Sam Uley Is Cast

The Daily Vanguard, the newspaper of Portland State University, has announced that Solomon Trimble, of their student body has been cast as Sam Uley.

EDITED: There is a slight error with MTV being credited as the studio making the film, but the rest of the info is correct. 

Also please note: Summit has signed all the actors to a three film deal. It’s a standard sequel clause. It’s how they are guaranteed to get people back if the movie hits big and makes them stars.  The best recent example of this coming into play is the Pirates of the Caribbean series that resurrected Johnny Depp’s career, showed that Orlando Bloom could be more than an elf, and made Kiera Knightly a household name beyond teen flicks like Bend It Like Beckham.  If they didn’t have that sequel clause in play, they never would have gotten those actors back.

It should be noted that Summit can’t proceed to make any sequels, regardless of what they have signed people up for,  until Stephenie gives them the right to do so. On her recent German tour Stephenie clearly stated that she has not yet granted filming rights for anything other than Twilight, and is thinking about it, but has not yet given her OK.


  1. Ashley B says:

    He looks scary!

  2. Jasmadic says:

    Oooh. Sam. Me likes

  3. i think he will fit as sam. what a lucky guy, doesn´t want a role and get one 😉 it seems like he´s is excited to do the movie… and how great that he´s signed already for 3. i´m really hoping that new moon and eclipse will follow on screen!!

  4. Wow, can you believe it! The luck this guy has around him. I think he is perfect for the roll of Sam.

  5. I’m sure he will do great but I think this is the first time (aside from Rose of course) that the actor does not even remotely resemble what I pictured. Thats okay though! to be expected 🙂

  6. ilovetwilight says:

    omg! im sooo excited for the movie!!!! so cant wait!!
    and i think that sam will be fine for the movie….though its the second and third that count rite?

  7. It is most interesting to me that he says he signed a 3 year contract with MTV films…they aren’t doing the movie…

    But I think he will do a good job in the film!

  8. I didn’t think Sam was in the first book..


    **Sam is actually with Jacob the first time he sees Bella at the beach.  He is the one who says "The Cullens don’t come here."  or something to the effect. 

  9. Sirena R. says:

    I am very happy and excited for him!!! He is very lucky to be apart of the Twilight Cast!!! I wonder if he will read the Twilight Series now to help him prepare for the role of Sam.
    It says he signed 3 contracts or something.hmmm? I was sure Stephenie had still only given permission for the making of Twilight. I do really hope they will eventually also make New Moon,Eclipse and Breaking Dawn…there is so much more of the story than what just happens in Twilight!!! so much more action!
    We finally get to see the begining of the Quilutes!!!
    I love the Quilutes!
    I think Nikki Reed would also made a great Emily or Leah,maybe even a better one. but i still like her!

  10. saranicole says:

    WOW! SO not what I pictured! But totally awesome! I’m stoked! 🙂 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sirena R. says:

    remember SAM was there with Jacob and some other guys at the La push beach when Bella came back from her walk(hike) with Mike and a few others. Remember when Lauren was trying to antagonize her and said..its to bad none of the Cullens could come out today,Didnt anyone think to invite them?
    thats when Sam sais,”You mean Dr.Carlile Cullens family?”
    and he sais, The Cullens dont come here. but he sais it in a tone that makes Bella realize that they werent aloud or thats what it implied. Thats urges her to get what she could out of Jacob.
    I hope this rekindles you memory. It’s on page.121

  12. That is sooooo awesome for him!! Can you even imagine getting cast that way?? So fun! He looks great! Go Sam!

  13. Me wants some Sam Ulley.

  14. I personaly think he works for the part of Sam because he is scary looking

  15. Scary. But then, do you expect a lead werewolf to be big and cuddly? (yes) Okay, then never mind…I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job. I just want to know who Jake is!!!! It’s killing me!

  16. He looks the part, kind of scary looking!
    I guess he’ll only have the beach scene, but just wait for New Moon and Eclipse…I really hope they’ll make those into movies too!!! I think they will, if you think about it, how can the movie not do well with the millions of fans it has before it’s even filmed! I know they’ll have me a few times in their box office numbers!

  17. at first i didn’t like him because the Sam that lives in my head is a lot more beautiful, BUT then i reminded myself that the cullens and JACOB are the only truely beautiful ones. not saying that this guy isn’t attractive because you are dude, but just not beautiful. which i guess most guys don’t want to be ‘beautiful’. haha! so i think he is really good for the role of Sam.
    congrats to you Daily!

  18. p.p.s.
    where’s my JACOB?!

