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It’s been no secret that one of the shooting locations for the Twilight movie would be the state of Oregon.  The Oregon Film and Video Office has put out an "all crafts call". In other words they are looking for location personnel to staff out the shoot.  This means they are looking for camera people, and possibly extras among other things.

"Twilight Productions, LLC
Call for Resumes for the Feature Film

All Crafts
Prep begins 1/2/08
Shooting tentatively scheduled for 2/25 for approx. 8 weeks
Please email resumes to:
twilightresumes@gmail.com "



  1. Kristina Cullen says:

    I wished i lived in Oregon, it would be so cool it be an extra in the movie.

  2. I wish I lived there.

    I could say “Look I see me!”

  3. I’m Canadin you guys have all the fun! πŸ™

  4. twilightroses says:

    this is so cool!

  5. *Twilight* says:

    MAN!!! I wish i could live in Oregon. I would really love to be an extra. (tear, tear)=(

  6. How hard would it be to move an entire state halfway across the country?? That’s the only wan I’d get to be an extra! Maybe if they do a New Moon movie my family could plan a trip out there, but this is too soon. Darn.

  7. Mrs_Topaz_Eyes says:

    I really wish I was an actress. Like, really bad. I’m already on the right side of the country….dang.

  8. Shame that I live so far away and can’t miss school. My resume is all up-to-date because I was going to apply to Tisch and now I don’t get to use it for anything.

  9. -cough- anyone know how much tickets to oregon cost? πŸ˜€

  10. Heart Song says:

    If only I lived closer and didn’t have a family to tend to.
    It sounds like they are moving ahead in spite of the writers’ strike. I didn’t expect that. They do so many revisions while filming.

  11. Pineappl92 says:

    Damn that sucks! I live on the other side of the country! And have school! I hope all you VERY LUCKY people have fun! :'(

  12. Well judging by the number of reminders we got for NOT sending in resumes, they’re going to regret telling us. Their in-box is going to explode!



  13. While it would be fun to be an extra… I’d rather be surprised by the entire movie when it comes out! I think working on the set would spoil some of the fun of the movie!!!! But I still totally would do it if I lived in Oregon and didn’t have a job! Haha! πŸ™‚

  14. Why cant they just do it in Forks? wouldent that be easier than trying to make the set when the real one is there? I wish i was American :p

  15. i would love to be an extra…thatd be so cool….sigh…2000 miles seems farther than before…

  16. well even though i live on the other side of the country, i’m still going to ask my mom if i can submit my resume

    wish me luck!

  17. iwantanedward says:

    Hmm… Oregon never looked so appealing XD

  18. OMG, I wish I lived in Oregon!
    Good luck to those who submit.

  19. I heard that it said ‘Oregon’ in the video, buuuuut how is it ‘no secret’? Has it ever been revealed?

  20. Yeah, why don’t they film it in Forks? I don’t think anyone would object seeing as they have a ‘Stephenie Meyer Day’ there and everything.

  21. cool! i wish they post the names of other actors soon!

  22. Obnoxious, moronic DOG says:

    Good luck those going to oregon! (They should film it in forks considering its a real place and all!)

  23. Moonpetal Lily says:

    Darn it. You guys in Oregon (or any surrounding state) are going to be drooling and getting all the action while everyine else sighs in sorrow.

  24. Part will also be filmed in Forks, there will be several locations. It’s just that the Oregon Film commission is only concerned about the part being shot there.

  25. To Oregon! AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grrrrr I would LOVE to be an extra in Twilight! Too bad I live in Pennsylvania and dont start acting school until Im 20……Darn it! But, you know, I would be too busy staring in awe at the actors and shouting ” OMG!!! ITS EDWARD!!!!! lol=]

  26. Oh My God, I hate living in Australia now….. I wonder.. if I submitted my resume, and got in, would it include PLANE TICKETS?!? (haha)

    I wish…… that films would be filmed in Australia, or that I lived in Oregon.

    ^^ Erica, I agree…. All though I would do my absolute hardest not to say anything… cause I’d want to be asked again xD But that would be much fun!!!

  27. Claire Ateara says:

    I wish I lived in Oregon… oh well. I agee with what someone said earlier about being surprised by the movie though – it’ll be cool to see all the movie magic!… although behind the scenes would be super fun too!

