Stephenie on Readergirlz Myspace community chat

Well I logged in and soon realized that the best I could do was just try to keep up with the speed: 1 hour, 131 pages, over 1800 posts.  You can find Stephenie’s posts (look for the distinctive icon with her and Matthew Bellamy of Muse.) on pages:

4, 14, 20, 22, 35, 40, 44, 74, 78, 87, 90, 93, 94, 95, 100, 101, 105, 109, 112, 114, 120, 121, 131

If I missed a post let me know and I’ll add it in.  Hats off to readergirlz for hosting.  If you would like the condensed version of only Stephenie’s posts, you can find it here.




Edited to include brilliant suggestion from Mallie:


Advice for anyone who doesnt want to troll through all 131 pages (coz lets admit it, no one wants to read anything without Stephenie :P )

Where it says page= in your URL, change it for the page you want, minus one

e.g. page 114 is page=113, and page 100 is page=99

πŸ™‚ hope this helps. Yay for Stephenie :D
xx Mallie

Edited yet AGAIN to ask for help from everyone at the Lex.  We did learn a few things from this chat, but for me, I’m never certain what is obvious and what isn’t.  I’m a bit too deep into it and I find myself ALWAYS saying, "Didn’t we already know that?"  So what I need from everyone who reads over Stephenie’s posts is to tell me what YOU learned and what was new to YOU.  Hop over to the message boards and let me know which parts were new to YOU and you think should be added to the PC section of the Lexicon.  Of course I will give credit to the readergirlz, but this way the information will be easier to find for future fans. 

Oh, and did you see the one girl who painted her room in the book covers and the top pic from the Lex?  That room was AMAZING.  I was impressed!



  1. Holy moly, you did that fast, Pel! Props to you!
    Major props to Stephenie, though. That thing was absolutely innnnsane!

  2. And her very last post was on page 131, if you wanted to add that. πŸ™‚


  3. I sadly missed the chat because of the time difference. I was in school when it was on and rushed home, but I was too late. I hope everyone enjoyed talking to Stephenie

  4. woooh, that was awesomely crazy! too many fangirls (guys).. but the best! im so glad i had exmas today, so i got home early.. at at 3pm so not some obscure hour of the night!.. those posts moved like CRAZY! unbelievable…

  5. It was insane.

    Thank you to Pel for posting the page numbers where we can read Stephenie’s responses. πŸ˜€

    She must be a super-fast typer to have answered as many questions as she did. ^_^
    The chat itself was so absurd. So many people posted nonsense and it was difficult just to keep up with the latest post. (*shakes head*)
    But overall, it was still pretty cool.

    Thank you Stephenie!

    Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween everyone!

  6. Advice for anyone who doesnt want to troll through all 131 pages (coz lets admit it, no one wants to read anything without Stephenie :P)

    Where it says page= in your URL, change it for the page you want, minus one

    e.g. page 114 is page=113, and page 100 is page=99

    πŸ™‚ hope this helps. Yay for Stephenie πŸ˜€
    xx Mallie

  7. Pel, you are a lifesaver. You saved me hours of searching through there for Stephenie’s posts– and I would have spent that much time too. One response in peticular made me squeal (no comment?). Glad I didn’t miss it! Thanks!

  8. It was really fun. Readergirlz ROCK!

  9. This was CRAZY! It was 2PM my time when this happened, but many people had come on at midnight- they were typing so frantically!

    Pel, thanks so much for the page numbers. Every couple of minutes a new page would be added, so I was lost by about page 40. Very lost.

  10. Hey. I was wondering if you are allowed to use this information in the personal correspondence section or not? Hmm. That didn’t sound right. Try again. Are any of the head people going to ask if they can condense the info and put it up on the lexicon? I was just looking at the readergirlz site and my eyes started to water by page 14. Lame I know. But do you think its possible? Maybe after a little while?

