Even more cast members announced

I have confirmation on a variety of other cast members from a reliable source. I know there are a million rumors circulating out there about other parts, but since I have no credible confirmation, I am not posting other names at this time.

Again, keeping out site policy in mind, you don’t have to like a particular actor.  However, if you are going to critique this actor on this website, it has to do with their performing abilities and not the fact that they have "The wrong color hair, eyes, a tan, are short…" or any other number of superficial things make-up, lighting, and a good camera angle can solve.

Elizabeth Reaser                 Esme
Ashley Greene         Alice
Nikki Reed                Rosalie
Peter Facinelli        Carlisle

Rachel Lefevre        Victoria

Photo line-up by TwilightObsessed who rocks for working this fast.  Stand by tomorrow when a we feature some banners and avatars featuring new cast members.


  1. So these ARE the actors?


  2. Yeah I’ve know this for a few hours already..but hearing it here just confirms it to me. SO THANKS!

  3. Edited by pel: The source wishes to be unnamed on this site.

  4. p3rfume - stephanie says:

    Nikki Reed is in every single one of Catharine Hardwicke’s good movies, she was in Lords of Dogtown and Thirteen; her being cast is not a huge surpise, and she does have that Rosalie-type ego. I don’t know of any of the other actresses though.

  5. omg im so looking them up right now!
    i am insanely excited and completly dreaing the fact that they are making a movie!
    i just really hope they dont ruin it or make a buch of fake fans out there to lazy or dont care to read the book! love it to much

  6. Nikki Reed? I guess that makes sense since she was in Catherine Hardwicke’s movie Thirteen, but she’s not what I imagined as Rosalie..

    google time!

  7. I am so excited for ALICE!!!

  8. ah finally, confirmed by the lexicon. i think i should start believing now. thanks!

  9. The Weasel says:

    I’m not going to clutter up the boards with my negative opinions or kick and scream and whine like some people. However, I do want to say, I’m pleased with the choice for Alice. I can’t wait to see if they’re gonna go with the short spikey hair from the books or keep her long natural hair and honestly, I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t, her face is what matters most to me (and acting ability which I cannot comment on since I’ve never seen her in anything).

  10. blackskies says:

    I absolutely LOVE the choice for Victoria, even if she’s not that important in this movie.

    The Cullens are also chosen well too- and I think they’ll look more… Culleni-sh? once we can see actual stills of the movie, with perfect lighting and makeup. The actress that is playing Esme is my favorite out of those.

    If these really are the people playing the characters, I’m totally satisfied. No one an fit everyone’s vision of a character, after all.

    I’m SO excited.

  11. Amber, the Waitress says:


  12. p3rfume - stephanie says:

    I’m 5/5 for these actresses based on looks.

    Now to find their best movie to rent and critique their acting abilties… any suggestions?

  13. im sorry and i know you have no say but omg i dont like any of them! and i cant really recall any movies they have been in even after searching their imbd!

  14. I LOVE the Esme actress. All of the parts are great, but especially Victoria. It’s like they stole her out from my mind. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. vampires_4_ever_1104 says:

    I LOVE their picks for Alice and Victoria- they totally capture what I was thinking in my mind as I was reading.

  16. you can find rachel in an episode of charmed

  17. Her name is RACHELLE Lefevre, not Rachel, which you would have known if you didn’t directly lift this info from twilightmoms.com without credit.


    ** We actually didn’t LIFT this from anywhere we confirmed with a source the details a source that actually contacted us first.  SO please take your negativity elsewhere and stop assuming.

  18. OMG! The Cullens!
    I absolutely love their choices for Alice and Victoria- it’s scary how similar they look to the images in my head.
    The other two… I’m ok with them. It will just take more time to wrap my mind around those choices.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy!

  19. I love them….except for Rosalie…..not what i wanted her to be although she is a very talented actress..!!
    Alice=GORGEOUS!!!! vampire is written all over her!
    Carlisle=Very good looking, not what i imagined but he passes!
    Esme=very motherly like, although i imagined her a teewid younger, oh wel!
    Victoria=Love her, but imagined her to be a little older….dunno why!
    BUT I am very Happy with cast! *cough* except Rosalie *cough*

  20. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    I think each one of those actors looks like a great fit for the characters. They are lesser known; however, I think that will make for a better movie;).

  21. Victoria is stunning. As for the others, apart from Bella and Edward, I’ve never felt that Twilight needed a photo-accurate cast. Alice can have long hair and Rosalie can be a brunette all they want as long as they can act, as far as I’m concerned.

  22. COmments removed because on this site the source asked to be unnamed

  23. Wow. This entire cast so far seems like it’s going to be WONDERFUL. I haven’t seen any of the movies or anything except for Esme’s actress because I’m a Grey’s fan. However, based on looks all of these people seem great! I love the one for Alice! EXACTLY how I pictured her! =D

  24. Claire Ateara says:

    I think they’re all WONDERFUL!!! I can’t wait to see them in movie make-up and hair! Triple YAY!!!

