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Mabelle attended Stephenie’s German tour in Berlin and gave us the following (pictures will come later today).

Title: "Bella is like a delicious cheesecake"

As I arrived at the Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann, dozens of fans had been already waiting.
I underestimated the situation when I thought I’d have enough time to get a good seat one hour before the actual thing started.
Apparently, I should have come at least in the morning. Some fans had been waiting since 12:00… .And now they were waiting to get a glimpse of the creator of their favorite book.

Many of them were sitting on the floor as all the seats were already taken. The hall itself was way too small for this huge amount of people, so many of them were upstairs, looking at the stage on a screen. Fans were screaming and clapping as Stephenie Meyer finally appeared.

"This is really something…", Stephenie smiled when she saw all her fans. And then she said would stay as long as necessary to get everyone’s copies signed.

After a brief introduction, Stephenie started reading out a part of Eclipse, Rosalie’s part which is her favorite background story. The fans flipped their books open and started reading along.

But we were getting really excited, finally, it was time for the questions, after a German actress read out another part of the German translation "Bis(s) zum Abendrot". People started asking a lot of questions, most of them about Stephenie’s writing skills, but there were also a few really interesting ones.

Here is a small collection of the most interesting questions (there were a lot!) and Stephenie’s answers:

Will there be a sequel to The Host?
– "I’m already working on the sequel, it’s almost done."

Is Breaking Dawn really the last book in the Twilight Saga?
– "The 4th book will be last from Bella’s perspective. We’ll see, it’s all about the time. Midnight Sun needs to be done as well. I have so many ideas, but I want to write other stories, too."

At this point everyone became really excited about Breaking Dawn. And although Stephenie said at the beginning, she would not answer any questions concerning the 4th book, because she wanted everyone to be surprised, she smirked and allowed another question to be answered:

You took your inspiration from Wuthering Heights and Romeo & Juliet.What was your inspiration for Breaking Dawn?
"I basically had two classics. Breaking Dawn is not quite based on them, but they inspired me. I will tell you ONE (everyone started screaming at that point)… it is Midsummer Night’s Dream!

How do you feel about the film cast?
"A lot of fans say ‘Don’t let them ruin the movie’! But I think adaptations are good, too. Just look at Romeo & Juliet. There are so many ways to make a good movie.  And of course I want to see the movie as well! I plan on visiting the set soon again. I’m really happy about the cast. And I’m really happy about Rob playing Edward. He fits perfectly!"

And two more questions & answers which I thought were funny:

Jake or Edward?
 "Well that is a problem… we have two perfect man here! So I guess a sharing plan needs to be worked out, you need to be flexible (laughs)"

Will Edward stop loving Bella if she was a vampire? (If-questions were actually not allowed, but this one seemed to concern so many fans, Stephenie just had to asnwer this one!) If it’s all about the smell he feels attracted to…
– "You have to look at it this way: To Edward, Bella is like a delicious cheesecake – and no one can resist a delicious cheesecake. It’s why he noticed her the first time. But he truly loves her the way she is. It’s not about the smell, because it’s like they are soulmates."

Afterwards everyone lined up for the book signing. And everyone had the chance to get their book signed, even those people who had been watching her upstairs.

In total I can say it was a really nice happening. Everyone was very cheerful and said how awesome Stephenie was.

I hope she will come to Berlin soon again! And next time, we will need a hall at least 4 times bigger than this one.

Thank you for coming!


  1. Moonpetal Lily says

    Thanks for the Q&A post! Hey, if anyone gets to one of her signings and is willing to ask an extra question… Does Forks High have a guidance councilor? And if so, wouldn’t Bella be referred to them during New Moon?
    *runs to buy cheesecake…lots and lots of cheesecake*

  2. Hahaha I love cheesecake 😀

  3. Why would Bella go to counselor? Unless she wants everyone to know about vampires. And werewolves.

    Vampires and werewolves and Bella, oh my!

  4. Love the posts from the tour…more info, yea!

  5. oh… i hope stephenie will visit us in Norway! That would be awesome!


    håper dere får en fin dag! translated: hope you all have a nice day!

  6. OOH, things get a little crazy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but they all work out in the end. I hope this means what I think it means! 🙂

  7. :O a midsummer nights dream?!
    i wish i remembered what happened in that one from all the way in grade 8.
    i’m hitting it up at google

  8. Cool tour report! I was in Berlin, too. It was so great!^^

    I hope you get my photos I’ve done. 😉

  9. Moonpetal Lily says

    To Niki, my logic was kind of that someone would refer her to a counselor (kind of like Charlie attempted to do) at the beginning of her depression period. If a teacher paid enough attention, they might be worried.

  10. For all we know, Bella was referred to a guidance counsellor during the 4 months right after Edward left, since we don’t know exactly what happened during that time. As if they could’ve done anything for her anyways…

    But back on-topic, I love that Stephenie tries so hard to sign everyone’s books, she’s amazing.

