More Casting News is reporting another seven names added to the ever growing cast list for Twilight the movie.  Billy Burke, Taylor Lautner, Christian Serratos(EDIT CONFIRMED AS ANGELA), Edi Gathegl, Rachel Lefevre, Sarah Clark and Gregory Tyree Boyce have joined the cast.  At this time we are uncertain of who is playing who, and I think we have all learned that speculation only leads to problem.  Once we know the characters they will play, we will let you know.

Credit goes to Kellie for the heads up on this one!



  1. ecilipse1400 says:

    Could Taylor be Jacob? He’s cute but he’s to young don’t ya’ll think? All this casting gives me a headache but its so exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. oh yeah and Christian has got to be Angela

  3. There is a rumor that Edi is playing Laurent….strange…
    But it’s just a rumor, so none of us know anything ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. ecilipse1400 says:

    You never know. Rumors have a way of coming true

  5. la tua cantate says:

    I forgot to add that I am Extremely happy that this movie will have a big selection of all types of people with different nationalities!!!

  6. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I think Billy Burke is going to be Charlie and Sarah Clark as Bella’s mom. Maybe, just a guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. edwardssinger says:

    please please PLEASE DONT HAVE TAYLOR BE JACOB!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  8. Hayley:

    I think:

    Sarah Clarke will be Renee

    I agree with Hayley for sure on this one!

  9. the lion and the lamb says:

    the website only has 3 people for the cast. It only has bella, edward, and eric posted.

  10. the lion and the lamb says:

    I don’t think nikki reed is pretty enough to play rosalie……..

  11. Taylor = Jacob. And I’m glad they have Eli — I am a HUGE House fan!

  12. the lion and the lamb says:

    another flame removed…I think I need a hose

  13. the lion and the lamb says:

    and now you are banned because you are really being annoying

  14. to “the lion and the lamb”, imdb is always really slow with posting information about movies. don’t go there for affirmation for anything, they’re always the last to find things out.

  15. ClumsyLove540 says:

    I have googled all of the actors/actresses and read the other comments here on twilightlexicon, and this is what I think (btw this is my first comment here – GO TWILIGHT! =D)

    Billy – Laurent, Charlie, or Phil
    Taylor – Jacob, Tyler, or a younger Quileute boy
    Christian – Angela
    Edi – someone said Laurent is now African American
    Rachelle – Victoria (I thought this was already confirmed….)
    Sarah – Renee
    Gregory – you tell me!!! lol


  16. omg ! i think taylor is gonna be jake !
    i cant believe it ! no offense but he looks hotter than edward!
    please let it be him !

  17. the lion and the lamb says:

    i don’t get how this is going to work…..the vampires aren’t supposto age but the actors will and eventully they will be too old to play the part. i hope they don’t have a different cast for every movie!

  18. jacob needs love too says:

    go there to see another picture of taylor.
    i can see him as jacob, so maybe he is?
    haha…for new moon they’ll make him take steroids…
    haha just kidding.

  19. Edi has a very small role in the movie “Gone Baby Gone”. He’s a little creepy in the movie and I think he’ll do just fine as Laurent.

  20. the lion and the lamb says:

    Flame removed by mod.  You don;t have to like everything but you can stay on topic and say it diplomatically.

  21. the lion and the lamb…please be nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. people please stop witht he complaints until you’ve seen the actual movie, I really have high hopes that the movie will do the book justuce yes some of the actor are nothing like I imagined the characters but I have faith that it won’t be dissapointing once I see it, so please I’m happy with everything so far but some of these comments “lion and the lamb” are kinda ruining my excitement. And if you guys google taylor you’ll find more recent pics of him where he doesnt look so young. So enough with the complaints

  23. the lion and the lamb:
    Calm down! It sounds as though Summit has plans to continue the movies so I’m sure they’ll start filming New Moon soon after Twilight, if it does well. They have makeup in Hollywood and you probably won’t even notice if the actors aged a few years

  24. the lion and the lamb says:

    I wonder how they are going to make the werewolfs in mew moon and eclipse…

  25. JacobLover says:

    I’m very exciting and happy!!!
    all this actors are perfect

  26. jacob needs love too says:

    they have more pictures of people with cast members,
    and the last picture shown is old trucks!!! (aka, bella’s red noisy beast of a truck)

    and i think that Sarah Clark will play Renee

  27. Sara (Yes theres more then one of us) says:

    Gregory Tyree Boyce is most probly Jacob and Taylor could be Sam? Vise versa?xD, just a guess…

    Billy is most probly Charlie
    Rachelle IS Victoria
    Christina most probly is Lauren
    Sarah is probly Renee and
    Edi is ALMOST definetly Laurent (Thans to the WONDERFUL Twilightmoms :D)

  28. la tua cantate says:

    to Eclipse 1400:
    Jacob does look young in those pictures above,but i found a few more on a different site and he looks even older in those…in one he even had his shirt open and even had a six pack. ha ha was kind of funny cause he still looked young,but not as young as above. it might have been on teen idols .com but i dont remember.
    hmm i wonder if christian is angela..i always pictured her like
    Leelee Sobieski,you know the nerdy blonde friend on Never been kissed.
    Sarah Clark is ADORABLE..i wonder if she will be BELLAS MOM!!!!!! I can totally see it!! can anyone else?