  25. I had to laugh that the guy playing Carlisle is a “vegetarian.” Ha!

  26. yay! I’m happy with all the choices. SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE!

    Emmett, Jasper, Jacob, Charlie… hmmmm?

  27. p3rfume - stephanie says:

    Alright as I have looked a little more at the actors themselves and their work, I have come to realize that I know many of them, I guess I was getting a little ahead of myself =P

    Here are my suggestions for movies that you should watch with the actors in them.

    Nikki Reed: Thirteen
    Elizabeth Reaser: Family Stone
    Peter Facinelli: Foxfire (he’s a minor character and a VERY young example of him, but it is an amazing movie altogether)

  28. I LOVE Esme & Alice (but i do think that have to give Alice the short spikey do as it fits in with her past at the asylum – back then they kept patients hair short)

    The others are not really how i pictured them, but Im sure they will be great anyway

  29. LOVE Alice & Victoria’s pretty good too.
    But Cam and Peter need to switch roles :/

  30. For some odd reason, I had victoria in my mind looking like my uncles ex-girlfriend. Totally random, I know, but personally I think this is a really good cast so far. Back to Kristen Stewart, I remember seeing her in Panic Room and even though The Messengers was a terribly plotted movie, she was really good in that movie. And of course, I have always been a fan of Harry Potter and I thought Robert Pattinson did a good job there too. Catherine Hardwicke just doesn’t seem like the type to just throw a movie out there because she can and I think shes going to do a really good job with it. But I also find it ironic that in The Land Of Women Kristen Stewart’s name was Lucy Hardwicke….haha. What a coincidence.
    And last but not least, my favorite choice out of the new 5 would have to be Esme. I love her character so much but Rosalie comes in a close second. Haha. Weird combo, I know.

  31. Wow I hope they start breaking out the blonde hair dye.
    Please let them dye the hair please! then all will be fine.
    P.S. Perfect Alice!

  32. jaxtheduck says:

    I love the choices for Alice and Esme. They are so beautiful, they are perfect. This is going to be a good movie.

  33. CastMeNotAway says:

    I can live with those choices! I approve (and we all know that MY approval is of the most important when it comes to casting ๐Ÿ˜› )

    Now we just need Jasper, Emmett, and Jake!

  34. Pineappl92 says:

    WOAH! Thank you for posting it!

  35. My God.
    I went into a coughing fit when I first laid eyes on this announcement. Man, I love the Lexicon. You guys are TOO good to us.

  36. bellawannabe620 says:


    this is so awesomeeeee

  37. i LOVE the actress for alice, she is stunning!! oh and victoria is soo pretty! they did an awesome job. except i pictured rosalie differently but thats okay

  38. OK…Esme, Alice, and Victoria are PERFECT. Huge mistake on Carlisle and Rosalie!!

  39. OH MY GOSH! I can see it.
    I am loving the Alice choice.
    She reminds me a lot of her.
    And Esme, yes, Carlisle, kind of…
    But I am sure he will do fine. [=
    Rosalie, imagining her with blonde hair… yes.
    Victoria, she doesn’t look that evil, but I am happy with her.
    I am soo excited now.
    But seriously, it is like they cannot decide who JAsper is. Or hiding it. I NNNNNNEEEEEEDDDDDDD to know who is playing him. In a real big kind of way, ya know?
    I am sooo exicted.

  40. I am SO happy with the casting! They did an amazing job and I am thrilled! I can’t wait to see the movie!!! Thanks Lexi’s!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  41. Thank you for posting this! I’m very excited to see Elizabeth Reaser as Esme especially, because I loved her on Grey’s Anatomy.

  42. -screams- carlisle and alice are perfect!

  43. btw the guy who plays carlisle is a vegetarian in real life. thats hilarious.

  44. Words can’t express how disappointed I am. I am not familiar with the majority of the actors, and I would never have thought to cast Elizabeth Reaser in Esme’s role (but I think it’s fitting now that I think about it), but Nikki Reed? Absolutely unacceptable.

    Not only is she only cast in this movie because Catherine Hardwicke casts her in EVERYTHING, but she doesn’t fit Rosalie’s character at all. I don’t think she has the talent or the dedication to pull it off at all.

  45. I love the choice for Esme! She was great on Grey’s Anatomy and in the Family Stone. I like all the others as well, even though I have seen very little of their work.

  46. no emmett? he and alice were the once i was excited about, but mostly alice… so i’m satiated.

  47. I love all of the people they have chosen. I am sure they are all going to do a wonderful job. Carlisle is exactly what I imagined. Victoria is perfect. I cannot wait for this movie and the last book.

  48. Yaaay!
    These are my favorite actors they’ve chosen so far!

  49. so far victoria has been (my) favorite casting actor so far. anyone else think so? i guess were just gonna have to see how the cullens act
    p.s. cant WAIT until they announce emmet and jasper

  50. CastMeNotAway says:

    LOL natahlie, I saw that too!

    And the actress who plays Esme is too!

    I saw that and I was like “Hahahaha!”

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