Toronto and Ireland Signing Photos

I know these are long overdue, but we got backlogged. Thanks to all who submitted. I wish I could use them all.




  1. thanks for these, they look great. I always love to see the shirts people come up with 🙂

  2. haha, i was at the toronto signing, and i have looaaads of pics and i have like half the interview, but its too big. if you ever need it, email me. and, there was this shirt, where it’s like “i survived chapter 3 to 20 in new moon” and i laughed and said nice shirt 🙂

  3. nissanmama says:

    THAT is really funny!

  4. Very nice shirts =]
    I like the one that says:
    “The only one that could ever reach me was…the son of a preacher man”

  5. omg! Im there! Im the one in the team switzerland shirt!

    I still have a ton of pictures and videos
    add me on msn to see them

  6. These photos are fantastic!

    Stephenie looks so much like Bella to me in the first photo. 😀

    I hope everyone had fun! ^_^

  7. That was such an amazing day, it was great to finally meet dragon girl, who has to be SM number one scottish fan, she travelled all the way over to dublin to see SM

  8. I LOVE the precher man’s son shirt! it’s brilliant! :]

  9. dragon-girl says:

    It was so great to be at the Ireland signing. Although there wasn’t a question & answear session, you had time while you got your books signed to talk to her.
    We had a proper conversation! *squeals*

    And it was great to meet Epona, too. the signing was fun, I loved it. 😀

  10. sweet they R like totaly awsome I mean like wow.

  11. AHHH!!!

    In the last picture, that’s my button design on that girl! (I sell some Twilight stuff)


    I saw some people wearing my shirt designs at the Florida signing too, so this is awesome!

    *pimps if allowed*click my name to see my site……

  12. Cute shirts!
    i wish stephenie would come to my state!
    it looks like fun at the signings

  13. iwantanedward says:

    My picture is the tenth from the top *gasp*!! I’m hardly in it (except for a peice of my hoodie on the left :P) but it’s a picture taken with my camera ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE LEX!!! wow.

  14. That “preacher man” shirt is bloody brilliant! I want to meet that girl! LOL! 😀

  15. dragon-girl says:

    The 6th picture down is me (dragon-girl) and Epona.

    I love some of the T-shirts people had – so cool!

    It was so great, still can’t believe I persuaded my dad to take me. 😀

  16. Haha i can’t believe you perusaded him either dragon girl, the poor man. Those t-shirts were amazing; there was two girls with tshirts saying ‘OTD’ obsessive twilight disorder at ireland one.

  17. SO embarrassed!
    Thank you everyone, for all of the shirt compliments, but why can’t I be smiling??

  18. hey i was there at the signing lol !!!!!!!!! So awesome i still have pics if you need pics just email lol that was awesome i was like number 11 woke up soo early 😛

  19. aw your tshirt smiles for you!!!

  20. the toronto signing i mean

  21. The pics are awesome!
    Thanks for sharing! =)

  22. isabella cullen: I know! i think she looks just like bella too! I know she did that on purpose, a lot of authors make the main character just like them.

    Awesome shirts, I wore one to the st. louis signing that said “my boyfriend glitters” and glitters was in glittery writing. Stephenie said it was nice, and I just stared at her like an idiot. I didn’t even say hi or thank you, i was so starstruck!! 🙂

  23. OH! The Ireland signing… and my fellow muse friend EPONA! A lovely girl and a beautiful t-shirt **

    Lovely pics!

  24. i love edward says:

    omg i wish i was at the signings and i love the shirts and totally agree with one of the shirts ‘bite bella already’ totally cute love it and want it soooo bad lol

  25. 😀 theres my picture of the display!


  26. omc I’m on the lexicon!!!

  27. Kristina Cullen says:

    Great pictures, love the tee-shirts

  28. Great Pics. Who will Edward be in the movie, I want him to look great and just like Edward (he needs to be hot)!!!

  29. gorgeousfacee. says:

    oh my gosh… by far my favorite shirt was….


    second favorite was..
    “the only one that could ever reach me was…the son of a preacher man”

    but i liked all the shirts. good job.

  30. these pictures are great!! so when will u be coming to our town?

  31. Van Helsing says:

    WTF is up with all the FAT GIRLS reading this book.

  32. OMG!!!
    IT’S ME!!!!
    That’s soooo weird………
    (pink striped hoodie)

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