The Host Tour

Stephenie’s website announced today that the details on her Host Sigining Tour would be released on March 10, 2008.  All events will be ticketed events, so look for details on March 10, 2008 and reserve your space immediately so you aren’t faced with a "sold-out" situation.

The tour will start on May 6, and visit the following cities: Minneapolis, Kansas City, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Los Angeles and San Diego.

They also mentioned that she would not be doing a large signing tour for Breaking Dawn, so if one of these cities is close to you, don’t miss out on a Stephenie sigining experience.


We don’t have this 100% confirmed (an employee leaked it on the IMDB a couple of weeks ago), but Stephenie will probably be at Thanksgiving Point in Utah on May 16th.




  1. 1st post…can’t wait for tour!

  2. none of those cities are close to mine :[

    darn it :[

  3. I wish she would come to Ohio. blah.
    I love her still though.

  4. bomi the greatest twilight fan evaaa says:

    wait what happened to chicago?!?!

  5. Will she be signing for the Twilight Series as well as the Host?

  6. Yeah, are we going to be able to have her sign our twilight books?

  7. bomi the greatest twilight fan evaaa says:


  8. bomi the greatest twilight fan evaaa says:

    all my friends and i were soo excited about her visit to chicago WTF HAPPENED?!?! OH NOOOO

  9. No NY again! The poor East Coast…and me ;-;

  10. and what day and where will she be signing in Kansas City?

  11. laurelflower93 says:

    yay she’s coming to portland! finally!! i’m so happy! πŸ™‚
    and yeah, i have that same question: can we have out twilight books signed?

  12. ha LA AND SAN DEIGO!!??
    SWEET!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  13. yea!!!!!! she is coming close to where i live!!!!!!!!!


  15. Oh, that’s such wonderful news! I had heard earlier that she would most likely be in Minneapolis but it’s so nice to see it confirmed! Now to remember to check her website on a regular basis that week for information on tickets!

  16. bomi the greatest twilight fan evaaa says:

    somebody PLEASE tell me about CHICAGO WUT HAPPENED

  17. Do you know when and where she is going to be in Kansas City?

  18. Dang.
    not in Indiana..

  19. Wha??!?! I thought there was supposed to be one in Chicago? I had already told my mom about it so she could get me it as an early birthday present :'(

  20. bomi the greatest twilight fan evaaa says:

    me too jessi! WTF happened??!!!! now i’m all sad my friends and i already had it all planned out

  21. yay DALLAS!! Finally

    it isnt for the twilight series but some stephenie is better than no stephenie!

  22. SHE’S NOT COMING TO CHICAGO??!! What??!! I thought she was…now I’m sad…:'( I wanted to see her sooooo badly and get The Host signed!!! Sigh…

  23. i’m surprised she’s not comng to D.C.

    awwww man!
    i wanted to see her :[

  24. bomi the greatest twilight fan evaaa says:

    i know crystal i feel your pain πŸ˜€ i sound emo XDXD i’m so sad though about chicago

  25. Why can’t she come to northern California??

  26. Does anyone no onw she is coming to San Diego?

  27. twilightislife says:

    interesting though, how the tour only includes the West and Midwest areas for the most part. NYC, Boston, Chicago, Florida, etc…I am sure with-hold much of the fan population aswell

  28. she will be. the Borders in Orem Utah is telling everyone she will be at thanksgiving point on May 16th.

  29. twilightobsessedddd says:

    NO! What about the east coast? What about all of us New Yorkers, New Englanders, and East-Coasters that want to meet Stephenie Meyer! As Twilightislife said, what about NYC? The North East and East need love too! Argh! I wish I could drive! And I wish that that wasn’t the week of one of my big exams! Arghhhhhh… this is so sad…

  30. twilightobsessedddd:

    i know exactly how you feel.

    the west gets all the fun.

  31. Hehe…Thanksgiving Point is like fifteen minutes away from my house…my friend’s dad works there…

  32. πŸ™ No canada….I was so mad when i found out that she was in toronto on nov 2(my b-day) and I was there the day after.
    If she does a tour for breaking dawn maybe she’ll come back to ontario :D, I can only hope.

  33. I’m so excited that she’s coming near me πŸ˜€ But I’m wondering, like many others, if she’ll be signing the Twilight books too.

  34. “The Host” sounds so awesome- can’t wait to read it!!

    LA is the closest event to me and its 1 hour… Sigh. That’s understandable though- it’s crazy enough for Stephenie to do 10 cities even though it may not seem like a lot.

  35. Edward's Girl says:

    Why don’t any amazing authors ever come to North Carolina. This sucks!!! I wish I still lived in LA : (

  36. nooooooooo!!! why not Florida??? No cool authors come here!!

  37. me and a couple of friends really wanna go when she comes to LA!!! Ahhhh! I want to meet her so bad!

  38. *Sigh*
    It sucks living in a small town in Canada.

  39. Thayet1231 says:

    bomi the greatest twilight fan evaaa: I live near Chicago too! i am so sad that she’s not coming!!! it just broke my heart!

    anyone know what it takes to convince an author (and/or her publicists) that she SHOULD come over to the midwest?

  40. Teresa Cullen says:

    yes! thanksgicing point is so close! YES

  41. Hmph, and now they say she’ll be in Utah on my birthday…how wonderful (not) Erg! Why couldn’t my parents have moved west when I asked them to!

  42. twilightobsessedddd says:

    Let’s protest until they add more places on the tour… such as the North East!

  43. ah theres nothing in pa?!?!?!? nothing even remotely near pa… man that really sucks. does anyone know if she will be at least traveling for breaking dawn at all?

  44. nope, not for breaking dawn, just The Host….. visit her site.

  45. “twilightobsessedddd:

    LetÒ€ℒs protest until they add more places on the tourÒ€¦ such as the North East!”

    I say let’s protest until she tours Canada too, Vancouver especially. -dies-

  46. Not a large signing tour for Breaking Dawn?! Aww, and SM is not coming to Canada for The Host signing. πŸ™

    Buuuuut I did see Ms. Meyer at the Toronto signing last November!! πŸ˜€ A day that I will never forget! I keep my signed books safe on my bookshelf and in my hands when I read the books. Hehehe πŸ™‚

  47. Yes, the poor East Coast, :'( or really just people in CT =]

  48. Oh, and if you’re going for maybes, I was told by someone at the Barnes & Noble at the Mall of America that Stephenie may be there this spring but nothing was set in stone yet–this was 2-3 weeks ago or so.

  49. how are tickets? anybody been to one of her signings? whats the ticket price range?….

  50. as already seems to have been lamented several times…what happened to chicago? :'(

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