Stephenie’s Thanks!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Stephenie responded to your hundreds of Happy Birthday well wishes and all of your comments in the "How Has Stephenie Inspired You?" thread.  You can read her response here.  Warning –  you might need a tissue.  Again, we love you Steph and are SOOO thankful you didn’t ignore that dream! 

FYI – the thread is locked.  We all know you want to hug Stephenie.  No need to fill up the boards with post after post of hug messages. 


  1. Aww thanks Stephanie! Very touching *sniffle*

  2. Girlofthenight says:

    Yay second comment (I think someone might post while I’m posting)

    Awww, Stephenie that was so sweet! Thinks *sniffs* I didn’t listen and forgot my tissues. 🙂

  3. *twilight* says:

    AWWWWW thanks Stephenie you rock!!! WE LOVE YOU!!

  4. Thank you Steph!!!

  5. AWWWWW, thats really sweet, I think I am about to cry!

  6. Jacob lover says:

    hey i love u. U ROCK MAN 🙂

  7. Hugs right back atcha!=) You’re the best!!!! Thank you!!!

  8. That was probably the sweetest thing I’ve read in forever. =]

    Now I really need some kleenex, and not just because I’m sick.

    Thank you sooo much for everything Stephenie, really thank you. You ARE my super hero. ;] hehe, I even wrote about you in my personal statement for college. xD

  9. Thank you stephenie so much!

    I am so happy that you are the way you are. You are not like other authors who dont appreciate how much there fans love them!
    Thank You! *hug*

  10. iwantanedward says:

    !!!! Wow. I’m totally amazed. I can’t believe how amazing Stephenie is to us!!! That was such a long post!

    I’m so happy right now… WE LOVE YOU STEPHENIE!!!! *hugs*

  11. Mrs_Topaz_Eyes says:

    Gah, Stephenie, I love ya!
    You are always going to be #1 on my ‘Most Important People who I AM GOING TO MEET…One…Day’ List!! #1! #1!
    I cried during your ‘speech’. I did. I really did. And, thanks to you, I–as a fan–feel very much loved in return. We all ditto the feeling of love here–I LOVE IT HERE TOO!
    And, yes, you ARE a genius. You should FEEL like a genius, because you are. Twilight is here, sitting on my lap for the umpteenth time, and I will never, ever, ever, stop reading it. hehe. WE LOVE YOU, and the world which you have created for us!

  12. Fire and Ice says:

    The love and warmness that I feel right now can’t be expressed…The whole comment made me feel like hugging someone, and my brother was the only one around so you can guess…but most of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH STEPHENIE! It makes me so much happier knowing that you love us as much as we do (and that’s a lot :D). And you shouldn’t feel like a genius because that’s what you are. Stephenie Meyer is a genius.

  13. twilight_moon says:

    there’s such a lovefest here at the fandom. like no other. 🙂

    i just couldn’t stop crying. Stephenie- THANKS SO MUCH for making, us, YOUR FANS, FEEL SO SPECIAL: WE FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT YOU. 🙂

    Since i can’t get you a real 911 turbo, here’s a virtual one: *virtual 911 turbo* 😉

    We love you Stephenie! You rock! *joins group hug*

  14. *Wipes Leftover Tears Away*

    That was amazing…. I started crying halfway through…

    Stephenie, we are just as gratful for you as you are for us!!! If not more!!


    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    Love you!!! 😀 😀 😀

    *Joins Group Hug*

  15. Michelle & Crystal says:

    ♥ Michelle and Crystal Montijo
    We appreciate all of your hard work.

    We ♥ Edward Cullen. He is undescribable…..WE LOVE YOU!

  16. I loved her response 😀 sooo sweet.

  17. Michelle & Crystal says:


    ♥ Michelle and Crystal

  18. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Yeah, I knew I couldn’t avoid the tears forever. 😉

    GROUP HUG!!!


