A little bit from Stephenie!

I heard fro Stephenie today and she had a little extra to add about our werewolf geneology that was posted yesterday.  I thought I would share it with everyone and eventually add it to the PC’s.  We will update the chart when we get a chance!  Thanks Stephenie!!

"Harry is descended from Ephriam Black on his mother’s side, Sue comes from the Uley line on her mother’s side.  There are a lot of unnamed siblings floating around in these family lines that make all the ties work.  For example, Levi had a brother who was too young to make the wolf change the last time the Cullens were around, and two sisters who were unaffected.  Levi’s second oldest sister is Sue’s mom’s mother.  It’s a small tribe that was relatively isolated 75 years ago, so everybody is related if you go back far enough."



  1. Danobanano says:

    I wonder when Stephenie realized she was going to have to create an entire people’s geneology when she had a dream about a boy and a girl in a meadow?
    We are the luckiest fans ever that Stephenie cares so much to make it so real for us. Can you imagine if she were to say, yea there’s a backstory and I know it but you don’t need to and leave it at that?
    Thanks again Stephenie and Alphie for letting us be apart of the inside scoop!

  2. Wow, it’s getting a little confusing. But still totaly awsome!

  3. cool!

  4. thanks so much for all this info. it’s really cool to see how far all this has come. Thanks again!

  5. I love that Stephenie has put so much thought into her characters, even the minor ones, and that she chooses to share her thoughts with us. Thanks, Stephenie!!! 🙂

  6. That’s a little confusing. I hope you get it on the charts soon!

  7. Moonpetal Lily says:

    Sweet! It’s amazing how much the best authors know about their characters. I wonder how many scraps of paper Stephenie has with tidbits like that…

  8. twilights_charm says:

    i’m a little confused lol >

  9. woah…I’m really confused but its SO cool!!!

  10. WOW! Family History is very confusing at times. I agree that we are so blessed to have a Stephenie and that she cares so much!!!!

  11. Fire and Ice says:

    It is kind of confusing…but I guess I’ll understand it if I read it a few times. This info helps us learn more about the tribe but there are just so many more questions after knowing about this. 😛

  12. thats awesome, and good to know i guess, Thanks Stephenie and Alphie

  13. That makes so much sense! Wait, so does that mean that all the young males of the tribe are going to start phasing into werewolves because of they are all somehow distantly related?–well, if the cullens stay around that long, that is.

  14. Hellish Red Devil says:

    As usual, Stephenie’s astounding attention to detail serves only to further sweep me into the Twilightverse…not that I’m complaining. I could stay there a good part of forever! 😉

  15. kdctwilight says:

    All I can say is that Stephenie has an amazing mind to put so much thought into each character. I am fascinated by her ability to make the characters seem so real as she sucks you into her beautiful and creative world. I have a slight case of ADD so I get bored with things very easily. I have never been so intensely involved in books the way I was with hers. I could “feel” what her characters were feeling and it was amazing! (I swear I’m not a psycho)

  16. Sorry, this is a little off-topic, but…


  17. WAIT…isn’t Sue, Leah’s mother? And Sue came from the Uley line…which is Sam Uley’s family i’m guessing…which makes them related somehow? And Sam and Leah went out…and Emily is Leah’s second cousin….so does that mean Emily and Sam are related…somehow…very distantly?? i dunno, im confused. but LOVE STEPHENIE MEYER

  18. After what i just herd from becca there, i am getting a little creeped out on who’s realated thing but it is so awsome to know in a freakish way but i LOVE it. Thanks Stephnie and Alphie you guys are the best to put a backround for the warewolf’s because i just love them and we need to KNOW these things so thanks for the…….imformation! 🙂


  19. WOW.

    That’s so intricate! It’s so interesting to see how everyone in the tribe is related! Like one huge family with cousins twice removed and such. 😀

    Thank you Stephenie, for that insight! 😀

    Very cool. 😉

    Thank you Alphie for putting this up! 🙂

  20. Mrs_Topaz_Eyes says:

    Gosh, all of this geneology really hurts my head!
    This is amazing!
    You rock Steph!