    We will be asking the readergirlz admin team for permission to do that, but at the moment we haven’t done so, the transcripts remain their intellectual property and not ours.


  11. i hope everyone has enjoyed the chat…. i missed it because i was at school.. please post everything… kissies,,

  12. where can you view it?? I am a member of the group but i can’t find the link

    Click the link in the post and look in the folder named "Stephenie Meyer"

  13. Trying to read through that chat only made me appreciate the lex so much more. It was severely out of control on there.

    So thanks you wonderful admins and mods for keeping the Lex so nice and organized. πŸ™‚

  14. IT WAS INSANE!!! I posted my questions but there was no way to get choosen hahaha… anyway, I think there were some really good questions and I hope you can add them to your Q&A

    By the way… I can’t restraing myself to comment this… ONE MORE TIME… WITH FEELING …

    I have that one on a BonJovi Video… Bad Medicine… OMG! You make me laugh!

    I do understand and support the Lex admins and mods… I hope everybody does it as well.

  15. God Bless Pel and Mallie!

  16. That was so cool that Stephanie could do that. ANd when i read that shes taking a plane to Toronto tommorow I almost died because Im going to her book signing tommorow and im so excited πŸ˜€

  17. That was so much fun! My friend and I got our kids to bed. She came over to the house and we began the chase. I actually got my questions answered. She was so kind to take the time to do this. Thank you for keeping up the Lex!

  18. Here are all the page numbers from readergirlz:

    4, 14, 20, 22, 35, 40, 44, 50, 74, 78, 87, 90, 93, 95, 100, 101, 105, 108, 111, 113, 117, 119, 120, and 130

  19. Oh, I completely forgot about it!! I’m not a member of Myspace (it’s too “trendy” for me), but my sister is, and I meant to tell her about it. Even though she doesn’t have internet access where she currently lives…okay, nevermind!

    By the way, kudos to the mods for how sctrict they’re getting. I have a short temper and I want to kill (or at least punch) every girl that is repeatedly sending you emails about casting or acting like Stephenie owns this site, which clearly she doesn’t. Keep it up!


    We appreciated your tips before the chat and your support through it. It was a blast to host so many of your members!

    I’ve transcribed Stephenie’s answers into two threads at our group forum (part one and part two) and dropped the whole piece into a blog. She was fantastic. How can I love her more? I do!

    So glad to meet you and discover your awesome site! Best to you each!

    Lorie Ann Grover
    readergirlz diva/author
    Hold Me Tight

  21. Midnightsun-09 says:


    i did “chat” with her, even tho i don’t think she saw my comments, hehe, anyway! it was cool knowing she was online! ;D

  22. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  23. Oh my goodness! Fast work, ladies!! It was INSANE in there, and I’m so happy that you got it all up so quickly!

    And, side squee: she answered my questions! yaaay!

  24. Ha ! Ha ! She answered my questions ! SHE TALKED TO ME !

  25. What page was the painted room on!?


    i was JIM pretending to be dwight for halloween (im a girl though)

    now thats a huge coincidence!

  27. On page 113, the room with the amazing painted walls is the the 4th post down.

  28. . . . . That’s my room. And I just had a heart attack from being mentioned on the Lex. .

  29. I saw that you posted the link for the stephenie meyer answered questions, but where is the link for the whole thing??


  30. MissClaudiaCullen says:

    I stayed up late to chat with Stephenie Meyer and it was really really disorganized. I thought it could have been better. But it was just my opinion. Other than that, it was cool, and amazing.