  11. mrs.edwardcullen says

    Wow, I wished I was there! She has a beautiful voice, what a story teller.

    About Midnight Sun, I’m pretty sure that she’s gonna publish it, but I’m not sure if she’s gonna make it’s sequels too. I think she’s gonna be busy with The Host and others….

  12. Since Forks High school is so small they probably dont feel like they need 1 and if they did Bella would probably have another tantrum. Charlie wouldnt want to do that 2 her again

  13. Hmm…Midsummer Night’s Dream. I know the general gist of this play, but I’ve never actually read or seen it. Maybe I should get moving!

    Anyway, that’s interesting that she chose two classics to inspire her for Breaking Dawn…I wonder what the other one is? What other classic would go really well with Midsummer Night’s Dream? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!

  14. 1luvedward says

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream…
    Ok, so that’s when fairies cast a spell and everyone falls in love with the wrong person, right?

    I dont like the sound of that 🙁 …hihi

    Interesting concept though, I’m sure thats going to cause a lot of drama…hihi

    And everything will work out in the end 😀 … probably…hopefully 😛

  15. Dancergirl says

    Isn’t Midsummer Night Dream the one with with the fairies love spells? I might be wrong. I can’t wait till August!

  16. QUEENCROWN says

    i had heard about a midsummer nights dream! OMG! I wonder what the other one is….I’m scared

  17. im really excited that there is going to be a sequel to the host. how does stephenie find time to write all this stuff? good lord

  18. saranicole says

    1luvedward – I KNOW! “Ok, so that’s when fairies cast a spell and everyone falls in love with the wrong person, right?” is exactly right! I’m totally freaking out!!! Of course, I would NEVER EVER EVER equate Eclipse with Wuthering Heights (THANK GOODNESS–I hated WH), but still! I’m totally scared! Maybe it just means that Jacob gets a girl? Maybe the “magic” gets worked on just Jacob?? PLEASE??? Maybe he can imprint on somebody–that’s magical, right?

    As for the other classic. I know what I WANT it to be (not that I’ve ever read it, but whatever): Metamorphosis. (PLEASE LET BELLA GET CHANGED, FINALLY!!!)

    As for mrs.edwardcullen up there, Stephenie has said that she has no plans to write any of the other books from Edward’s POV. (Especially not New Moon. It would be too painful.) She has said that with Midnight Sun, you’ll get a feel for what’s going on in Edward’s head and then you will be able to understand more of what he’s thinking in the other books.

  19. Great article, but honestly, if Bella and Edward don’t get married and live happily ever after I’ll never read another book by Stephenie! I don’t want her with Jacob!!!! Edward IS HER SOULMATE, as she said and I wouldn’t be able to get over them NOT being together forever, whether Edward changes her or not……

  20. oh, steph is so nice to her fans. I bet nobody else who’s become a big celebrity because of her/his books wouldn’t be this patient.

    Next time.. – next time I will fly/ go by train or hike to see her and get my books signed 😀

  21. Katie,
    You are not the only one who thinks that way. Someone else said that same thing to me just two days ago. I think a lot of people feel like that.

    I betting that it will be the best one yet. Stephenie has already proven herself. I think we can hope for the best.

    *crossing fingers*

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the signig to come to my town! I am so excited!

  22. Stephenie makes me smile.

  23. ok… so Midsummer Nights Dream…

    I know what happens in Breaking Dawn!
    Bella is in the woods and falls in love with a donkey
    The Cullens form a traveling troop of play actors
    and everyone has a mad rage in the forest
    Jake is the fairy king, who is all ticked off
    and everyone has sex with the wrong people

    should be a great book!! haha
    just kidding everyone, but still, it will be interesting to see how this play will influence Breaking Dawn

  24. I totally agree with A Midsummer Nights Dream! That play is so CRAZY!!!!! Stephanie knows how to make us all nervous. Like we aren’t already sitting on edge just waiting for Breaking Dawn!!!!

    She’s awesome!! I love hearing what she has to say. Thanks for posting!

  25. you are sooooo lucky!

  26. Thanks for posting this! I love to read Stephenie’s answers to questions! I really hope to see her again, she’s got such an awesome presence!!!!

  27. is stephenie coming to Sctland any time soon. that would be fab! lol

  28. do you think she can come to Asia?Hahaha.I’d go as far as buying a plane ticket to Singapore or Hong Kong just to see her,and get my books signed of course!Hahaha.

  29. I don’t think she should have let go her inspiration being “Midsummer Nights Dream”. That is going to raise so much speculations. People are going to be freaking out trying to figure it out. I think that is one of the reasons why she did not let anything go before.

  30. вампир says

    forever isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. jacob is the better choice.

  31. yah think about it..
    to become a vampire means forever…
    1000 and 1000s of years witht he same person..
    i mean yah its cute and all but the passion has to go at some point..
    i mean were talking ALIVE TOGETHER.. FOREVER.. AND EVER (SIGH AND EVER…ETC) or until some other vampire kills you
    wouldnt you rather be in love with someone and grow old together having lived the most amazing love story and die happy…?