  21. i have found a Bella!!!!!!!!!!!! If you just dye Reese Witherspoon’s hair brown………… And Henry Cavill would be a perfect Edward!!!!! Just stretch the damn age limit. Your Roslaie would be good- except she models in rather inapporopiate ways.

  22. Mrs_Cullen says:

    I LOOVE THE SERIES. it is so cool. she has the best mind ever to create this series. PROPS TO STEPH. and its cool cuz im LDS too!

  23. Amazing!!!

    The Twilight series are just getting better each time you learn something new!!!!
    Extra thanks to Stephenie!!!!

  24. today i was at costco and they were selling eclipse. on the sign above the books it said “Eclipse by: Stephanie Meyer” i was disgusted they couldn’t even look at the front of the book to see how to spell her name rigt!

  25. Huh…That’s really intresting.

    Wouldn’t you be scared, though, if you were from that kind of area, not daring to date anyone sense you’d be related to all of them somehow.

    MAJOR thanks to Stephenie! She always leaves us something to think about…

  26. Kristina Cullen says:

    Thanks Stephenie for putting back stories for the twilight books. It’s really amazing, kind of confusing, but still amazing.

  27. Pineappl92 says:

    Wow, I never knew that they were related like that. I knew that they all must be somehow interelated, but I didn’t know how. That little bit was really interesting. Thanks Steph!

  28. Claire Ateara says:

    haha – Celeste, is ur name from the Maximum Ride series? Sorry, just wondering (good book series by the way :))

    Anyways, that’s cool that we’re “in the loop’. THANkS FOR KEEPING US UPDATED!!!

  29. vampirelovexoxo says:

    That’s so cool!
    wouldn’t it be awesome to live like that?
    i mean, you’re in this tribe [okay…] and all your friends there are related to you somehow!

  30. vampirelovexoxo says:

    That’s so cool!
    wouldn’t it be awesome to live like that?
    i mean, you’re in this tribe [okay…] and all your friends there are related to you somehow!

  31. vampirelovexoxo says:

    oops. ^^^sorry about the double comment.

  32. That is very interesting…. It’s a little weird how you would all be related and what-not, but hey – don’t all friends want to be brother and sister? 🙂 Thanks again Stephenie for the GREAT inside scoop!

  33. i hope someone agrees i have to get this out:

    the person they chose as edward, i’m sorry, but i feel like deep down inside, stephenie doesnt agree- maybe that’s just me projecting my own thoughts on my favorite author. but i trusted and very much so agree with her initial number one pic for edward: henry william dalgliesh cavill!!


  34. I agree with you, Dena! 😉

  35. sparkling stars says:

    i so get it…and it is so easy to relate to everything in this book. you basically have to read between the lines and yeah at times you can get a little lost and you have to reread some things but you eventually get it sorted out and its is totally awsome how real stephenie makes it feel. sometimes you want to cry and other times you want to bit someone’s head off…but in the end you always feel relaxed and calm. you dont know though how its going to end up,we dont see the future like alice but thats the whole point. she wants you to read more.it gets you hooked and you dont want to put down the book. then when you are done reading, you feel like you know everything about everyone in the book and you dont want the book to be over. you want to know more…

    And Stephenie, you need to write more books so we can know more…i love all three of the books, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipise… i have read twilight 5 times, new moon 4 times and on my 2 time reading eclipise… I LOVE THESE BOOKS and thank you so much for writing so wounderful books.

  36. You guys should help me convince everyone that maggie grace would be a perfect rosalie. You can look her up on http://www.imdb.com

  37. This is cool to know because i’m a Team Jacob fan and i’ve been wanting to know about the werewolve thing. I am 100% up for werewolves and down in vampires !

  38. Vampire Crazy says:

    This is great to know because im just finishing reading the books and i needed that info. I couldnt even imagine creating the books with such detail it just amazes me how i get lost in the book like im there or something. Thank you Stephenie for making these books and somehow completing my life!

  39. dubai_scorpion says:

    one thing you have missed out about the werewolves is the power of the Alpha to force a command upon the pack…the pack absolutely cannot ignore an order even if they want to..

  40. hmm… who knew you can get comments on an article 1 year later?

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