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In an attempt to make shopping a little less stressful on everyone, we have set up a store through where you can find all of Stephenie Meyer’s books as well a whole list of other items.  We have music from her playlists, other movies from the actors currently cast in the Twilight film, books that you could read while you wait for Breaking Dawn or The Host to be published, and lots of other fun things for you to choose from.  If the Easter Bunny still visits your house, maybe you could drop a hint and make a wish list for him to shop from.  This is very new and we are still learning our way around.  I’m sure there are lots of products we ahve over looked, but if you have a suggestion for something we missed, e-mail us or leave a comment and let us know what you think we should add.

The Twilight Lexicon Amazon Shop

Have fun shopping!


  1. cool! thanks for all the hard work u guys are putting into the site!! u dont know how much i appreciate it!! = ]

  2. Hey, what a great idea! :]

    I know where I’ll be picking my birthday presents from… ;]

  3. We need the rest of the shadow books in there. Wurthing Heights, Romeo and Juliet, and A Mid Summer Nights Dream.

    I love the Amazon store! Especially the music from Stephenie’s playlist! Talk about one stop shopping!

  4. This is a great idea, can’t wait to shop around!

  5. thans for all the hard work youve done for us!

  6. Dancergirl says:

    I got a gift card from Amazon, i sure know what i’m going to be spending it on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Great idea, thanks!

  8. why don’t you add SM’s amazon list of books you should read into the recommended reading link. it hasn’t been updated for a while but there it is anyway.

    Also for recommended reading try adding the books she has on her myspace books, which include some on her amazon list also.

  9. Fire and Ice says:

    Yay! Can you add a link to the Twilight Lexicon clothes? I think it was Cafepress or something….

  10. WOW! Great idea. I second the thank you for all the hard work you’re doing to make this the BEST website for Twilight lovers!!!
    I do have a side question, if I may. I tried emailing you a question with the email address you provide under “Contact Us”, but it came back undeliverable. Tried it on two different computers. Can you help?

  11. good idea. keep up all the hard work! much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I love the idea of movies the actors have stared in! You should add Grey’s Anatomy Season 3, The Family Stone, and Puccini for Beginners for Esme’s Elizabeth Reaser.

    I dont know if you can do this, but I know that Amazon allows just for specific episode downloads… and Kellan Lutz was in the episode of Heroes “Five Years Gone”

  13. Fire and Ice says:


    I’m not sure if it is authentic…

  14. I would just like to say that you guys are freaking awesome. Great job with the Lexicon (even with the construction!), and now this Amazon shop… I think I speak for all of us Lexiconers when I say thank you guys for all of your hard work and dedication!

  15. This is great. I probably won’t buy anything, but it’s a great wish list for me . ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Eeeekkk! How fun! Thank you!

  17. You’re kidding me? We’ve got yet another seven names for Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, which has one of the largest cast listings I have ever seen. Billy Burke (Untraceable), Taylor Lautner, Christian Serratos, Edi Gathegl (Crank), Rachel Lefevre, Sarah Clark and Gregory Tyree Boyce will join the previously announced cast in the vampire film shooting February 25 in Oregon. Plans for a sequel are already in the works. The film is about a high school girl named Bella falls in love with a vampire. The new couple leads a rival vampire clan to pursue them and attempt to force her to decide if she, too, wishes to become one of the undead.

  18. Isn’t it great? We have more cast news!

  19. im gonna keep this simple …
    thanks you guys are aweseome

  20. If this info is true than I think Taylor Lautner is Jacob.
    I need a moment to digest this.

  21. Excellent idea ladies, i’m loving it, i notice lots of MCR merchandise but i thought i’d let you know (and i don’t know how this would work in relation to (official muse site) has a lot of similar merchandise such as belts, bags, tshirts and badges.
    i’m really impressed with the layout of the shop though, and i love the book recommendations!!!!

  22. Thanks again for enhancing our Twilight experience! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. great! thanks so much! Lovin’ the Lex..

  24. I love how you guys always keep us blood thirsty fans happy.
    I am very grateful.
    Thank you!

  25. u should add lords of dogtown, it is directed by catherine whatever her last name is. lol. and nikki reed’s in it. its an awesome movie

  26. i think this is an excellent idea! But could you add the eclipse special edition to the list of books? It would be great lol.

    Also, does anyone know if or when the special edition will be made available in the UK? i already have two copies of each (but 1 lot are signed!), but i really want it! (i’m selling one eclipse to my friend tomorrow, so that makes me slightly less obsessive…guilty shuffle)

  27. hiiii :]]] ilike this i cant wait omg!! yyayyy!!!

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