Banner and Signature Warning

Due to my own crazy busy schedule, I haven’t been able to keep as tight a watch on people who go over the banner and signature size in the last month. Some new members haven’t seen the rules and some old members seem to have been taking advantage of my negligence. Because this is partially my fault, I am giving everyone twenty-four (24) hours (aka one day) notice to fix it. If you need to review our regulations, you can check out this thread in the Accident Prone forum: Avatar and Signature Rules

Anyone who is still in violation of these rules after tomorrow at 5:30 PM EST will have their signatures replaced by me. And it isn’t going to be with a pretty one.

Please remember that this is a free site. Alphie and Pel keep this server going with their own money and neither me, nor any of our moderators are paid to help run it. You have no idea how much you can help by simply following the posting and forum guidelines we have in place.

Thanks, guys.

Edited to add: Please note that I said anyone and not everyone. With over 11,000 members, it is quite impossible for me to track down every single person whose banner and/or signature is too big. So, if you get whacked by the fugly banners tomorrow and you see someone who got off clean, please don’t yell at me.

Edited by pel

Folks I’ll make it simple:

 Big banners=big bandwith=crashing lexicon (and if Seraphyn had just replaced the banner with no heads up we’d have even more whining.)

100+ emails/pms/actual resumes in our PO BOX from 16-year-old and their psychotic stage mothers=we can’t find PM’s and emails from people who have legit suggestions, problems, requests.

2 front page posts that aren’t all fluffy amongst a month of other items don’t make it a negative site, but if that’s how you feel no one is forcing you to stay here. As Seraphyn, said 11,000 members on a volunteer site. You don’t like it, our front page is a downer on your day, no problem go someplace else.


  1. so we get a bad posting yesterday and another one today, it sure brings down and makes me feel like visiting this website less and less every day

  2. Sunshine Rouge says:

    Good for you, there are a lot of others websites you can visit (check out the links section!), but I will assure you, that this is the best one; the most organized, with the best content…and all of this, for free. I don’t know the people that run this website, but I’m sure it’s a lot of work and all they ask of us, it’s to follow some rules, that in the end are also for our benefit (a clean, organized website). I’m not attacking you or anything, just saying what I think about the post, you have the right to have your opinion.

  3. I understand that this is your web site and that you’re running it all for the fans (which I appreciate, I visit this place almost every day:) ) but you don’t have to…I don’t want to say ‘yell’ because you’re, obviously, not doing that but…scolding harshly. Especially with yesterday’s post. We understood after the first couple of sentences that you guys had no power over who gets casted in the movie. You could’ve summed up that entire post with just a simple we have no control over anything with the movie, don’t get upset because we can’t help it, comments will be disabled to block out complaints. We’re not all twelve years old.


    ~~ Considering that we have said this and said this and said it AGAIN, we are more than frustrated.  You have no idea – NO IDEA – the amount of e-mails we get HOURLY about the casting of the movie and we have gotten them for over a year now.  This isn’t the second or third time we’ve commented on it – it’s probably the 100th!  We even dedicated a section on our pet peeves Podcast MONTHS ago about the movie e-mails.  Heck, even Seth over at Stephenie’s website has posted about three times concerning the movie this month.  So I think we are all on edge.


  4. No one said you were twelve but if someone has to repeatedly tell others the same thing then the only thing to do is get more serious, and if that involves “scolding” then so be it. if no one were to listen to you when you very simply told them something over and over what would you do?

  5. I think they know we’ve matured understand that we should be responsible… and sometimes they get irritated by people. And besides, do we know its Seraphyn who posted both headlines? Seriously, people, you gotta chill.

  6. Ha – I want to see what the “fugly” banners look like!

    I don’t like the scolding either, but I can see that it is a necessity at this point. Poor mods, having to listen to teenagers whining about wanting a part in the movie. You guys truly have my sympathy.

  7. Yeah, I kind of agree with Jen. I understand that Alfie, Pel and co. are sick of people bombarding them with casting stuff, and I don’t blame them. But all of these strongly worded posts/updates everyday are kind of making the site seem uber strict or something. This is still the best Twilight fansite out there and I couldn’t live without it, but they could at least make a post that said “Happy Halloween” or something to go along with the banner statement.

  8. The thing is, if you follow the rules – the “scolding” doesn’t apply to you. The struck bird flutters, so to speak. This site is here as a courtesy and service to you and the mods have every reason to get frustrated (and express it) when they feel taken advantage of. They are under no obligation whatsoever to make sure your feelings aren’t hurt or that their comments are sugar coated. If the “feel good-ness” of the site is briefly stinted, it is the people who are taking unfair advantage or just being annoying who should be blamed, not the moderators.

    -from a lurker who is here most every day

  9. I completely agree with Alicia, at least one nice sentence to make this last post seem a little less harsh could have made the difference between all these negative comments and supportive ones. but seriously two bad posts…when was the last time I read something on here that I felt was really informative? im not sure.

    If you want informative, try the other 20 posts this month. If you don’t like it here there are plenty of other places you can go. If the message on the front page doesn’t apply to you, no big deal, move on.