Possible data dump

Right now we are experiencing trouble transferring the data from our forums. Basically they are so huge every time we try to download the table specific to posts our connection times out. 

Here’s the deal. We are trying to avoid this, but if push comes to shove, we are going to have to delete the following forums (we would open them anew starting from scratch once we move the site):

Flight to Phoenix
New Kid in Town
Happy Anniversary
April Fools

We will also edit content on
Astin Martin
Accident Prone
Hollywood Hideout (possibly old posts)
Quench Your Thirst (possibly old posts)

So if there is something in those forums that you really want to have in the future like a funny quote, some information, whatever: copy that information NOW!  I may have to perform the above deletion at the end of the week.

We would also appreciate it if you could delete unneeded PM’s from your in  and sentboxes.



  1. thanks for the info pel!

  2. will any of stephenie’s posts be effected? I want to save those, but i don’t have the time to now.

    Thanks for the notice all the same. : )

  3. Stephenie’s posts will all be saved.

  4. fantabulous. thanks for the heads up!

  5. Eeek! The “100 funny Lexicon quotes” thread must be saved somewhere by someone! I’ll try to do that when I have some time.

  6. onlyavampire says:

    thanks for the heads up. I hope it won’t come to that but if it has to it was nice to know. I really appericate all the work you guys do and i don’t know how you can thanks!

  7. Things that MUST be saved:
    – Stephanie’s posts / info she gave us
    – the 100 funny Lexicon quotes thread
    And that’s about all that I really care to save, that can’t be replaced easily.

    Thanks for all the info and the heads up!!


  8. Teresa Cullen says:

    thanks for the info…. i like knowing all this lovely stuff so that i don’t freak out when it won’t work…

    tee hee i’ve done that MANY times

  9. Hey guys, thank you so much for all your work we really appreciate everything you guys do!

  10. Fire and Ice says:

    Thanks a lot guys. I’ll do anything to help. 🙂

  11. Removed for threat of violence to an actor.

  12. Oh no…:(

    That’s pretty much everything in the history of the Lexicon!!! 😥 Isn’t there any way to salvage it? Or at least delete some of the nonsense in some of the newer forums??

    I agree with Alice.
    You must save all of Stephenie’s posts and the information that she gave us in some of the threads. Stuff that’s not in the PC’s or FAQ’s.

    It’s awful that this must happen. I can’t believe the Lex has become so big that we’re losing everything that we built on.
    Things do change I suppose…(*sighs heavily*)

    Thanks for the warning. I’ll start mourning ahead of time. 🙁

  13. fresh starts are great. i’m all for it. do it to it.

  14. Again, please do not worry. Stephenie’s posts as well as the threads they are on have been moved, so that they will be safe from any deletions.