Kristen Stewert Fanmail

In the interest if fair time. Here is the address for Kristen Stewert who will be playing Bella. Again, be nice, no one likes a stalker (can you tell I’ve had my fill of crazy people for the week and it’s only Wednesday?).

Kristen Stewart
c/o The Gersh Agency
232 North Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

When we have the rest of the cast (no I don;t know when that will be and no I am not panicked about not knowing this), we’ll create movie pages on the site that give facts on each actor and where to write to them.

I should also add thanks to Mae87 for digging up the address. As far as we know, there is no official MySpace for Kristen either, just a whole lot of "wannabes".


  1. I almost feel sorry for her and Robert, because you know fangirls are going to go nuts with these addresses. 😉

  2. Midnight_Sunshine says:

    I feel sorry for her but it would be cool to send her something.

  3. I agree, it must be hard to try to reply to atleast some of these. But you cant blame girls who are crazy fans hoping for an autograph back.
    And both Kristen and Robert must find it cool in some way that they have tons of fans out there.

  4. Even though I’m more into Robert, That letter MAY get on my ‘To-Do’ I prefer getting to actually meet them in the making of ‘Twilight’ (YES I am officially going)

  5. NenaCullen says:

    Just so you know, Kristen does have a official Myspace page, but last time she logged in was last year, at least that’s the last time I got an update on her bulletin. She is not adding new friends or anything, but you can check it out.

  6. hrm all of this fanmail has got me thinking that these people are going to be sorry when they get the sight of ten mailmen walking into wherever they live and each man has a broken back because they’re carrying a huge bag stuffed to the brim with letters. I can imagine the look of horror now…. I mean come on, how is a human going to sort all that?? You’d gotta be some kinda superbeing–my favorite is vampire 😉

  7. bellawannabe620 says:

    lmao…at least im not one of the wannabes with a myspace haha…

  8. Pineappl92 says:

    It really must be hard to reply to these, they’re going to get so many letters. I just hope that this doesn’t kill them, then we might have to get new actors 🙁 …

    I wish I could go, but school and being across the country just doesn’t cut it.

  9. Fire and Ice says:

    Thank you so much for the info! Rob and Kirsten are going to get the support of many Twilight fans. 😉

  10. Dancergirl says:

    i still have to write a letter to Rob, but i’m doing Kristen next. She’s one of my favorite actress ever since i’ve seen SPEAK, about two or three years back.

  11. Cullen_cult says:

    I don’t like that Kristen is playing Bella…A all!!…But she will grow on me she is a great actress other than for bella..But we”ll see

  12. Jacobblackluver says:

    I saw some of the cutest audotions for Jacob..THey were adorable…even thought he haven’t picked yet

  13. nissanmama says:

    imdb is giving the official release date now as December 12th, 2008.

  14. Fire and Ice says:

    ^ Official release date for what, nissanmama?

  15. Fleur the Daisy says:

    As i say again: ” LOVE YOU KRISTEN”

  16. Moonpetal Lily says:

    *sigh* I feel sorry for them in that they don’t realize how much mail they’ll get, but…oh so glad that there is a chance!

  17. Is that the realese for the film in america? Do you know when it will be realeased in england?

  18. yesterday i was watching an interview of her in youtube, and she fully said ‘hey guys thanks for reading my myspace blog’ and other stuff like that, so she does too have facebook! she fully said it herself!!!!


    heres the link for that clip of her comfirming she has myspace

  20. Summit entertainment has switched Twilight from pre-production to “production”. No info about the movie has changed or been added, but it’s something.

  21. waittilltwilight says:

    honestly, i dont think kristen is a very good pick for bellas character. i mean, i had a LOT of getting used to do with the whole robert is edward thing. but i saw that if he cut his hair and shaved, he looks pretty edwardish. as for kristen, she might need to dye her red hair and maybe, well, i cant think of much other than her phisical wrongness for bella. acting wise, she rocks. i hope rob and kris do well. i SO do not wanna be dissapointed with twilight the movie.

  22. hey guys come on this is can’t be a battle of looks! There’s a reason they call it ACTING, they have to make you believe.

  23. Mrs_Topaz_Eyes says:

    This is awesome!
    Yay! Another letter( or more) to write!

  24. coldplayfan says:

    she was great in Speak and I know she will be in twilight too.
    i hope people dont forget to send her mail b/c all the crazy fan girls (myself included) are going to go wildly overboard sending robert love letters-although there is nothing wrong with that.

  25. hmm… maybe they’ll get carpal tunnel froming answering all the fanmail and not be able to do the movie, shoot what a bummer lol.

  26. Stewart*

  27. Claire Ateara says:

    This is cool and all, but does anyone have a way to contact Stephenie Meyer by fanmail? Seeing as she’s the author of these books??? THIS INFO WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!


  28. Gillian B. says:

    ha. wannabe Kristens.

