The Host Tour

Stephenie’s website announced today that the details on her Host Sigining Tour would be released on March 10, 2008.  All events will be ticketed events, so look for details on March 10, 2008 and reserve your space immediately so you aren’t faced with a "sold-out" situation.

The tour will start on May 6, and visit the following cities: Minneapolis, Kansas City, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Los Angeles and San Diego.

They also mentioned that she would not be doing a large signing tour for Breaking Dawn, so if one of these cities is close to you, don’t miss out on a Stephenie sigining experience.


We don’t have this 100% confirmed (an employee leaked it on the IMDB a couple of weeks ago), but Stephenie will probably be at Thanksgiving Point in Utah on May 16th.




  1. When and where is she going to be in kansas city?

  2. Ellen Cullen says:

    Why is SM only going to be in the States? That is so not fair! What about Canada? Canada is ALWAYS left out of things like this. You people are complaining about her not coming to your area, but atleast she’ll be in the same country as you guys. I’m in like a totally different country (Toronto, to be exact). OMG, so not fair.

  3. bad luck. i live in northern california, but she seems to be going to Southern Cali twice. Oh the irony

  4. i am so so so so so sad! thats it. road trip. i am meeting stephenie again no matter what haha. i need the rest of my books signed!!!

  5. oh and Cat, when i went to one of her signings there was no price, just beat the line and get there early so you get a good seat. thats my advice, but some signings could be different.

  6. I just hope she’s coming to LA when my class isn’t in Washington D.C.

  7. twilightobsessedddd says:

    Yeah! She is soooo missing out on the rest of North America LOL! I mean at least she could visit more of the US (coughNYcoughcough), and Canada also! Arghhhh

  8. YEAH LA!!! im super excited!.
    …wait San Diego too?!!? RIGHT ON!

    Why twice in SoCal tho? Hmmm…wierd. NorCal should get a turn too.

  9. Aww, I really wanted to see her in Chicago. =[ I even convinced my mom to drive me. It’s about 2 hours to Chicago and about 5 to Minneapolis. So, I really hope I get to go.

    No fair, no fair. And no big tour for Breaking Dawn? aww. see that’s what happens when an Author gets super popular. No time to see everybody. Darn.

  10. Dallas! Only 4 hours away! Whoo! And we go on four hour trips to Memphis all the time! Score!

  11. i want to go soooo bad!

  12. twilightroxs says:

    this stinks i live in florida wat about us there are fans like every were =(

  13. I’m hoping I can get tickets to her Portland signing. That would be wonderful. I’ve never been to a signing before. Do you have even a second to ask her a question or tell her how much you love her books (I’m sure she never hears that)?

    Just a question for the Lexicon people, why did you take the music off the welcome page? Oh that was so amazingly beautiful. I want to learn to play the piano just to play that song.

  14. THANKSGIVING POINT!!!!! That is like very very close to where I live. Thanks so much guys!

  15. Hey Guys,
    I hate to be the downer here, but she may be staying close to home as she has been away alot and needs to give some of her time back to her family. She stated somewhere that she was burned out and all this traveling must be taking a toll on her.
    I hope for her that she gets the rest she so badly needs and can get inspired enough to continue to give us the lovely works that she has already.
    We are ardent fans, but we need to be understanding and compassionate as well. And exhausted author will give you exhausted words.

  16. I understand why Stephenie Meyer can’t come to Canada and places on the eastcoast and the fact that there won’t be a huge tour for Breaking Dawn. It’s fairly simple…

    SM has a life outside of writing and tours. That is: family!!

    I mean sure she’d looove to travel everywhere, meet fans of her books, but with the huuuge demand of her being here and there, traveling across the country or even to another continent but she’s probably pooped right now and missing her children terribly![didn’t SM a couple months ago to Germany?]!!

    She’s a mom! No mom would ever like to be apart from their kids for a long period of time.

    Stephenie Meyer is sooo devoted to her fans, at her Toronto signing, she signed until 10PM for the people waiting! And there was over 600 people, and with each person with 3 books, whooa, major hand cramp.

    I know previously I was sad that she wouldn’t be having a tour for Breaking Dawn or coming to Toronto, but now I understand and that’s by the context of what I wrote. XD

    Hopefully that made sense!!

    [Also, I truuuly understand the devestation of fans because SM is not coming to their city…but try putting yourself in Ms. Meyer’s shoes. :P]

  17. I’m glad she is coming to Phoenix, but I wish she could do more here since it is the state she lives in.

  18. Hmmm…no big tour for Breaking Dawn? I better make sure to get to a signing for the Host! 7 hours to SLC or 10 Portland! I’m doing it!
    Would it be exceedingly rude to bring Twilight to The Host signing? I feel like it would, but when else I’m I gonna get the chance?

  19. Giulia&Melanie&Nicky says:

    LISTEN PLZ TELLLLLLLLLL US WHO THIS Gregory Tyree Boyce IS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. blah. I want to take a road trip now. =/

    And… Giulia&Melanie&Nicky… I want to know who it is too.
    In a real big way!!

