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Thanks to Ohh Takeout for the heads up

1) Breaking Dawn is in the editing phase. It it tentatively set for release Fall 2008. It could be later if we hit a snag in editing. Usually editing takes longer than a few months, but both I and my editors will be putting in lots of overtime to make this happen.

2) Midnight Sun is only half-written. It will not be coming out until a while after it’s finished. Don’t expect it anytime soon. I will let you know when the rough draft is finished, and then you can start asking when it is due out. I don’t foresee much chance to work on it until Breaking Dawn is completely finished.

3) Forever Dawn (the early, poorly written sequel to Twilight) is not the "steamy" version of Breaking Dawn; I don’t know how that rumor got started. Forever Dawn is not adult as in "XXX." It is adult as in "not written exclusively for a young adult audience, much like Pride and Prejudice or Gone With the Wind." There is no steam in Forever Dawn that is not also in Breaking Dawn, so please stop begging me for the "ooh la la" version. It does not exist. I may put some small excerpts of Forever Dawn on my website after Breaking Dawn comes out, but then again, maybe not. It’s not that great. All the best stuff is in Breaking Dawn.

New topic: the Twilight movie

I do not have any casting updates. I haven’t heard anything since the Robert Pattinson announcement. I’m waiting on the same pins and needles you all are. When I get home from vacation, I’ll see if I can get some news.

That is all. Have a nice night everybody!


4) In regards to the question, "Is Breaking Dawn the last book in the Twilight Saga?" The answer is, "I don’t know." It’s the last one for a while, at least. Of course there will be Midnight Sun, but that’s covering old material. I’m not sure if I will go forward with the Twilight characters–I’m a little burned out right now. Ask me again in two years.

5) "When are you going to put the first chapter of Breaking Dawn on your website?" I have no idea when or if I will get permission to post that. It may be in the special edition of Eclipse that will come out in June or July. It may never appear until BD is on the shelves.

Oh, I thought of another one!

6) "What does the cover of BD look like?" I don’t know (are you sensing a theme here?). We have not decided on a cover yet–in fact, we are in a very early stage of the process. If we get a cover developed in time, it will probably be released with the Eclipse special edition the way the Eclipse cover was put out with the New Moon special edition. I’ve had a few people ask if images they’ve seen are the BD cover, and I can tell you absolutely that they are NOT.


  1. breathes twilight says:


  2. Phew.

    I feel so much more relief that Stephenie is just about as clueless as we all are when it comes to the movie.
    I was feeling paranoid that we had information not being told to us.


  3. says:


    i absolutly can not wait, for breaking dawn!!!
    and unfortunatly i will have to wait for Midnight Sun, i almost fainted reading the first chapter of it. {{sigh}}

    Thanks stephenie for keeping us updated, i feel much better knowing this… πŸ˜‰

  4. beauty_before_blood says:

    Stephenie is such a patient, enduring woman. She do not have to give out any information, if she didn’t want to. Of course, she loves us all waaaay to much to ever leave us hanging. I know this whole writing process has taken her above and beyond what she initially expected and yet she handles everything with flawless professionalism.

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Stephenie!!

  5. Joanie1119 says:

    Poor Stephenie, I hope most of the fans are not getting on her nerves. Let the woman write, people! LOL

    It would be interesting to read what Stephenie has written for “Forever Dawn”, I like it when one takes characters and gets more introspective, philosophical, and sophisticated with the writing.

  6. Thank you for the news and for keeping us updated!
    This just made my…night, I guess.

  7. dear goodness edward!!! says:


  8. beauty_before_blood says:

    Oh and one more thing….the whole XXX sex talk is wearing thin. I know these books have predominantly young readers who have enough sex talk provided on cable television to read about it on here, too. We should all know Edward would NEVER put Bella into any dangerous situation and that if they did pursue sex it would be totally and completely….G rated!! hahahaha!! Knowing how intimate they are though it would definatley be STEAMY but nothing close to XXX.

