Eclipse Discussion

In responce to the hundreds of requests that I have received about the Eclsipe area of the site, I can now say that we are officially on top of it!  I have to appologize for this taking so very long, but I am THRILLED by the way the mods have banded together to get the Eclsipe discussion area filled!  I should be able to update that area of the site very regularly for the next few weeks.  Yeah to the mods! 

The Preface and Chapter One: Ultimatum have been posted.  You can find the discussion questions for the Preface and for Chapter One over on the message boards in the new forum titled "Fire and Ice."   Cocoa did these first two, so we have her to thank for getting us started.



  1. Stephanie J. says:

    Awesome! I’m excited already!

  2. thanks a bunch!

  3. Whooo!
    Thanks, you guys. =)

  4. Thats great. =]

  5. almost a bella says:

    i’m so happy.

  6. Bella_twilight says:

    thats awesome!! wow, haven’t commented in FOREVER!!!! hahah

  7. onlyavampire says:

    That awesome. I’m so happy thanks guys

  8. cool

  9. yay! im soo happy! thanx guys!

  10. How come it won’t let me register to the forums? It won’t accept my email…

  11. dudes thats freakin awesome!
    its so sickkkk!

  12. Thank you Alphie 😀 It’s about time we got Eclipse up there on our discussion boards. 🙂

    I’m loving the questions too! Brilliant! 😀


  13. srhumpherys - Sarah says:

    Thank you mods! Thanks Coco for working so hard for us!

  14. yay!

  15. Thanks Mods! especially Coco for getting these first two up! They’re excellent standard as usual! but is anyone else finding that “race” in New Moon isn’t up or working? Could someone check for me, though I think it’s probably me and my computer is playing up or something!

  16. Midnight_Sunshine says:

    Sorry if this sounds rude, but I found a teany weiny mistake. The quote is “Penguins. Lovely” not “Penguins,lovely.” Sorry again if it sounds rude. It’s just my inner crazy fangirl screaming out.

  17. Midnight_Sunshine:

    I know what you mean. I was thinking the same thing.

  18. Eclipse*

  19. Awesome!
    Thanks Cocoa, Alphie, everybody!
    You guys work so hard!

  20. team jacob says:

    Great!!! You guys are awsome! Thanks

  21. Thanks so much, see you there 🙂

  22. Eclipse*

  23. The typo was corrected.

  24. Yea! Thanks Cocoa and Alphie and everyone!

  25. edwardssinger says:


  26. edward_stalker says:

    thats sooo cool!!!

  27. Harley Steele says:

    I love this website!!! I hope that it doesn’t like go down…. I miss some of my old fan websites. :(. , but keep rocking out!!!

  28. I loved eclipse but I cant decide which one i like the most

  29. I LOVE Eclipse! its my fave in the series, then twilight and last but not least new moon. i’m trying to get all my friends to join my twilight cult

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