  21. I hope she will come to New York soon, but I know the woman must be tired.
    All this stuff happening, it is too exciting, I can’t breath.

  22. I feel your pain all of my fellow north-easterners. But I did get to meet her in Boston at the Eclipse tour, so at least I got to get Eclipse signed! I’m holding out for the Breaking Dawn tour… if she doesnt come to the East then, I might take a road trip.

  23. hehe I wonder if my parents would let me fly to America? it’s only an eight hour journey from London to New York, then a very long drive to her signings!! Not that long at all!

  24. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I wish I lived near one of those cities :(. I’ll just have to wait to meet her someday.

  25. I think i will have to move to the USA!

  26. BoysfromBooks says:

    this sucks. what about east-coasters?!

    I’ve never gotten a book signed. if it was BD, then maybe, there would be a really small chance that I could take a road-trip to get the books signed. but my parents don’t know about the Host so why would they consider going to a state a few DAYS away!
    maybe if it was in CHICAGO then I could ask to visit family…and get the books signed?
    grrr that’s unfair!
    but I still love her.
    but that’s unfair.

  27. east coast feels so lonely… well that’s okay… more stephenie meyer books is always a good thing no matter what!

  28. 🙁
    us poor east coasters xP

    buttt hey I have friends who leave in/near LA, Portland, and Phoenix! now it’s time to see if they reallyyy love me…haha jk !

  29. ooops I wasn’t signed in haha.

    but does anyone know if she’s coming anywhere near the northern-eastern coast anytime soon? 🙁

  30. srhumpherys - Sarah says:

    I’m very excited I’m only 3.5 hours away from SLC. My best friend and I are definitely taking a road trip to visit SM.

    Does she sign more than 1 book? If any of you lonely east costers have friends who live near a signing, perhaps you could send your books to them & they could go to a signing for you? Not as great as you being there yourself, but close. Just a suggestion.

    I do wonder if she will sign more than one book also. Of course I want the Host signed, but I would love Eclipse to be signed as well, since it is my favorite of the series thus far. I’d love them all to be signed, but I cannot imagine asking her to sign 4 books for everyone.

    Does anyone know how much tickets are to these things? I never knew you had to have tickets for signings.

  31. Yay!!!!!! Portland, Salt Lake!!!! I live in ID so im like filppin out!!!! i was wondering, does anybody else hink that the Host will ever be as good as Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,……?

    Well Steph wrote it so it has to be at least a little good!!!

  32. Yay!!!!!! Portland, Salt Lake!!!! I live in ID so im like filppin out!!!! i was wondering, does anybody else hink that the Host will ever be as good as Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,……?

    Well Steph wrote it so it has to be at least a little good!!!

    P.S. Sarah, do you live in UT??

  33. =( not NY? So sad.

  34. MissmyEdward says:

    We eastern coast fans don’t get a slice of The Host pie?

  35. I’m soooo going to Phoenix. I have never seen her in person, that would defiantly be an amazing experience.
    I think that Gregory Tyree Boyce is Billy and Taylor Lautneris is Jacob, but this is only my opinion.

  36. She should come to the UK again.

  37. Well this is exciting!

    So what’s the deal with this Thanksgiving Point thing guys? What is it? Like a farm? A museum? C) All of the above? Haha, why would Steph be there?

  38. MissmyEdward says:

    No-one ever comes to South Carolina……. =( i sad

  39. Oh, no east coast? Well I do understand why she can’t go that far, but much of the east coast holds a lot of populated areas! I admit I am sad, but not devastated, maybe she’ll come next time!

  40. If I can get tickets to the Portland signing,
    my dad said he would take myself, and a friend!
    I am sooo excited!
    I was extremely surprised, because Portland,
    is like 10 hours away from where I live.
    (Not including the ferry we will have to take).
    I have a few random questions, and I know they have already been asked, but there doesn’t seem to have been any answers..
    Sooo, does anyone know if we can get more than one book signed? I mean, The Host, and then one from the Twilight series? Also, would there be time to perhaps take a picture with her? Last one – do the tickets cost?
    Sorry if those were really stupid questions, haha, I’ve never been to a book signing before… 😛

  41. What? What happened to Chicago?! Grrr. And no Northeast states at all. Not even cool.

  42. I am soooooooooooo excited I live 30 minutes from salt lake, an hour from thanksgiving point!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is the Host signing tour, would she still sign the Twilight books? I’m ignorant, obviously, but I don’t want to miss out if she will!!!!! Oh, jeez, this is so exciting! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s amazing she sticks out here it the West! Tons of other talented (but not as good as Stephanie) authors stay out in the East. WOW.

  43. omg, i’m only an hour and a half away from thanksgiving point and my parents don’t want to take me 🙁
    i’ll have my permit by then but i need a parent!!!! o man this sucks
    real bad…..

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  45. What the…? Where did Austin go?

  46. No east coast? Guess not. Oh well, I guess have to wait till the Breaking Dawn tour.

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