  9. Thank you!!

    By the way, beauty_before_blood, I heartily agree with you. πŸ˜€

    I certainly hope that it’s enough to sate some of us fans who are insistent upon Stephenie putting out the next book right now. She’s just barely finished the rough draft of Breaking Dawn for heaven’s sake!

    Anyway, I think it will be brilliant to have Eclipse released as a Special Edition as New Moon was. πŸ˜€

  10. roxytrixietwtchs says:

    she posted some more questions too there is a second blog.

  11. Fire and Ice says:

    Thanks a lot for the information. We all know that Stephenie is busy and we should feel honored that she had the time to inform us about all this. I don’t want Stephenie to rush at all. I want the books to be at their best and I’m sure we can wait a while for them. πŸ™‚ I just hope that I can find a way to sustain my Twilight cravings during the time we have to wait. Sadly, that is proving to be very difficult for me :(. Oh well, atleast I have the lexicon!

  12. ….i want movie news…..but i’ll wait.
    i can’t wait for breaking dawn and midnight sun!!
    i hate to wait but it’ll totally be worth it in the end!

  13. I was just curious if anyone knows if Breaking Dawn is the last consecutive book? And where did Forever Dawn come from, I’ve never even heard the name and I’ve been on all the sites, anyway can’t wait for the next books and the movie!

  14. Bella_twilight says:

    I hope BD isn’t the last book. That would be sad. πŸ™

  15. Aimee…

    Stephenie already answered those questions.

    Forever Dawn ORIGINALLY was the sequel to Twilight. This was BEFORE New Moon was released. New Moon is the edited version of Forever Dawn. The ONLY person who has seen Forever Dawn is Stephenie’s sister. (That we know of, at least.) πŸ˜‰

    If you check out Stephenie’s website, it’s under the FAQs. πŸ˜‰

  16. Yes, I am so happy to know about this. Being a Mormon, I wonder exactly how “steamy” BD will be. Does it influence it at all? I heard it does, IDK.

  17. Ooh Takeoutt says:

    Yay, sweet deal.

    I thought it was hilarious how people were making forever dawn to be super steamy!

  18. LOL @ “ooh la la version”

  19. thanks for sharing this information with us^-^

  20. hehehehe “ooh la la” version *dies of laughter*

  21. *takes a deep breath and sighs*
    back to waiting and continue loving Bella&Edward and the rest of our Favorite pals + admiring Stephanie Meyer’s ability to be super awesome writer.:D

  22. Well we at least have info that there are no more actors yet and that Breaking Dawn isnt to far away!

  23. edward loves nicole says:

    Im so happy that stephenie updates her fans with regards to anything about the TWILIGHT series. I really feel like all of us, the fans, has a connection to her. πŸ™‚ GO STEPHENIE!!!! πŸ™‚

  24. Mrs CullenΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β© says:

    i agree with edward loves nicole. its very nice of steph to be updating us on her series, considering how busy she is with tours and writting 2 books together at the same time !!
    CANT WAIT TILL BD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope the cover is good!!!

    Mrs CullenΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β©

  25. when she said BD has all the good stuff, I got chills.

    let’s all hope editing goes well and such and BD is released on time.

  26. shame i rlly wanted breaking dawn to have some xxx in it!
    oh well.
    god i wanna read breaking dawn soooo bad it hurts. i cant wait fr midnight sun either

  27. This woman is incredible for keeping us all udpated like this. I mean really.

  28. I hope all the loose ends are tied up in Breaking Dawn, especially since it might be the last. Please don’t leave us hanging if you decided that you don’t want to continue with the Twilight characters.

  29. Jacobblackluver says:

    I can’t believe that about three books are going into the works it’s amazing we can get even a little information like this!!! *smile*

  30. Mrs.Black says:

    You know also speaking of the movie I’ve seen some really cute auditions for the part of Jacob!!!!

  31. boycrazee0512 says:

    Where did you see these so called “auditions?” I want to see them too!

  32. gypsyrover says:

    poor Stephenie… do you get the sense she might be a tad annoyed/stressed out?

  33. Kristina Cullen says:

    i can’t wait till Breaking Dawn comes out, and I hope we don’t have to wait to long for Midnight Sun to be release.

