Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Paul

Status: Werewolf / Shapeshifter

Date of Birth: Sometime in 1990 (NM7)

Originally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: dark

Height: Around 6′ 4″ (NM7)

Physical Description: In New Moon, Jacob says that “Paul’s just sixteen, too, shorter than me and not as beefy as Quil.” (NM7 p. 174), although Bella remembers Paul, Sam and Jared from her rescue in the woods as “a trio of tall dark men standing very still and close together.” (NM7 p. 174) As a wolf, Paul appears in this way: “Dark silver fur blew out from the boy, coalescing into a shape more than five-times his size—a massive, crouched shape, ready to spring.” (NM14 p. 325)

Occupation: Protector of La Push

Family Members: Rachel Black (girlfriend)

Nick Names:


Personal History:  Prior to his transformation, Paul did not associate with Sam, but afterwards, Paul spent a lot of time with Jared and Sam, cliff diving and ensuring the safety of the neighborhood as part of Sam’s “cult” (NM7 p 177). Once Jacob joins the pack, his opinion of Paul improves somewhat: “Jared and Paul are great, too, though Paul is kind of …” (NM12 p. 288).

Paul’s defining characteristic is his temper. When Bella shows up to an impromptu pack meeting, Paul gets angry and explodes into his werewolf form – this is the first time Bella witnesses a transformation (NM14 p. 325). Paul and Jacob fight during this confrontation; although Jacob is a “newer” wolf, he is the one to injure Paul. Despite the wound, Jacob and Paul return to Emily’s house after the scuffle in a good mood. (NM14 p. 334). (EC3). When the Cullens and the wolf pack are tracking Victoria, Emmett and Paul get into an altercation when Emmett accidentally crosses the land boundary (EC3 p. 79, EC4 p. 106).

Paul’s second most striking personality trait is his love of food. At the Quileute council session, Paul covets Jacob’s hot dog and gets irritated when Jacob is slow to hand it over (EC11 p. 239). After imprinting on Jacob’s sister Rachel when she returns to La Push after finishing university, Paul spends a lot of time at the Black residence, eating and eating, to Jacob and Billy’s chagrin (BD8 p. 145, BD9 p. 165). Paul’s relationship with Rachel Black seems to mellow him out and decrease the amount of angry outbursts he is prone to having. (BD8 p. 147) He can still get agitated, such as when the pack learns about the half-vampire baby-to-be, but he is much more controlled, and focuses on the upcoming potential battle against the Cullens with eagerness (BD10 p. 200, 203 / BD11 p. 207).

Paul can be a decent communicator when the situation calls for it. Paul uses his pack link to let Jacob’s sister and father know Jake is safe after meeting with the Cullens with a very pregnant Bella (EC10 p. 198). Paul also accompanies Jared, Quil and Collin as Sam’s representatives to talk to Jake and his new pack (BD13 p. 256)

Portrayed in the films by: Alex Meraz

Prepared by: Lady Di