The movie…one more time…with feeling

There is no more casting info available. The last we heard, it’s being handled the way over 90% of films are. This means they are looking for professional actors, with experience, who have agents who represent them. This does not mean they are going to cast someone really famous who everyone knows, and it doesn’t mean they are going to cast an unknown.

What is means is that they are going to cast someone with training (either via camera technique classes, acting classes, who has been in film/TV or all of the above) who knows it’s not all bright lights and glory. They can hit a mark, find their light, hold up under multiple takes, hold character and performance level in a story arc shot out of sequence, know how to deal with close ups vs. long shots, etc. etc. It further wouldn’t surprise us if they cast people who were already 18 so that they don’t have to worry about child labor laws and schooling on set. The producers have the time to film a movie not teach Acting For Film 101. In general no one casts someone with utterly no experience of any kind to play the leading teenage role  where they will be in practically every scene in a multi-million dollar movie that is the adaptation of a bestselling novel.  There’s way too much at risk.

You may think this unfair, shortsighted,…heck you can think whatever you you want, regardless, that’s the way it is. Stomp your feet, throw a pillow, scream out the window release the frustration, whatever you need to do. In case you’ve never experienced this phenomena before, welcome to the real world, life is not fair.

If they want to cast a smaller role in a different way than usual For example, perhaps they might want someone who is actually a physically challenged Native American to play Billy Black (I’m not saying they do this is ONLY AN EXAMPLE.) The producers will reach out to organizations that are best suited to contact members of whatever group they are seeking.

Mailing, emailing, calling, complaining to, sending you resume to the Lexicon, Stephenie Meyer, Summit Films(unless you are a pro going through standard process, in which case you are probably laughing and shaking your head at all of this.) does nothing to help you get a role.  Most of the above is guaranteed to do one thing and one thing alone: DRIVE US CRAZY to the point that if casting were in our hands you would be the last person on the planet we’d ever recommend. Bombarding any of us with these things only serves to slow us down with what we regularly do. So, if you would like a website run efficiently (And I assume a new book written and a movie made, since we do not speak for Summit or Stephenie on this I can only guess what they have to deal with given what our mailbag looks like.) sometime before you are older than Edward, STOP PESTERING PEOPLE.

I am leaving the comments off, because really there is nothing more to say.   Any comments on the movie made in a front page post that does not specifically involve the movie will be deleted.