  31. NenaCullen says:


    Your room is amazing, if I didn’t share mine with my husband I would have an mural artist come and do the same to mine. It is beautiful and you have definitely won Fan # 1 of the week ( in my list, lol)
    We had such a good time last night… I didn’t even post anything… after 2 minutes into the chat, I realized Stephenie was not going to be able to go past the first 10 pages. I really admire her, I can’t imagine what’s like to be in her shoes…

  32. NenaCullen: Thank you πŸ™‚ My mom did it for me while I was away in California with a friend.
    It was, however, totally expensive ): The only reason this lady even did mine is because she liked my mom. . o.O

  33. Taylor—- Just wondering if you could post the picture of your room on here? so I dont have to look the the chat

  34. The room was just amazing! I wish I had mine like that πŸ˜› It would be a dream come true.
    But Holy Crap the chat was INSANE!. i got like maybe 4-5 posts in there and not even questions…just telling ppl to slow down. God, poor Stephenie. Jeez.
    But, it was GREAT! we were online at the same the same chat! I can totally live with that!

  35. Uhmm.


    I’m not positive if I can. You mean as in right here? I don’t want Pel to whack me with the that Scepter of Doom thingy ma bobber. .

  36. First: thank you Lex Mods you rock
    Second: thanks readergirlz for condensing it into a blog
    Third: the question was asked what was new…well only one thing kinda stuck out to me…answering the question about Edwards hesitancy to talk about Tanya, she wouldn’t say a word. I guess i hadn’t payed much attention to the whole silence being significant

  37. Thank you for posting this, you really are wonderful human beings …

  38. Clairbear says:

    . . . . ThatΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’s my room. And I just had a heart attack from being mentioned on the Lex. .”

    Your room was AWESOME!!! As I share with my sister (lucky me, not!) i would never be allowed to do anything like that…so now i share the twilight love! my mom and aunt have been forced into reading the books, and now love them…hehehe

  39. Taylor- I wouldn’t want you to get Pel smacked =) Maybe it would be ok to post pictures of your room in the message boards under Flight To Phoenix>Twilight Fan Art. Maybe you should ask Pel first. But Im sure alot of people would love to see your room and tell you how awsome it is!!!

  40. Alright, well, we’re girls here, so we just had to ask…
    I mean, since the vampires can smell fresh blood and all….
    Thank you,
    Two of your ‘number one biggest fans’.

  41. “Oh, and did you see the one girl who painted her room in the book covers and the top pic from the Lex? That room was AMAZING. I was impressed!”

    Oh, does anyone have a link to that? I’d like to see it. =D

  42. Marie Grace says:

    Yeah I saw that room!! It was simply fabulous!! I can’t imagine how long and how much work that must have taken!!!

  43. Jenniferiffic says:


    . . . . ThatΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’s my room. And I just had a heart attack from being mentioned on the Lex. .”

    Were you at my Eclipse online release party? If so, I remember your room! If not…someone has stolen your bedroom artist! Either way, it was AMAZING.

    That readergirlz chat was AWFUL, though! Stephenie and the Divas were great, but there were so many people there and so many nonsense questions! There was even a boy posing as Stephenie and posting really rude and obscene things. Again, Stephenie was so great, though, even after being out trick or treating with her kids.

  44. I think all in all the readergirlz chat went well enough. Can you imagine how many people were in there? Of course it was crazy because everyone wanted to post something all at once πŸ™‚ Some of the people were asking questions that have been answered a billion times over… but they are probably new to the twilight world. I for one had a really great time. I think the Diva’s at Readergirlz are amazing. If anyone ever gets the chance, you should go participate in one of their other chats… not quite as insane as the SM one was and always really fun πŸ™‚

  45. ok i just have to throw this out to see who agrees!!
    i think that camilla bella(main girl in new when a stranger calls)should play bella!! ( i mean her last name is even bella!! think about it!!)

  46. ^It’s Belle. πŸ™‚ ^^

  47. Yeah, I was at the online release pary. Making fun of Tony πŸ™‚

    And I think the readergirlz chat was fun; hectic, but fun. She’s got a ton of fans. .I wish that the pages didn’t move so fast though. I wanted her to see my room D:

  48. Jenniferiffic says:

    I’m sure Alphie and Pel were impressed enough by your room that they’d try to show it to Stephenie some time, Taylor. I agree that it’s a shame the chat moved so quickly!

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