Even more cast members announced

I have confirmation on a variety of other cast members from a reliable source. I know there are a million rumors circulating out there about other parts, but since I have no credible confirmation, I am not posting other names at this time.

Again, keeping out site policy in mind, you don’t have to like a particular actor.  However, if you are going to critique this actor on this website, it has to do with their performing abilities and not the fact that they have "The wrong color hair, eyes, a tan, are short…" or any other number of superficial things make-up, lighting, and a good camera angle can solve.

Elizabeth Reaser                 Esme
Ashley Greene         Alice
Nikki Reed                Rosalie
Peter Facinelli        Carlisle

Rachel Lefevre        Victoria

Photo line-up by TwilightObsessed who rocks for working this fast.  Stand by tomorrow when a we feature some banners and avatars featuring new cast members.


  1. o and alice is coming in really good for a 2nd

  2. cné says:

    Wow this is soooooo exciting, the only thing is i dont think carlisle is gorgous enough, and that alice is 5’5 cause she is suposed to be 4’11, YIKES well she DEFINATLY looks the part 🙂 and i am really happy with all the casting so far.


  3. Ladies…

    Nikki Reed is in so many of Catherine’s movies because she is her STEP-DAUGHTER!

    Kind of saw that coming. Still can’t decide how I feel about it. Not the biggest Nikki fan in the world, but I don’t know, I’d love for her to surprise me.

    THRILLED about Esme!

  4. EEK!

    Just finished surfing around the web, and came to the conclusion that, yes, they are all acceptable, making me mucho mucho excited! Especially Alice- she couldn’t of been more exact.
    The ONLY one I’ll have to get used to is Rosalie. Hopefully they dye her hair soon, or I’ll just be twitching throughout the whole film, knowing it wasn’t right. BUT, besides the point, I’m happy. 🙂

  5. Kristina_Rose says:

    Esme and Victoria are perfection. And I’ve already promised one of my friends that I will not freak out over hair color of length. *Takes deep calming breaths and murmurs imagine her blond and you’ll be fine Kristina.”

  6. Mrs_Topaz_Eyes says:

    Dude. The girl they casted for Alice is PERFECT. TOTALLY PERFECT–but even if she wasn’t…I wouldn’t care.
    I just screamed and got yelled at by my sister because she thought…well…yeah…
    But I totally just screamed really loud and my throat hurts.
    Why haven’t they announced any of the other cast on SM’s website?

  7. Doesn’t Elizabeth Reaser play Ava on Grey’s Anatomy? I really hate that character! Hopefully she’ll be able to mom it up. I’m in love with who they picked for Alice though!

  8. Alice and Esme are wonderful!!!!
    Rosalie- i will always picture her as Olivia Wilde, but we’ll see what happens after makeup.
    The first time i looked at the list i thought that it said “charlie” instead of “carlisle” and i was really confused, but now it makes more sense lol

    very excited to see the rest of the cullens, and of course, jacob

  9. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Like OMG they look like alot like them! Their doing a great job with the cast, but please I need info on the Cullen boys. 🙂 I hope their cute and hot. Still i wish i could be in that movie.

  10. Eeep! =D
    Love the choice for Esme!
    Carlisle – not so much.. Hopefully he is a good actor!
    I can’t really visualize Nikki Reed with blonde hair. Hm.
    Oh well..
    Now i’m even more psyched for the film! XD

  11. ahhhh i love the choice for esme!!!

    oh and i am a HUGE oc fan, so i’m excited for rosalie and james… lol

    i can’t wait… ALL STAR CAST!

  12. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Holy crow i skiped Carlisle picture well he is not my first choice for him but hey Hollywood can do anything! 🙂



  15. Aren’t there any Fastlane fans out there? I LOVED Peter Facinelli in that show!! Very Sexy! Carlisle will be a completely different role for him, I can’t wait to see him pull it off. As if I wasn’t excited enough for this movie! And I have to agree with all of you – Esme, Alice, and Victoria are great! Rosallie not quite what I pctured, but looks aren’t everything. Can’t wait – 10 months and counting! Yippee!!