  29. If Taylor Lautner is playing younger Jacob, I approve! Look at that pinchable baby face!

  30. Hey guys do u know where i can find what breaking dawn is going to be about? and i so can’t wait till midnight sun comes out!

  31. Robert looks tired in those pics! Ha ha! But still hot!

  32. I think its funny that someone said they can picture Sarah Clark as Renee because she looks like a sweet mom, you probably haven’t watched 24 in which Sarah was a ruthless terrorist. She is an amazing actress though, and i took pictured her as Bella’s mom.

    Speaking of casting decisions, three previous OC cast members have been cast, and now two 24 actors. I wonder if any other casting connections can be made

  33. the lion and the lamb-
    that conversation was about 5 posts ago
    and you dont have to bash every one who you think isnt right for the part
    theyve already been cast so just deal with it
    it doesnt matter what they look like in three pictures
    and theyll look different in action
    as long as theyre good actors its fine

  34. Thank you Sam… Remember no flaming ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I am seeing a Jacob Black.[=
    Charlie Swan.[=
    Renee Dwyer.[=

    And well I don’t know the other two, but I want to.
    So excited.

  36. we aren’t supposed to speculate on who is playing who (or is it whom? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) But, it sure is fun! How can we not??

  37. Teresa Cullen says:

    Billy Burke: Charlie!
    Taylor Lautner: JACOB!
    Christian Serratos: Angela? Lauren?
    Edi Gathegi: Laurent!
    Sarah Clarke: Renee!
    Gregory Tyree Boyce: no idea?


  38. I bet that Taylor kid is Jacob.

  39. This is all so exciting! But does anyone know who Gregory Tyree Boyce is? I tried to google him but had no luck.

  40. Holy cow. Charlie is…HOT!? Not even close to the guy in my head but that’s fine with me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I love Sarah for Renee, I think she’s perfect.

  41. bella_edward says:

    I think that Taylor is Jacob. He’s just turned 16 years old – so he’s around the same age as Jacob – and I don’t know if he’s Native American or not, but he kind of looks like it. And he’s a cutie! I think he’d be a great Jake.

  42. Renae Darko says:

    The billy guy is WAY to young to be charlie. No offense but is there any body in Twilight that is black?

  43. Sarah Clarke could be Renee, maybe? Taylor Lautner could be Jacob, although I have to say if he is, I’m a little disapointed. Sure, girls mature at a faster rate than boys, but that guy looks about eleven! I was thinking Christian somethingomething could be Emily or Leah. Edi Gathegi I have no idea – what does he look like to you? I couldn’t find anything for Tyree what’s-his-name, so I’m hoping HE’S the Jacob they found in the open casting call.

  44. testing

  45. Kristina Cullen says:

    Christian Serratos: Angela or Lauren, but probably Angela
    Billy Burke: has to be Charlie.
    Taylor Lautner: probably Jacob.
    Edi Gathegi: maybe Laurent.
    Sarah Clarke: has to be Renee.
    Gregory Tyree Boyce: tried googling him but i couldn’t find him, does anyone here know who he is?

  46. MissmyEdward says:

    I don’t mean this offensively AT ALL, but…vampires are pale, aren’t they? and Edi Gathegal is african american,isn’t he? Sooo,he can’t be a vampire, can he? I dunno; correct me if I’m wrong.

  47. Christian: My bets are that she could be Angela.
    Billy: I heard that it’s confirmed, or pretty much confirmed that he’s Charlie
    Taylor: my bets are he’s Jake.
    Edi: Maybe Laurent….
    Sarah: I thought…Renee when I saw her.
    idk about the other guy, did try to google him though.

  48. OH= I WANT TO KNOW WHO IS JACOB!!!!!!!!!

  49. The Weasel says:

    I hate to break it to everyone who keeps saying Billy Burke is too young to be Charlie. Charlie is NOT VERY OLD. Read the Character Bio on this website. He was born in 1964 that makes him late thirties, maybe forty when Twilight took place a few years ago. Billy Burke was born in 1966. That’s only two years later. He’s not too young. Charlie isn’t some frumpy old balding grey haired man.

  50. OMG…I think I’m gonna die of excitement…can’t wait to see who is who!!! I think if I did die of a heart failure I would come back just to see the movie!!! lol ๐Ÿ˜€

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