  19. Claire Ateara says:

    This might sound lame, but I’m tearing up after reading your post. You really are my idol, Stephenie. I hope that when I grow up I can love/be loved by – but most importantly LOVE, like you do – so many people. Thank you for writing your stories. Thank you for caring about all of us… cuz we certainly care oodles and oodles about you!

    *joins group hug*


  20. Wow, I can’t believe how luck we all are to be fans of a series with such an amazing person as the author!

  21. ^^ I know right?! We’re very lucky! Stephenie, you rock and are amazing! Thanks for all your hard work. xoxo


  23. Aw that’s just the most touching and sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Thank you Stephenie, we love you! ^^

  24. Aw thats so nice!

  25. Wow, thanks Stephenie! This is what definitely sets you apart from other authors. You actually read what your fans have to say and reply back.

    FYI: Response has a ‘s’ in it, not a ‘c’

  26. It's-Too-Green says:

    I think that this fandom is extraordinarily lucky to have such a responsive author at its core. No matter how much you love Harry Potter or Eragon or whatever else, you will rarely get this kind of response from anyone who isn’t…well…Stephenie. Stephenie’s really one of a kind no matter what she says about being a Zombie Mommy who doesn’t get out much. She’s completely in a class of her own. No JK Rowling analogies allowed. 😛

  27. yeah. that was definitely the nicest thing i’ve ever read. not very many authors would really pay so much attention to their fans! love ya stephenie!

  28. vampirelovexoxo says:

    since the thread is locked, i really do need to say THANK YOU STEPHENIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well, i bet that’s been thrown around a lot lately.
    but it’s so true, with all of your fans.
    thank you for caring about your fans, just as much as your fans care about you!

    (and i want to join the hug!)

  29. Thanks steph! I never really thought that you care about us as much as we care about you. Even thought you don’t know each of us individually you still care for us! You are a great role model, stephenie. I aspire to be just like you, you are a mother and a wife and you have three best selling novels! You are an inspiration to every aspiring writer!!

  30. I have always wanted to be a writer and since i read the twilight saga i have finally started writing all the many stories i have in my head. Im only 15 but you inspired me. I can only hope that i can get my books published and be as great as you. I cant wait till im able to meet. I also cant wait till your book The Host comes out.

  31. We love you, Stephenie!

  32. Irene Guberman says:

    We love you Stephenie!
    Don’t forget us, your original fans when the movie comes out and you’ll be even more famous than youu are (is that even possible?)
    You are my idol, you just – ROCK.
    *joins group hug*

  33. Pinkfurball says:

    AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Stephenie!!!
    WE LUV YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *joins group hug*

  34. It is a shame that the thread is locked…

    I just wanted to thank her for waking me up after 15 years…

    I’m on Chapter 4.


  35. Oops… perhaps I should say that I’m on Chapter 4 of that first book I promised myself I’d write all those years ago…



  36. mmm….I don’t know which words I should use for this feeling…You are AWESOME!! Seriously, we all love you not just for keeping us reading great things, but for being this lovely person who loves us in return:D. Steph, you rock!

  37. Mrs Cullen© says:

    OMG STEPH!!! we love yooh!!!! xD
    i still cant stop crying- a whole pile of tissues next to me!!!!
    you hav inspired me sooo much its so not funny i swear- u totally absolutley ROCK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i honestly never stop thinking about it- NEVER! it just sticks in my head- no joke!!

    Much love- Mrs Cullen©

    ~* ‽ŦЄǻМ Ëđωǻя∂‽ *~

  38. fan of twilight says:

    i have a question who make of jacob in the movie

  39. Teresa Cullen says:

    THANK YOU STEPH!! you are the best, and we love you! i’m so glas you finished the rough draft of breaking dawn, and i can’t WAIT until it comes out!!

  40. Thank you Stephenie! I can’t wait to read BD!

  41. SSprincess says:

    Pass the tissue.

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