  16. VampireLoverxoxo says:

    This is pretty awesome, and I love who is picked for Victoria 😀

  17. twilight's_charm [[eternitys_charm]] says:

    hmph. not very fond of either of them. but i guess i have to suck it up. it’s official

  18. Been waiting for this for a long time! Wooh! I really like Alice but that’s about it, I’m afraid. The others….I’m not so sure about it. So…yeah I’m not a hater, just one person who doesn’t absolutely ADORE the cast.

  19. Yes! we finally know!!! thanks pel for letting us know about the cast!!! u guys rule!

  20. Wow so it is official. Holy crap! Thnx for confirming now I know it’s true!

  21. edwardluvr says:

    I really like the Esme and Alice they our super pretty i think they’ll do a great job!
    and nikki read with blonde hair she will probably do great! she just needs to be paler o and the victoria is beautiful she is very cat like!

    but he carlisle is not my favorite o well i have to see how well he does in the movie b4 i judge him?

  22. twilight's_charm [[eternitys_charm]] says:


  23. purple..no really.. says:

    HN!!!(HOLY NUGGETS)I cant believe how perfect alice is. she is so stunning and esme is just perfectly angelic, just like any mother who is a vampire..wink.wink…. I just cant wait to find out who Jasper and Jake will be, but with things moving along so fast im sure that we’ll find out anyday. The only question is will i survive after all these happy attacks? i mean i dont know how much excitement a body can take…THANKS TWILIGHTLEXICON!!!!!!!!

  24. Great choices! A little to unsure about Nikki Reed…definitely not the way I pictured her, but whatever.

  25. I think they did an excellent job except for Carlisle he just doesn’t look like Carlisle. Doesn’t Carlisle have blonde hair? Oh well can’t wait for Jasper and Jake and Emmett!!

  26. “Not only is she only cast in this movie because Catherine Hardwicke casts her in EVERYTHING, but she doesn’t fit Rosalie’s character at all. I don’t think she has the talent or the dedication to pull it off at all.” – Natalie

    Not to be rude to Rosalie…but I personally think it takes VERY little talent to pull off a snotty drama queen (which is what Rosalie is in Twilight) so a very undedicated talentless person would work because it’s not like they need her to perform an oscar worthy sob scene…she just has to snarl and give Bella dirty looks which Nikki seems to be the kind of girl who can pull it off. Not to mention she is BEAUTIFUL, so if she just stands there with an ugly look on her face it would work. I think everyone so far is perfect! The only iffy person is Carlisle because I have always pictured him as heath ledger :[ but he is dead….

  27. Nikki is gorgeous, just not Rosalie-gorgeous. Two different types of ‘beautiful’.

  28. yah but whos playing jacob?!

    oh i think the dude playing carlisle is prefect

  29. Lol, for some reason I had a feeling that another person from The OC was going to be on Twilight. I like most of the roles, except for Carlise. I think Cam and Peter should switch, although Cam looks to young to be with Ashley.

  30. Lmao, I just love the fact that Ashley who plays Alice, came from Jacksonville.

  31. I really like the choice for alice!!..
    i’m hoping Peter Facinelli will do
    he wasn’t exactly my idea of a
    carlisle! but he was chosen for a reason!
    …so far i’m impressed with summits choices!
    someone who can! needs to tell summit GOOD JOB!

  32. Dancergirl says:

    *Screams for joy*
    I’m so excited! I can’t wait for the movie! ok, now i’m going to Google them. 🙂

  33. jacob needs love too says:

    this is exciting.
    i can’t wait to see how this turns out.
    all of the special effects will only make it more amazing.
    this truly seems promising.

  34. Is tom welling an option for emmet cullen?

  35. i could kiss these casting directors right now! I’M SO HAPPY!!!