    (there are SO many wannabe Bellas / Edwards!)

  29. Where do you guys get the pic of the auditions for Jacob i REALLY want to see them…….help 🙂 I bet they are adorable!

  30. Lillybell says:

    OMGOSH! Kristen is so lucky. I wish i were her. Hey Aggie, i want to see the Jacob’s too so i guess we will have to wait. I can’t believe they are making a movie, i mean that i cool but if they mess up any part in the movie i will be so pissed. THe books are to good to mess up. I hope that they film it soon and have it out WAY WAY WAY WAY soon!! I really want to see it. Hey do you guys think that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will do good together, idrk if they will! (IDRK Means i don’t really know)
    WRite back to this site soon!!


  31. Teresa Cullen says:

    i am going to mail them today, but sadly i truly doubt they will have time ’cause of all of the fanmail they will receive from us crazy teenage girls who are in love with a fictitional vampire….

  32. “But sadly I truly doubt they will have time ’cause of all of the fanmail they will receive from us crazy teenage girls who are in love with a fictional vampire….”

    I totally agree with you Teresa Cullen !! They won’t know what they did to suddenly get twenty times the usual amount of fanmail they get… 😀

  33. Mrs Cullen© says:

    i dont know if any one else is, but im REALLY ticked off at the casting for Twilight……..
    Robert Pattsion looks NOTHING like edward- hes not even ‘lanky’!
    and if you guys look at the Bella chartacter bio for Bella on Lexicon, there is nothing of Kirsten Stewart that is similar.

    i was thinking someone like Gaspard Ulliel should do Edward and Emily Browning for Bella… but its too late to complain now! they’ve already picked the cast….

  34. I always thought that Gaspard guy was way too plain to be Edward. Where is the beauty? where is the hotness? He is CUTE at most. He just looks like every other “pretty” boy. Robert at least has different looks…like a chameleon.

  35. Claire Ateara says:

    I like them both as Bella and Edward… Especially Robert tho, with the right make-up anyway, i think.

    I CAN’T WAIT TILL DEC 12TH!!! (which is the current release date of the movie in the US, according to imdb)

    P.S. still want to know a SM fanmail address if anyone has one! pleez and thank you! 😉

  36. Mrs.edward cullens says:

    One the casting of Twilight… i Think that Robert and Kristen may be ok the thing that will make me so made is if they mess up Edwards eyes i mean thats the best …well one of the best parts.

  37. vampirelvr says:

    yay kristen! expect some mail from me!!! (no threatmail this time LOL!!) 😉

  38. how cool, fanmail!
    i dont think ill get around to it, i wouldnt even know what to say…for those of you writing to kristen could you please mention that bella has brown eyes
    …i would hate to see bella with green or blue eyes

  39. I think we’ll have a better idea on release date come June. As part of my job I buy movie advertising and I get a head up as to what films open in a given period.

  40. I think they’ll be great! When it comes down to it, it really is how they act. My greatest concern though, is whether or not Robert and Kristen will have the on-screen chemistry! I mean, common! that is obviously VERY important!

    What do you guys think?

  41. Guys, how do you know when this movie will be released on the 12th Dec??? They have’nt made the annoucement yet. Whoa.. hold your horse!!! Why can’t you checked the facts first… According to imdb(it might be not true.)

  42. “i dont know if any one else is, but im REALLY ticked off at the casting for Twilight”

    You are welcome not to post here. On the Lexicon we have stated that we are fully in support of the actors cast.


  43. Crazy people? HERE? Surely you jest.

  44. Summit’s website just moved Twilight from being listed under “Pre-Production” to “In-Production”. Hey, it’s the little things that bring joy 🙂

  45. THOSE LOOKING FOR STEPHENIE’S FANMAIL ADDRESS: Her website says that she currently is not receiving fanmail as she is too busy writing. As much as I’d like to send her a letter myself, I do agree that I’d rather she spend her time writing more amazing books that reading how much we all love her amazing books!

  46. Christian says:

    ok, maybe im late xD but unfortunately in México the book its a little new… but i love it so …if i can give some opinion of this.. i love the actrees Elisha Cuthbert but .. i think she’s over 21 so.. thnks anyway

  47. Christian says:

    ok… im going to explain something… im not saying she’s the best for Bella … but for a vampire part… i mean she is beautiful…

  48. [quote]Donna:

    Summit’s website just moved Twilight from being listed under “Pre-Production” to “In-Production”. Hey, it’s the little things that bring joy[/quote]

    I thought I was the only one who checked Summit’s website. Lol.

    Anyway, I really hope no one sends her “anti-Bella” letters. =/

  49. like a week ago id probably gone crazy over this.. id probably have sent something already but what with Heath Ledger dying.. ah well.

    oh and btw, itd be nice if you could correct her last name, its stewart and not stewert, its sorta annoying me for some reason:P

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