  32. A Midsummer Night’s Dream!? Oh goodness! Breaking Dawn is gonna be chaotic!

    Edward = Lysander
    Bella = Hermia
    Jacob = Demetrius
    Who ever Jake falls for (Leah, maybe?) = Helena

    Oh, I’m gonna have so much fun making theories now!

  33. That’s so cool… i wish i was there. Oh, my gosh. I am going to be making so many theories now (and, of course, none of them will be right. so when i actually do read it, i laugh at myself because i was being so stupid to think such things. . . lol) I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL AUGUST 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Carlita…..if you’re with your the love of your life, your soulmate, like Bella and Edward are, it doesn’t matter if that means 10,000 years!!! 🙂

  35. AmethystPhoenix1 says

    “As for the other classic. I know what I WANT it to be (not that I’ve ever read it, but whatever): Metamorphosis.”

    I certainly hope not. ;D The main character, Gregor Samsa, gets transformed into a monstrous vermin, is reviled by his family, and finally starves himself to death. But I get what you’re saying… I hope she gets changed too.

    Midsummer Night’s Dream… *winces at all the drama that entails* I want to see how she incorporated that…

  36. BoysfromBooks says

    okay peoples. I know I knew that Midsummer Night’s Dream was one classic before. and there’s a whole forum on the lexicon about it.
    and Stephenie Meyer commented in it and said we shouldn’t take it too literally!

    the OTHER classic is something new and interesting and speculative (if its a word)

    on the other hand…
    thanks for the questions!

  37. oh god.
    not midsummer nights dream!
    Everyone falls in love with the wrong person..oh dang.
    It all gets settled in the end though..oh dear god.
    I think I will be crying a lot..

  38. =O midsummer nights dream?!
    i’ve been wanting to read that book!!

    now im deff. gonna read it before the book comes out.
    hehehe! =D

  39. MissmyEdward says

    Ocrapocrapocrapocrapocrap! In A Midsummer Night’s Dream,fairies cast love spells and people end up falling in love with the wrong person! I hope that’s not what she was reffering to,but the fairy part would be cool!

  40. hahah
    bellas like delious cheesecake
    thats funny

  41. twilightobsessedddd says


  42. Ok you how people are freaking out that Breaking Dawn and Midsummer Nights Dream (everyone falls in love with the wrong people), and i told some funny theories to my freinds about it and they almost started to cry………

    Carlisle+ one of the nurses in the hospital


    But seriously people im just kidding, i don’t think our favrote author is going to do that, but it is really funny to see their expressions. Can someone tell me what Mr.Banner mumbled after he said that it was good that Edward and Bella were partners together,it always gets to me, it is in page 47 in Twilight.
    Also i think it is really awsome that she had to sign EVERY BOOK i mean WOW that woman is somthing. I can’t wait till she comes to Phoenex. 😀

  43. ok, to all the other Edward and Bella fans (anti-Bella and Jacob), does the thought of a Midsummer Nights Dream worry yall like it does me??
    yea, it frightens me.
    can he just imprint already???
    i mean, things would be a LOT easier if he would.
    maybe that plays into that.

  44. well its not quite that everyone falls in love with the wrong people.
    more like fairy king is mad at fairy queen.
    makes her fall in love with a donkey.
    lysander and hermia (not sure if thats the correct name) love each other, but the fairy king’s helper makes lysander fall in love with helena who loves demitrius (excuse the spelling) who loves hermia.
    helena thinks its a joke.
    hermia is all confused.
    then that fairy helper makes demitrius fall in love with helena as well.
    lysander and demitrius fight.
    but then the fairy helper makes lysander fall back in love with hermia again.
    and the king takes the spell of the queen and makes her fall back in love with him.
    end result:
    Fairy King + Fairy Queen
    Lysander + Hermia
    Helena + Demitrius
    and donkey all by himself, well, he turns back into a human.

    haha, saw the movie the other day.
    excuse me if i had anything wrong.

  45. Midsummer Nights Dream as inspiration huh? Perfect! I have a strong feeling I know what is to come.

  46. I’ve been thinking about this alot and I think that I have a theory on what the second classic could be. I mean, in Eclipse, Edward mentioned a Midsummer Nights Dream and they also mentioned another story which was Anne of Green Gables. But that’s just my opinion and I most definitely could be wrong.

  47. So this just makes me wonder more about the wink that Felix gave Bella when the Volturi were leaving the meadow after the fight in Eclipse.
    I also think that perhaps Aro’s desire for the omnipresence of the past present and future will play a big role in the events of Breaking Dawn.
    I don’t want to have to read Midsummer’s Night Dream again (struggled through it in high school a long time ago). But, if I obsess too much and get through with the collection of Harry Potter books, I just might have to do it.

  48. Vi G.G. …the suspense is KILLING me….can you share what you think is to come?


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