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Direct from Stephenie’s Website:

"With the Twilight movie in pre-production, there have been a lot of rumors floating around in regards to a script, casting information and shooting locations. There will not be an open casting call for the movie (please note, Stephenie is not responsible for casting the movie) — all auditions are being held within the Screen Actors Guild. We are working closely with Summit Entertainment to ensure that Stephenie’s website will have the most up-to-date and accurate movie information."

So folks, what that means unless you are a SAG member, (and even then if you are a SAG member, you know that having great representation, connections, and luck have a lot to do with it to.) the roles in Twilight are not up for grabs for the general public.

Also, if want to participate in the Halloween chat, you have to join the readergirlz MySpace group to participate.  So if you are not a member of that MySpace group, join it this weekend in case there is slow processing time.

EDITED TO ADD (10-28-07): I have disallowed comments on this topic. The front page is NOT the place to carry on conversations, movie related or otherwise. And, as a side note, please be polite to each other on this site.


  1. oOOOOOOOoooooo i’m excited it’s going through! ahhh!

  2. Ok that is totally sad I got my parents convinced to drive me all the was to where ever they were holdinng adissions if it was with in a 3 state radius!

  3. Sorry I can not spell so my last post is kinda hard to read!

  4. Now I’m really nervous I don’t like the idea of someone who’s not an unknown playing bella… ummm.

  5. I think they just made the worst mistake … This movie is really gonna end like Eragon did… awesome book, horrible movie…

  6. Uh oh- this movie is truly doomed for an end like Eragon.
    There would have been SO many more options if there had been an open casting. Also, it’s somewhat unreasonable that the auditions are being held merely within SAG, right? I really hope that they still manage to pick an unknown within SAG.

    I guess all we can hope for is that they will not attempt to create movies out of New Moon and Eclipse- because god knows what THAT will end in; certainly nothing good.

  7. Hey now! Don’t doubt just yet, they could pick somebody good for Bella and the movie wont come out as bad as you think it will. It could be good!

  8. Well, Eragon was a terrible book to begin with, so without a massive rewrite, the movie was bound to suck. As for Twilight, it’s 50/50. There are many, “unknown” actors within the SAG and let’s face it, a few well-known actors is going to increase public interest in the movie. Regardless, I can’t wait to see it on the big screen! :>

  9. i like the idea of someone unknown being picked for the parts. That way people cannot sit there and scream about how the movie is going to be ‘bad’ just because someone they didnt want playing a certain character got picked. *facedesk* at least i am hoping people won’t be doing that.

  10. Movie chat at midnight?!
    How ridiculous.
    Jeez, we have school the next day!

  11. inlovewithedwardforever says

    no open casting calls? *sob*

  12. I know!!! What? Why no open casting? SAG is REALLY expensive to join as well O.o

  13. Stop freaking out, people. The SAG is 120,000 people. There are about 50 A-list actors (the “knowns”) in Hollywood today, and about 15 major teenaged(ish) “known” actors out there–and most of them are hot guys who can’t actually act.

    So stop freaking out and wait until the casting is finished. If they cast Zac Efron as Edward and Amanda Bynes as Bella, I won’t stop you from rioting.

  14. I really think people are just getting a little testy because they thought, “OMG!!! I am totally going to play Bella!!! I’m so talented!!!! It’s really a shame that I am old enough to play her yet still can’t get my driver’s license!! MOM!!!”. Seriously. People are just irritated because they wanted to be Bella or Alice or whoever and now that their “talent” isn’t going to be in the movie, it is doomed to fail. It’s time for everyone to grow up and realize that the people in SAG are quite talented and will do an amazing job.

  15. dear goodness edward!!! says

    I agree with Hunter!

  16. They are doing this because they want to hire professionals. There are plenty of people to pick from within SAG so lets not get all huffy just yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think it is EXCITING that the movie is moving forward!

  17. Really, everyone needs to calm themselves. Although it’s unfortunate that there won’t be open auditions, I still have hope that the SAG will do their best to cast talented actors. Unless, like Lomesir22 said, they cast Zac Effron and Amanda Bynes, in which case, I’ll lead the hissy fit myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I agree with Hunter and Georgia-

    It’s going to be better to have a- possibly- semi known actress or actor that can actually act and pull off our beloved characters instead of completely unknown people that look very similar to the characters but can not act.

    What would be more disappointing: Someone we know as an actor? Or someone that can’t act?

    /ends rambling

    I’m personally excited for the making of this movie.. It will be something to occupy ourselves with until Breaking Dawn!!!!

