Robert Pattinson Mentions Twilight

It seems that TMZ managed to tackle Robert Pattinson out on the town with his girlfriend the other night. If you listen to the video, you can just about make out that when asked what his next project is, he responds "Twilight".

Just FYI, the video will take forever to load because it’s an AOL sponsored video site.


  1. thank you whoever found this link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodd to see our new edward standing up to the paparazzi(spelling probably off) and mentioning the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SWEET!!! I love him – he’s going to be an awesome Edward!

  3. LOLLL that was funny… if his girlfriend looked annoyed now wait till we all see her after Twilight, when he has a few more million rabid fangirls chasing after him XDDD

  4. He has a right to be annoyed they were probably out trying to have dinner. I’d be pissed. More Harry Potter Movies! Wha!?
    Robert is incredibly polite I would have freaked.

  5. I can’t wait until the movie comes out! I’m glad he’s Edward, he seems perfect to me.

  6. TMZ is not known for their tact. I mentioned this on the forums. I really debated if I should put up the item or not. In the end I did for two reasons: 1. The reporter wasn’t stalkerish or crude 2. They were speaking to Robert on a public street not hounding him at his home 3. Robert did not seem irritated by the reporter If any of the above things had happened, we would not have put up the link. Pel

  7. freakyvirgo913 says:

    Oh my gosh, how cool! Robert is so nice. I love him and I think he’ll make a fantastic Edward. He just didn’t seem very excited when he mentioned Twilight…

  8. aww what a cutie. pure talent to look like that while being hounded by the paparazzi.

  9. Thats was so cool!
    I am so happy he mentioned Twilight.
    He is going to be an awesome Edward.

  10. ha he looks a LOT older then in pictures but thats okay (edward is 106 so how much older can he look?? lol). he looked almost embaressed though when he mentioned Twilight…huh…that video only took me about 30 seconds to load though

  11. I agree with those who were saying he didnt seem enthusiastic about Twilight, but atleast he mentioned it instead of saying nothing.

  12. Mexirican93 says:

    Awesome! But one thing I didn’t understand is what he said on 00:23. The guy, i think, asked him, “When are you doing it?” and he said something but, I cant tell what he said! Anyone know?

  13. VampireGirl says:

    YAY!!!!! Good thing our edward stood up for Twilight!!! yay!!!!!!! :p

  14. The Other Lauren says:

    I am glad that he said it.

    I think he was a little flustered because of the guy. I would be. I don’t think he sounded ashamed.

  15. Fire and Ice says:

    Yay! Robert actually said something about Twilight! I just hope more of the casting gets completed…

  16. tmz is really lame theyre only looking for a story to fill up three seconds wtf is with the harry thing though? like duh jeez tmz read the books much lol GO ROBERT WOOT

  17. YAY!!! although it seemed like he was really annoyed with the people asking him, and just wanted to be left alone…stardom….

    haha “cedric diggory back from the dead—and clubbing!”

  18. courtneyyy says:

    Kind of cool. But c’mon… He sounded just SO enthusiastic…

  19. Wow, this is NEWS.

  20. He doesn’t sound very enthused…And is THAT his american accent?

  21. It sounds american-ish…

  22. It sounds american-ish…

    Maybe he was hella drunk.

  23. what did he say after he mentioned twilight? anyone catch that? o_O

  24. I thought he said, “Where’s the movie?”

    “In Oregon.”

    But that doesn’t make sense, does it?

  25. He Said it!!!! But not just anyone in the movie EDWARD CULLEN!!!

  26. It's-Too-Green says:

    Haha. Robert is such a good sport.
    The movie’s being filmed in Oregon, but “takes place in” Forks. Happens all the time.

  27. I wish he’d been more excited instead of *shrug* “This movie called Twilight.” *mumble*mumble*

    He should have been like:
    *scary-happy smile* “Twilight! It’s the best movie ever! I know I’m being flamboyant, but I’m Edward, the angsty vampire who lusts for his girlfriend’s blood!”

  28. readmore94 says:

    Your right, he didn’t sound very enthusiastic…too bad.

    I think he was asked where is he doing it? meaning the movie and he said, North America.

  29. did anyone read the comments under the video…
    how right they are…
    though i don’t think he is that cute..
    not that it matters if he is a good actor it won’t matter how cute he is…

  30. I would be somehow annoyed, too. I mean, did this guy honestly ask him for an autograph for his role in Harry Potter and then asks whether he is going to be in the next one?! If he would have watched the movie carefully he might have seen that Diggory died, so YEAH, he is definately going to be in the next movie, no doubt

  31. i think he looks so cute he is going to be huge after twilight.

  32. Ah, so it IS in Oregon? I thought it didn’t make sense cause it seemed like a weird statement to me (I am always telling myself I’m wrong).

  33. I believe he said Oregon which is pretty cool. He didn’t sound like he was sounding americanish but thats just me!

    Thanks for posting this!

  34. cné says:

    he seemed like he was emmbarassed to say that. he like hesitated like it wasnt manly enough. just like he isnt man enough for edwrd…. oh well i just hope in the movie he is great. acting is what counts. 🙂

  35. Why does this qualify as news?

    Because it’s the first time we have recent Robert in footage not Harry Potter related and he actually mentions Twilight. It’s human interest.


  36. haha! he was clubbing. WOW!! and i think that guy really did like him. lol! well at least the movie is out in the open….sorta

  37. Yeah, i’m disappointed in his reaction! >:(
    he should’ve been totally psyched!
    sigh. but still, Robert=AWESOME!

  38. @Twingkey,

    Yeah, I said the same thing!

  39. yawn…more content about another actor who didn’t get the part and in all likelihood never auditoned removed

  40. and more whining

  41. photo link removed

    Amber this is a mod officially telling you get over it, it’s done, go whine someplace else. And if you can’t find a new website because we aren’t wasting our bandwith on "OMG Edward should have been played by…"


  42. Dancergirl says:

    I have to agree with everyone here, why wasn’t he excited about twilight? Twilight is something to scream about.
    And what was that about doing the next Harry Potter film?News Flash Cedric died. But whatever. Robert will probably be known for Edward in steed of Cedric, Well at least for me he will.
    When are they going to release the rest of the twilight cast? it’s starts filming in February. Hurry up.

  43. I think he sounded ‘unenthuisastic’ because he was confused that the guy asked him if he was going to do another HP film. He gives him this really confused look… To me it sounded like the guy asked who he was in it and he mumbled ‘Edward’… but that’s just me.

  44. Drop it, Amber. Rob is Edward. Get over it.

    I don’t think Robert sounded ashamed, just a little tired. Being hassled by the media (and when you’re on a date, for crying out loud!) has got to get old.

  45. Teresa Cullen says:

    cool he mentioned it!

  46. Even though I think Robert will do a good job as Edward, while I was watching the vid I had the same reaction as some other people on here. We obviously don’t know what he was thinking, but it did seem like he was embarressed to tell the guy that he was in Twilight. He should be happy! This movie will make him wayyy more famous than just a small role in HP did!

  47. Oh my goodness! I am very very very excited for the movie, but you can’t just stalk people like that!

  48. BloodsuckingLeech says:

    Can I ask a naive question? Why is the news about the movie so scarce? They start filming next month, or so they say…why is there no new news? No casting announcements, nothing?

  49. I can’t help but sit back and laugh at all of us. how starved for news we are! OMG! we’ll start commenting like crazy over the tiniest of things! I love it! ugh, we soo need a new book to freak out about…not Rob telling a paparazzi what movie he’s working on next when he’s out with his gf (lucky girl) Come on Stephenie! were all sending caffeine vibes your way!!

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