  34. ADENO1629 says:

    “IΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’m a little burned out right now.”

  35. Hm… Of course, Stephenie might be a little bit annoyed – she has to write the books, we just have to read them.xD
    But I don’t think that BD will be her last book because she can’t leave us without Edward…

  36. I can see why she’s getting a little burned out. After all, she didn’t actually think her books would ever be seen by anyone besides her. Now she has all these crazy fangirls (yes, I’m one of them:)) who want new information every second of everyday and all she’s trying to do is write a book. When she has information she’ll let us know, she’s not keeping anything from us to be mean. πŸ™‚ Let’s hope she doesn’t make the final scene in Breaking Dawn where the entire west coast would be swallowed by the ocean. Thank you “global warming.” so that way there couldn’t “be” another book. {sad face} πŸ™

    Only, that would be awful, and I’d never want to see that. Besides, it’s not like it would matter, I’m sure vampires can swim and can’t drown. And maybe Bella will be a vampire by then… πŸ™‚ *Daydreams*

  37. wait..whats Forever Dawn??

  38. Forever Dawn is the sequel Stephenie originally wrote for Twilight.

    I’m glad these books take at least a while to come out. When I started reading the books a few months ago, I spent three months reading these books and doing nothing much else.

  39. Dancedaze20 says:

    I can’t wait until the next books! but i’m not as excited about the movie, but i still can’t wait until they cast more characters!

    πŸ˜€ Stephenie Meyer ROCKS!!!!!


  40. Moonpetal Lily says:

    *sob* No steamyness? Wait…did that mean /none/, or just none that was inappropriate for YA? Especially after Edward’s promise to Bella, and knowing that they will be wed, I assumed that several things were going to happen before Bella became a vampire (Which BETTER happen in BD!!!)

  41. Claire Ateara says:

    Cool! Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out, but ‘speially Midnight Sun – LOVE EDWARD!!! and really want to know what he’s thinking!

  42. oh goody, more waiting. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever!!!
    Will Breaking Dawn ever be finished?!?! It’s scary to think that by the time it is out I’ll be a junior in high school….

  43. Hey. I love your books and I just wanted to know if their is another book after eclipse? Meaning I want to know what happens after it or if their’s a sequel thanks (:

  44. haha if she does come out with “ooh la la ” version of the book, i think i would feel kind of awkward reading it

  45. Shyann – this is not Stephenie’s personal site. It is a fansite (officially) that just posted something from Steph’s MySpace blog.

    The entire entry that you’re commenting on is in reference to the book that is coming out after Eclipse, called Breaking Dawn.

  46. obsessivetwilightfan says:

    I will be very, very sad if Breaking Dawn is the last book. I just finished greiving over the Harry Potter series ending.


  47. obsessivetwilightfan says:

    I will be very, very sad if Breaking Dawn is the last book. I just finished greiving over the Harry Potter series ending.


  48. PunchingWerewolves says:

    I Am Sooo Desperate!
    I Want To Know The Name Of The Actors For The Other Cullens *-*
    And… The Book
    I Want To Read More About Bella And Edward, Yet Knowing That This Could Take A Lot Of Time, I Think I Want It To End With Breaking Dawn
    I Just Want The Book And The Movie Like Right Now!!!!

  49. Edwards Girl says:

    yes, we all hope that it will not be the last we hear of Edward and Bella. But poor Steph, she seems to be almost overwhlemed with our fantasy world. Im glad she is able to keep her cool and be so kind towards us (her crazy obsessed fan girls). I hope the casting goes fast though, and how exciting for the kids in oregon who get to be extras! *jealousy waves*
    Do you guys think that she will tie up all the ends in BD in case she doesnt want to write more? Or will she leave it hanging? Oh, that would be quite terrible…
    hopefully she will keep going though…

  50. ChristinaMarie says:

    Cool cool! I’m glad that a lot my questions have been answered, even if most were ‘I don’t know’ haha. I’m just happy that we all have a little more insight, and we don’t have to keep ‘majorly’ freaking out! haha πŸ˜€

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