Cam Gigandet Cast in Twilight!!…as James

The Hollywood Reporter printed an article stating the Cam has been cast in Twilight but no role was mentioned in the release, but we have it from what we believe to be a credible source that it is James. (the info is at the bottom of the article)  He is probably best known for his role in The OC.  Here is his IMDb page.  As soon as we get more information on his role we will let you know.

EDITED: We now have it from a credible source that Cam will be James.  Also, for everyone’s security, please no posting of phone numbers!!! We will delete them if we see them.

Incidentally since this will no doubt come up. Lomesir discovered that his last name is pronounced: Jhee-dant-ay


  1. mmmm… he’s so yummy!!! Maybe Carlisle? No complaints there…

  2. oooh! I like! πŸ™‚

  3. Cam’s how I saw Emmett/Jasper. =)

  4. Dancergirl says:

    I think Cam Gigandet is playing James. But I’m not sure, it maybe just a rumor.

  5. OMG, yes a Carlisle, or maybe even :Jasper, Emmett?, Tyler…they just ahve to make him fit the description of whoever he ends up playing….

  6. interesting, him as a James could make sense

  7. as soon as a casting is definite, I hope IMDB will update the Twilight page….. I really depend and trust IMDB, so I hope they keep up

  8. That’s is sooo Carlisle.

  9. Yeah, the more people say it, he reaally does look Carlisle-ish. lol

  10. Holy Crow he’s Smokin!

  11. especially because the article said he just booked a LEAD role in Twilight. I think that Jasper’s already been cast right? What other blonde, young male is left that fits this guy’s appearance? Carlisle, anyone? lol we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

  12. Tdemarcus says:

    He is hot, but he was such a scum in the OC that I imagine him as James

  13. NenaCullen says:

    This is so exciting! So many news for one week!
    I see a Carlisle or a Jasper πŸ™‚

  14. Hmm.. he’s defenitely someone of the vampires.. not too muscular to play Emmet and I have always pictured Jasper a little – smaller. Defenitely Carlisle. πŸ™‚ Hmm.. I wonder what Esme looks like?

    ( I have always thought that if the book is exellent and there’s coming a movie of it I wouldn’t go to watch it. I thought the same when I heard that there was going to be Twilight-movie. But I have started to feel these strange desires wanting to watch that movie!! πŸ˜€
    I just afraid that it wouldn’t be so intimately wonderful as I have imagined it. )

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe he will play Emmett!!!! Or maybe even Jasper!!!

    YAY! I’m so happy!

  16. Carlisle DEFINATELY! Like Aniri said, it says he got a LEAD role which definately means the Cullens, and Carlisle seems to fit him. He looks to old to play Jasper and Emmett.

    Casting information is just firing at us! πŸ˜€
    I’m specially excited to see who’s jasper πŸ™‚

  17. When I saw him, I immediately thought of Jasper. I guess he could be Carlisle… but he seems a little young looking for that role.

  18. Wolbachia says:

    My guess is one of the vampires, but who knows? He could be Mike. XD (not likely, ha ha)

  19. I have a pretty good feeling that I’m going to shriek everytime this guy comes on screen πŸ™‚ Who’s with me on this??

  20. Clairbear says:


    i BET he’s Carlisle…or Jasper…but mostly Carlisle!!!!!


  21. eek!!…he’s handsome!! can’t wait to see who he’s playing!!!

  22. We interrupt this broadcast to tell you that when Lomesir first saw Cam Gigadent, she screamed “Carlisle!” so loudly her head exploded.

  23. I might shriek after twilight everytime I see Robert πŸ˜€

  24. I think Cam would make a great Jasper!!!!

  25. onesmalltree says:

    ooh man. please let him be Carlisle. omg..

  26. vampirelover says:

    I wonder if he could be James…..

  27. He’s too good looking to play James. He was described in the book as NOT good looking, so my money’s on Jasper or Emmett…..(fingers crossed)

  28. I am going to be a complete nightmare when I go to watch this movie. I’ll be gasping and screaming throughout the WHOLE movie!!!!

  29. Since Carlisle is young…he was in his twenties when he was turned I think, this Cam guy COULD play him, as he himself is young and has that “model” look that describes him in the book…

  30. The article said he has a “lead role”. Unless Carlisle has more screentime than pagetime, James seems like the biggest possibility.

  31. christina says:

    he’s SMOKINNN and dangerousss looking he HAS to be a vampire…i’m guessing carlisle??? or jasper?? i think he’s gonna be a carlisle though….we shall see!!! πŸ˜€

  32. My guess is Mike. They were looking for a blonde surferdude to play Mike. Also, those are the parts that are being released right now. Jessica, Eric….Mike?

  33. Is anyone besides me worried how the movie is obvioulsy gonna change the way things happened in the book? I guess it is unavoidable, but it would be so sad to see things flipped around….

  34. -drools-
    He’s got to be Carlisle.
    Or maybe Emmet or Jasper?

    He’d be nice as Carlisle, though.

  35. I dont think he is a “Mike”, he looks too…mature? older? Mike is more easygoing and still youngish right….?

  36. Brittiany says:

    I am going to say he’s Carlisle considering the report said lead role. Which we all know he’s to young to be Charlie, and I think he’s perfect for Carlisle or Jasper. My bets are on Carlisle.

  37. Mike is 17. Cam is 26.

  38. ya, i think he looks too old for mike…put him next to bella, and i can’t see it

    but i agree….carlisle!

  39. Yes, but the girl playing Jessica is 23.

  40. zactly, lomesir…Cam looks older, and so I think it would be hard to make him look younger…

  41. I comletely agree with you, twilightislife!! I’m really worried about how different the movie will be. It’s already sounding bad…I don’t want to be a spoil sport, but having Edward fly over trees, including “Cora” who wasn’t even IN the book, possibly leaving out the Port Angeles episode….doesn’t look good.

  42. Twilightislife, I am too really worried. Ahh. But this guy is a good vampire….I guess

  43. I just finished reading Twilight again last night. I was so sad when it ended. Waaahh!!! and while I am reading, I’ll read certain parts again if they are especially good parts (parts with Edward!). okay, so random of me to be telling yall this. lol.

  44. christina says:

    I agree with you Mahek i’m going to be a complete mess!! hahahha i hope i dont get kicked outt of the movie theatre but i’m pretty sure they’re going to a bunch of other girls acting the same way we are!!

  45. who’s cora?!!?

  46. What about Tyler.

    Don’t worry katie. The whole Cora, flying over trees and leaving out Port Angeles is starting to make me think I might not want to see the movie.

    I’ll just have to wait for the trailer!

  47. The girl playing Jessica may be 23, but she easily passes as a teen. Cam looks like an adult man.

  48. And another thing…if he is going to play Carlisle he better dang well learn how to do a good English accent…English accents are hawt *add another shriek here*

  49. Cora is the waitress they decided to add for no reason. She works at the restaurant Bella And Charlie go to eat.

    I’m already dreading this movie turning out to be a complete mess.

  50. yeah, guys, I am more worried about the screenplay/write, than I am about the casting, unless of course they cast some dude who is totally not right.
    its like>>We shall NOT see the movie, We shall boycott it bcuz they have chnged everything around. but then its also>>Cant wait to see it bcuz I wanan see how they did and how they portray Edward in Robert P.
    Am i like confusing? Sometimes I feel confused.

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