    I wish they would annouce the other actors in the cast already! lol

  28. Oregon, okay ill fly there. Or move if I have to. Twilight is worth it! Oh and have you guys ever heard the song Hero/Heroine by Boys like Girls. Its like the perfect Edward song. Like the band read the books then wrote the song for Edward! No joke!! Please go listen to it. Its on I tunes so go go go!!!!!!!!!!! And if anyone can get a hold of Stephenie ( I know she has NO influencon the moveie) but I want her to hear it. She NEEDS to!!!! Thanks!

  29. Why would you have to submit your resume for being an extra? Am I being a blonde and missing something? Which is funny because I’m brunette… ^_^

  30. ChristinaMarie says:

    It’s kind of a bummer that they aren’t going to film it in Washington at all. I would’ve loved to see the real deal, you know? But, it’s great that they are planning, and I live fairly close to Oregon, I mean, I’m at least in the country! πŸ˜€
    I hope everything goes well with the production :]

  31. Fire and Ice says:

    I live in New York…I wish I was in Oregon πŸ™ . The people who live in Oregon are so lucky!

  32. Fantastic! Isn’t it time they start announcing more of the cast? They are going to be filming in just over a month!

  33. This is a question for someone from the site: Even if you don’t live in Oregon can you still submit resumes?

  34. MAN!! GRRRR!!! I WISH i lived in Oregon.I would love to be an extra but I live in Arizona, I wish they can shoot the movie in Pheonix,at the Sky Harbor Airport, i always pass by that place when I pass by Tempe i…….just……wish they can film it here i mean BELLA lived HERE! (sorry just exploted there)

    *mumbles* Lucky Forks and Oregon people.

  35. But i mean, hey, at least we live in the same Country πŸ™‚

  36. so exciting to hear things are starting to move along! I have a whole new respect for the lovely state of Oregon πŸ™‚

  37. I live in Washington, and trust me: You aren’t going to be missing anything in WA that you can’t get in Oregon.

    Same climate. Always gray…rainy…mild/cold. That’s the northwest for you! (Especially this time of year…I’m sure the production team is going to get it right.)

    Just hearing this, though, makes me so excited to see the movie! December seems too far away…awg…I’m so impatient!

  38. i live in Canada…do you have to live in oregon?? it’s green up north too!

  39. I speak german, I could have translated it XD
    There’s german speakers on the Lex too who could have XD

  40. I live in Washington as well as Megs. I agree with her. Oregon and Washington are the same in climate, landscape, and overall feel. I wonder if Oregon was more accomodating to the process of movie-making maybe. Perhaps they were able to find the perfect “meadow” in Oregon. We do want a beautiful “meadow”, don’t we? I’m happy to leave it to them to decide those things. I do wonder when they will be filming in Forks though. I would love to head up there for that ( I live 2-3 hours southeast of forks).

    It’s exciting to see things rolling forward! It was even fun to see that Stephenie will be touring in Germany–any news is good news.

    I sure hope we soon hear who will play in other rolls. They must have cast them by now. Perhaps they didn’t feel it necessary to tell us all the actors. Maybe Bella and Edward was all they figured they owed Twilight fandom? What do you all think of that?

  41. That’s my home state. Too bad I’m not in Oregon right now. It’s a beautiful place to film part of the movie! Oregon and Washington are much the same w/ weather and landscapes. Unless you live in one of the states, you won’t be able to tell one from the other when watching the movie. There’s been many movies filmed in part in Oregon.

  42. VampireLoverxoxo says:

    Yes!I am 45 minutes away from the Oregon border. I am taking a vacation down there for my birthday in February on the coast. The climate in Washington is practically identical to the climate in Oregon, so no worries about missing anything.

  43. they are only shooting for 8 weeks? huh

  44. First when are we going to find out the REST OF THE CAST. if they are going to start filming soon will they need THE REST OF THE CAST? But Oregon is cool!

  45. you have to live in oregon? psh. im still sending my resume. id do anything to be a part of it.

  46. Ugh, lucky people in Oregon. >_

  47. Gabriellla says:


  48. I’ve never regretted living on the east coast as much as i do right now πŸ™
    but i’m definitely sending in a resume, because it would be so amazing to be part of this process.

  49. emmettsgirl says:

    awwwweessommeee! that is so cool! lucky oregon peoples!!

  50. me too! I used to be an extra, so I am going to send it…I will pay my own flight and find a place to stay! Twilight is worth it! I would do anything to be a part of this film!!! πŸ™‚

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