  36. this made me day!!! i went away from the computer for only 30 minutes because i’ve been checking for updates all day on here and suddenly my mom is like “christina, they cast the cullens!” and my eyes went like wide open, my face went red, and i was like OMG!!! OMG!#$@# and jumping up and down and i was like this is a dream come true hahahah i was so excited to come on here with my mom and see who the characters are going to be. i ran to my mom’s office and we both looked up the characters because we weren’t familiar with some of them and we love who they picked! my favorite is alice! she looks so like i imagined her! the only one i don’t really like is rosalie but hey, we’re not supposed to like her in the movie! she’s rosalie! lol but i still think she’ll be good. i like all the casting and now i just can’t wait for jasper and emmett!! yayyy 😀 thank you twilightlexiconn! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  37. Three cheers for Pels wonderful husband 🙂

    Wow thanks for the update Pel. Sorry that you have to put up with silly people’s rubbish 🙁

    They all seem great but for once i have to admit…i am really not sure about Rosalie…i thought she had blonde hair, blue eyes…and i understand about the hair and makeup concept but i’m just really surprised at who they have cast…saying that i dont know much about the actress except for thirteen so she is most likely going to be great…im just a little shocked!
    I love who they have cast as alice…she looks perfectly like Alice 🙂

  38. I like it
    well I’m 4/5
    Carlisle is not how i pictured him but maybe with makeup and
    cough died hair cough
    But yeah can’t wait for
    hmmm Jasper Emmet
    and Laurent
    Oh and Angela?
    Oh and Jacob okay I’m going to stop typing and submit this now

  39. i meant to put made my* day. hahaha i was typing so fast. some of the characters i didn’t imagine to look that way but once i looked them all up i think they’ll all be amazing! i love the cast i can’t wait for the restttt 😀

  40. WOW, as this movie is progressing, I am beginning to feel truly more thankful. I am just so happy that Summit and Catherine, and producers, ect. are taking the time to get the characters right, or atleast mighty close to the descriptions. See, and a lot of us were worried…

    The only thing left I really see being an issue is (of course announcing the final characters) the script. I’m just hoping they took dialogue from the book. The way Edward (and their romance too) speaks is so old-fashioned. I hope they don’t take the story and turn it into a modern teen drama, no matter how modern the story is. Ya know what I mean?

  41. Thanks for keeping us updated and running strong (Pel and 24601–by the way, love the name!)!! Pel, for all those lousy emails you’ve been getting just know there are bunches of us out here who appreciate your hard work!

  42. STACY-

    omg, that’s hilarious!! thanks for pointing that out!

  43. Wow! Looks amazing. The guy who plays Carlisle is a vegetarian! That makes my day.
    Lotsa love, TL, you guys are the best ever!

  44. the classier and ADULT thing to do would have been to email us and ask!

    Much classier and more adult than throwing a fit over it on the main page of this site, making it into an even bigger and more public deal than it was to begin with.

  45. OH! They are all great! Alice in particular is gorgeous! Really really really good choices! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Cullens! Go Casting people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!!!

  46. Megan_0123 says:

    I LOVE the cast!! I’m so excited now!! Some are not what I imagined…..but that’s why its called “imagination”….Anyways, my favorites are Esme (I am also a fan of her on Grey’s Anatomy) and Alice is perfect!

    Thanks Lexicon! Ya’ll are great!

  47. lol! stacy i agree thats funny 😀 Peter(carlisle) is vegetarian. yayy ahah

  48. Many thanks to your husband Pel, for all his hard work. (and Les Mis?)

  49. I was actually giving little high-pitched screams of joy at the sight of this. Seriously, I must have broken seven windows… *eyes shatterings on ground*

    OK, that’s it: Catherine Hardwicke, I hope you’re reading this: I love you. Alice is just beyond words perfect-o, Victoria is brilliant, and I’m just rolling around in catnip at who they chose for Esme! She has the whole motherly kind-but-firm thing going on, and of course, beautiful. Carlisle was the only one I’m a bit iffy on, but I just can’t help I have this perfect, crystal-clear mental image of him, so I suppose that’s just my fault. As long as he can act the part, I have no complaints.

    *gives another squeal* Catherine, did I mention I love you?

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