The host and tour information

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!

The Prologue and Chapter 4 of The Host are now available on Stephenie’s Website.  Also there is a 10 city tour planned for The Host.  This informaiton can be found on The Host Index

The cities listed are:


San Diego

Portland, OR


Salt Lake City





Kansas City

As soon as we get dates and locations we will let you know.

When the forums reopen we will have a Host Forum.   



  1. I hope she one day comes to the UK again. I didn’t get to see her when she came here in October. Sucks.

  2. dragon-girl says:

    I can’t see anything when I click on the link! πŸ™
    It’s all just blank pages.
    Any help?

  3. Austin, yes!
    Only an hour away.

  4. HAHA I love the new picture.
    The Host invading.. hilarious. πŸ˜›

  5. YAY! SALT LAKE CITY IS AN HOUR AWAY!!1!one!!eleven!!

  6. Who wants to hit up Salt Lake with me?!?! Or Portland maybe?!? Or both?!?!

  7. Oh and the animation at the top of the page is really cute!

  8. LA wohoo! Would it be considered rude to bring my Twilight Series for her to sign….

  9. NO VEGAS!!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  10. Aw man…hopefully she’ll come to my city again when Breaking Dawn comes out… πŸ™

    By the way, I love the banner at the top with the space ships…That’s great!! πŸ™‚

  11. So excited! depending on when it is, I might be at the Kansas City one. AHHH! XD

  12. Ahhh she’s finally coming to HOUSTON!!!
    I’m so excited!!

  13. I read the excerpts from The Host, and it was a really interesting read. =)

    Ughh, she’s not coming anywhere near where I live. =(

  14. Right now I’m still so in love with the Twilight series I can’t think of reading another book……

  15. Kristina Cullen says:

    What? No Boston? πŸ™
    Hope she’s coming here when Breaking Dawn is out.

  16. Yeah! She is coming to Houston.

  17. I dont live in the U.S.:angry:

  18. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    Hey, what about the East Coast or the South? There are a lot of fans down here in Atlanta!!

  19. Thanks for keeping us up to date… I love the love the Lexicon is showing for The Host on the main page… haha! πŸ™‚

  20. I am so disappointed, I cannot access the pdf file. I keep getting the error “bad encrypt dictionary”.
    Anyone know if this is on my computer or if Seth’s file is bad?

  21. Seriously, the east coast is feeling very neglected! Just because we live in the South doesn’t mean we don’t like to read…how about some representation!

  22. i am so happy because I dont like the host….haha ….TWILIGHT is NO.1!!! and it should stay….i find that host really boring….I LOVE ONLY TWILIGHT ….(Sorry Steph…) =)

  23. no clue. mine downloads it but all that comes up are blank pages every time! help!?!?!

  24. yay!!! she is comign to Denver! And the first Chapter is REALLY good! yay!

  25. Wow. I thought the exerpt was great. You can really see the progression in her writing and it’s fabulous. I can’t wait to read the rest.

    For those of you having trouble with the file, you could always try uninstalling Adobe and then downloading the most up to date version. Good luck!

  26. Better than Eclipse… and now it won’t load. All I get are white pages. Lameness. Now I’m going to be refreshing that page all day.

  27. *prods Ann so we can hit up SLC together* πŸ˜€

  28. Aw, she’s not coming to Massachusetts!

    But that’s okay, because i’ve already bought a signed copy from the Changing Hands bookstore πŸ˜‰

  29. Noo!
    Come to St. Louis, Stephenie!!!


  31. Jackson Rathbone as Jasper…no way, he looks like such a baby! Not what I was expecting at all…

  32. Really?
    I think he’ll do okay…but I’ll MISS TRENT!

  33. ooer! Hes a good Jasper…but kind of baby-ish :S

    ahh.. Im so looking forward to the rest of the host!!
    please please please come to england stephenie!! πŸ˜›

  34. Also, one other thing that I’ve noticed after IMDB’ing all of the cast, almost all of them made an appearance the OC at one point…is this a coincidence or what? And I’m still kind of upset about Jasper, he’s cute but he looks so scrawny and young, not what a vampire is supposed to be at all!

  35. Yeah…Jasper is more of a subdued character…
    He’s got some potential, though…

  36. it’s really good, i think!

  37. Hmmmmmm, I think he’s adorable!

  38. Jackson Rathbone seems alright.
    Not exactly what I pictured Jasper to be but, eh.
    He’ll just need to work out a bit.

    And yes, I’ve notice “The OC” trend…

  39. We are checking out the validity of the information now. As soon as we have it varified we will post it.

  40. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    I really like how The Host is written differently than the Twilight series– it’s still narrated in first person, but it’s done in the present tense.

    Also, I can absolutely see Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. Just picture him in a Confederate Soldier uniform. πŸ˜‰

  41. Love the front graphic change today, guys. So cute and creative! Great job to whoever did that. πŸ™‚

  42. Elizabeth, I couldn’t agree more. Don’t you just love a man in uniform…:)

  43. Ann–

    I’ll come to Portland with you!!

    Just as long as I get to *accidentaly* make a side trip to Forks…

    And who’s playing Jasper again?

    Why isn’t Steph coming to the East coast?

    Where’s my straitjacket?

    *looks around*


    uhh… don’t ask me why I’m completely random…but you know it’s awsome.


  44. That excerpt was amazing!! I am so excited for the book!!! I think I might head up to Salt Lake City to meet her!!!!! Yea!

  45. The little spaceship thing at the top of the page is amazing. πŸ˜€

  46. Hmmm..I’d say Jackson Rathbone isn’t..long enough. Does that make sense? I pictured Jasper as long, tall. Yeah.

  47. eskaybe…you mean to say that he isn’t (what’s the word?? Gah!) …angular enough? Yes, that’s the word.
    Like I said…I’ll miss Trent Ford. He was perfect for the part.

  48. It’s a shame she is not coming to the East Coast.

  49. I looked up Trent Ford, and yes, he is someone I could see in the Jasper role. He looks older than 15 which is a plus that this other kid does not have. I have been very positive about all the casting choices up to this point, and I know that when I read the books I have my own vision of the characters…but Jasper is nothing what I imagined. I really think its just how young he seems to look, but again trying to say positive, maybe after some pushups and some make up miracles he can do Jasper justice

  50. I suppose, Trig. But still. ARGH!

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