missing pictures

If you sent in pictures of the Toronto signing, could you resend (links to photobucket or the digital pics) them to me. I went to put them up last night and for some reason the folder I stored them all in positively refuses to open.  Send them to pelirroja_ljc@yahoo.com


  1. The pic is kinda like what I emagend edward to look like but in the pic I pictered bella to look diffrent

  2. OMG!! Bella has been cast in Twilight!!!

    She kinda looks like Bella but I always imagined Bella, slightly shorter.

  3. OMG I never thought that Bella was like her I Imagined bella more shy looking. I guess she’ll do.

  4. Stephenie-

    You made the right choice by picking kristen.
    kristen stewart is my one of my fav actors and i did picture her as bella in the book, but i also pictured emily browning. one night though i sat in bed after finishing the book and i thought about who edward and bella might look like cuz i couldnt really put a face with edward so when i picture him in my mind i cant really see his face, but when i thought about bella i saw emily or kristen as her. Kristen does have that special look, she looks shy, but trys to be brave. She’ll make a great bella and i cant wait to see the movie when it comes out!

  5. I never really could imagine edward but bella was easy. WOW Kristen is going to make a really cool bella! She look almost exactly like the bella I imagined.

  6. Rimuh + Katya says:

    We love the thought of Kristen as Bella but imagined her slightly heavier , now don’t get us wrong , but she seems a little too small . anyways

  7. I also didn’t think Bella would be so skinny but she’s pale like i imaged and i was afraid they were going to get some tanned up movie star. Besides the skinny part i think that Kristen’s perfect and she’ll make a great Bella!

  8. since i read the book i could never imagen edward but bella was easy to imagen at first i didnt like the thought of kirsten playing bella because i imagen her a little bit more pale and shorter but then i stared picturing her more and more as bella and i think she will be a great bella

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