  19. twilightfan says:

    oh, Sam. I like him, and that’s a cool story, he must be a really good actor. BTW, I finally bought Twilight last week. I’d read it before, but I finally brought it. I’m so excited.

  20. Jasmine X says:

    Weirdddd 😐 . But i spose none of the characters look like i thought they would . It will be intresting to see him in the films X

  21. i dont think he’s that good

  22. He definitely doesn’t look how I pictured Sam, but that’s to be expected! xD I think he’ll do an awesome job. =)

  23. saranicole says:

    I wonder if they’ll make him cut his hair!

    You know what? He reminds me of Septimus from Stardust (which is a FABULOUS movie that EVERYONE should see! I’m serious!). Mark Strong.

    Maybe it’s just me. But yeah. See Stardust. It was incredible!

  24. I read that article earlier, but I thought it was fake because of the MTV thing. He isn’t exactly how I picture Sam, but then again, none of the actors really fit my imagination. I’m excited anyway!

  25. Wow, that’s so exciting! He’s such a lucky guy! And apparently, he’s also incredibly smart – which Sam no doubt is, also. He’ll be a great leader for the pack! Yay!

  26. chasity lake says:

    WOW. Sam is in twilight i dont remember. But who cares he looks like a werewolf good enough for me :0)

  27. QUEENCROWN says:

    he is really lucky! Congrats to him!

  28. Johnny Deeeeeppp. 😯 haha…just the mention of him makes me swoon.

    Anyways, glad to hear of the sequel clause. Sounds like a plan to me! 😉

    I’m so happy!!! Everything’s coming together so amazingly!!! 😀

  29. hmm i have to go google him now

  30. He looks jus like I imagined sam! great 🙂

  31. Oh yeh, I forgot to say that I think it’s the best that steph looks first whats the film is like and then deside is there coming any sequels. If it sucks – then it’s the best that steph hasn’t promised anything.
    But I doubt it 🙂 it’s going to be great!

  32. savanna says:

    Not exactly how i pictured him but as long as he can capture the sam uley vibe he will be great

  33. Giggles says:

    cool. he’ll make a good sam
    but when do we find out about Jacob
    I’m growing impatient

  34. almost a bella says:

    cool! he looks the part. kind of scary though. but i always thought him as kind of scary.

  35. haha wow he looks just how i pictured sam!

  36. THREE! yay. I am excited. As long as Stephenie OK’s it.
    I hope she does. [=
    Anyways, I am glad they have one of the Quilete’s casted. [=

  37. Brittany says:

    That’s awesome! I love that he didn’t even go to audition…and they wanted him cool. He’s not what i pictured either, but i’m sure he’ll be great.

    Oh and this whole not knowing who Jacob is, is just ridiculous!!!

  38. Dancergirl says:

    He’ll be prefect for this role, i can really see him as Sam.
    I sure hope New Moon and Eclipse will become movies, only if they really mess up Twilight, then probably not.

  39. Did anyone else notice that he is double majoring in two VERY difficult subjects?? (MATH and PHIL) Wow! He must be SMART!! Good for him!

  40. WOW! That was pretty lucky of him to get Sam, who if there is another movie, New Moon, will have a pretty big role.


  41. Awww… I wonder if his brother got a part too. I hope so anyway.

  42. boomchickaboom says:

    Mannnnnnnn his brother must of been pissed.

  43. Loli-Shota says:

    Sam is in Twilight. But it’s just a few words really.

    The actor looks great. I’m sure he’ll just totally rock as Sam.

    I’m getting so excited now (eeeee)

  44. yay!!! Hope he can act

  45. Yay!! They have Sam!! This dude is awesome!! I dont remeber him being in twilight, just new moon and eclipse….but w/e…

    Even though I hate jacob black with a passion, I need to know who gonna play him in the movie!!

  46. Sirena R. says:

    Sam is in page 120 and 121 of Twilight. How can people not remember how important his few lines in the book were?
    Its what makes Bella dig at Jacob for more info on the Cullens, wich led to her finding out the TRUTH begind what Edward really is.
    how can you hate Jacob? I probably love him for all the same reasons why others hate him.
    He is still my favorite, but It doesnt mean I want Bella to end up with Jacob. no no…I still want to be together with Edward forever!!!

  47. edwardssinger says:

    Can somebody give me a link so that i can see solomon’s picture?

  48. i hope he can ast well……he doesn’t lood like much of a sam uley to me, tho……but that’s MY opinion

  49. Sirena R. says:

    Oops… i meant, i still want HER to be together with Edward forever! ha ha. my slip.

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