy stuff happens at the wedding. Has anyone thought of what would happen if Jake interrupted when they were saying their vows?? I mean, he’ll come back right? I hope they all have a happy ending though. But I would LOVE to get my hands on the book she gave to her sister.( I think that was it right?) The one about what happens to Bella and Edward AFTER all of this ends?.

  34. katelin says:

    Why does everyone hate jacob? Imagine you met the one, your soul mate, someone who is connected to you in every way and then he left because he wanted to protect you. You became so depressed and out of it that you stopped being like a normal human. Suddenly you meet someone who makes you smile for the first time in ages, who could cheer you up and make you start living again. Slowly, he starts to heal you, and you begin to fall in love again, even though your old love is still there and still strong. One day your soulmate comes back, and you have to choose between two soulmates, two people you will always love forever, no matter what happens. what would you do? To people you love and love you back too. How would you handle having to tear your heart in half to stop hurting everyone around you. It wouldn’t be so easy and simple to decide between two people who you love more than anything else in the world. It may seem that edward and bella were meant for each other, but let it be known that jacob and bella were also meant to be, as jacob says “it was the natural path your life would have taken, if everything was as it was supposed to be”

  35. I want Bella to marry Edward but I am also angry that edward isn’t mine (laughs) I think that during the book Edward will probably try to kill Bella or the Volturi will that’s at least what i’ve read somewhere, Jacob probably imprinted on Bella but doesn’t want to tell her I think and does anyone know where Stephenie came up with the Volturi because I don’t know that I mean like the name and stuff also if anyone wants to know about real vampires but I don’t mean the role players or psi or just blood drinkers go to yahoo and search catherene night poe and click on vampiric studies I found it and loved it it’s about the realdesease v5, I wish I were one like in twilight ,oh well.

  36. I;m not a vampire and it’s catherene nightpoe she actually is one or so she says I am not putting all my trust in it but if anyone wishes to know.

  37. 🙁 so suck, I just bought Twilight four days ago and just finished read the book and when I found out Twilight has sequels.. I was so happy. But then I checked it in the bookstore, they didn’t published the sequels here X( I hate this place! ;_; I want to read more Edward and Bella moments…

  38. WEREVAMP aka JACOB LOL says:

    I’ve never read summers midnight dream or whatever it is, wait is it even a book????? Well it sounds boring i hope breaking dawn isn’t and i hope that bella ends up with edward it would suck if she didnt and i hope jacob gets just bitten by edward, interesting a werevamp, never thought of that. Oh and i saw the mercedes that bella got from edward i hope that she wrecks it and gets a better car cause that one doesnt look that nice and i know cars i hope she gets an audi le mans quattro now thats a nice car.

  39. Florence says:

    I think what Stephenie Meyer meant is that although things will get somewhat “messed up” in ‘Breaking Dawn’, everything will work out well and fine by the end of the book.

    My hunch is: Bella will definitely marry Edward and become a vampire. Jacob will imprint on another girl and find his own happiness. And because Bella and Jacob are such good friends, they wouldn’t become mortal enemies and there will be a truce amongst vampires (or the Cullens, at least) and werewolves. PERFECT ending to the series =D

  40. fanpirevampire says:

    but in a midsummers night dream in the end it all turns out to be a dream… and bella does seem to have very intense dreams… plus there is a lot of times in the books (especially in new moon) where she thinks its a dream and cant imagine it being real… Im hopeing there is NO WAY its all in her head! and that jacob will find someone to imprint (i also have a feeling that since there are no more real bad guys besides the volturi that maybe tanya and her vampires will be more involved) uugghhh i cant wait for breaking dawn! i need it now!!!

  41. Chantelle says:

    i found this scene from the twilight movie – so if anyone’s interested here it is :

  42. You people are so lucky, you’ll get the book on August 2nd, in Pakistan, theres only one bookshop that sells Stephenie Meyer books, and its almost always sold out, the only reason I got the books is because my dad had to go to the US on buisness and he bought my copies. Otherwise me and all those people who borrowed my copy would have seriously lost it!!

  43. Katrina says:

    i am so psyched. i love this series and i love jacob

  44. i was thinking about the ramifications of the donkey turning back into a human does tht signify anything MAYBE edward returning to a mortal human he did say he would do anything if he cold become human for bella so she didnt have to risk her imortal soul soooooo maybe he finds away to revert and become human for bella

  45. MrS. cUlLeN says:

    Omg!!! u guys go to be kiddiing me. JACOB DOESNT DESERVE BELLA!!! its edward and bella who are ment to be! i love the series way too much! im so obsessed! i so wish i was bella! i seriously love edward cullen! too bad hes fictional! LOL agust second is way too far away!!!! and i hope jacob imprints on another girl! i hate him! he cant break up edward and bella! i cant wait to read the book! ^_^ love all you guys!!!

  46. I’m a Chinese.
    I’m a twilighter.
    Twilight hasn’t been pubnished in China yet, so I have to read the English novel. It’s really not easy for me. I have to read the novel and look up in the dictionary at the same time.

  47. I love these books. I havent fond any book that can keep me reading dureing math class since i read them and it only takes me half a day to get done with them .i wish i could read slower. i cant wait till the new book comes out:0

  48. when will we here more of this sequel to the host!.
    i can’t wait for midnight sun either:D

  49. confused. about the host’s sequel, the soul. here it says she’s ‘almost done’ writing the soul and this was posted in march. yet Stephenie Meyer had an interview with mtv news in april and they asked her if she’ll write a sequel and she said ‘i hope’.
    and why isn’t there anything on the soul in her site anyway if it’s almost done. as this was last march, she would have had plenty of progress since then.
    i really want her to be ‘almost done’ though ! what to believe??

  50. is that the right date? Because if the host sequel was almost done then… *confused face* is she not gonna publish it?

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