  19. I think that they should all be unknown because most people will already have an opinion on the actors, if they are known and then no one will like everyone in the cast. If it unknown then everyone will have to see the movie to see if they like the new ones!

  20. this is so stupid. I’m an actress and i look exactly like Bella but i cant afford to be in the SAG. i tried before but it costs over 2000 dollars. but I’m still a really good actress and was qualified for it. honestly. i’ve been looking forward to auditioning for over a year. i cried when i heard the news this is completely unfair. The author of the clique series FOUGHT for her fans to have a chance to audition for the clique movie so the movie company had this online audition contest going on. Why can’t stephanie do the same? This is lame. I’m not even going to bother watching the movie… they’ll screw it up like they did Eragon.

  21. Ok. So. Seriously? Eragon could not be saved, no matter who they cast for the roles.

    And as for choosing to cast professional actors… I’m glad. Open auditions are a lot of hassle, and a lot of the people there are less than brilliant. I’d rather have good actors play the parts than just people who *really, really, really* like the books. For those who just can’t afford to join SAG… getting a little more experience may help. There are plenty of movies/shows/comercials that *do* have open casting, and if you’re good you’ll get the parts. Then $2000 should be a breeze to earn.

  22. crankthatblackparade says

    i think the perfect edward is Gerard Way!! he is soooooooo smexxii!!!! i luv gee (short for gerard) soooooooo much!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  23. I think its good they are using professionals for this movie.
    if they didn’t, the movie would be totally screwed up and it would not have been worth the wait.

  24. I am so excited but who is bella and edward i think
    Gaspard Ulliel should be Edward he was great in Hannbial and he will be great in twilight and Emily Browning shounld be Bella she is so great she can get the emotion out at the time she would be so great and they would work together and it would be a great movie i mean thats who i think should be Edward and Bella the rest i dont care alls i care about is getting to watch the movie an read the rest of the books i cant wait its going to be so good i hope it comes out soon PLEASE HURRY
    I cant wait another minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. yes i am a little upset that they arnt having open auditions but i do think the girl “yvette” is kinda putting it unfair. becuase i thouht i could have been bella and every one has their own opinion. and its just fate i guess but im still deff. gonna watch the movie i just hope its gonna turn out good cause on imdb it says horror and action and no romance?! yep.
    but wait does any one no

    what are the qualifications to be a SAG member?

  26. Well I personally was hoping that they would make Twilight a movie, but I also dont want them to, because it could turn out like Eragon. I also wish it was a producer that was very “well known”, like the producer that did Bridge to Taribithia. They did an Excellent job! It actually followed the book, im very excited to see how this so called movie is going to turn out wether its bad or not because, hello we all still have the books we know how it goes. So if it follows the book, GREAT! If it dosn’t then, OH WELL! Any one agree?

  27. I agree with Natasia i also think that we should all calm down about who bella is going to be! Im sure they will do a good job on picking her and im pretty sure almost ALL of us girls that have read the book think that “we” would do a good job because durning the books i pictured myself as bella yet i dont look a thing like Stephanie describes her so relax, if you think you look like bella or would do “the perfect job” think again and make sure, because you could be wrong!

  28. i agree with both! but i also think i really would do a good job as mike newton! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. The qualifications for SAG are:

    1. Proof of employment (in a film-related job that is affiliated with SAG)
    2. $2,277 initial fee, and $58 semi-annual fees
    3. $116 in annual dues, +1.85% of earnings from SAG contracts

    Plus, obviously they go over all the applications and things and they can still decline membership. It’s pretty safe to say that all the SAG actors are professionals and should do a good job on the movie.

    Also, it is nice to cast from SAG because it is an actors’ union, and they help make sure working conditions and payments are fair and so on. Support the unions!

  30. Who cares who’s in the movie, as long as they portray the characters well and the movie is not wrecked then it’s all good.

  31. A good example of “unknowns” with SAG affiliation getting a leading role and (in my opinion) pulling it off are Rupert Grint(SAG from Thunderpants) Dan Radcliffe (SAG from The Tailor of Panama) in Harry Potter.

  32. sasha- or however you spell it-dont feel like checking

    i can afford to be a SAG member if i saved up my money. i get a lot of jobs, etc and am paid a lot. im qualified for it and almost became one. but i choose to put my money somewhere were it would be more worth it. im choosing to save it for college, etc.

    i think its completely unfair and there are millions of actresses who agree. Stephanie should let her fans try out, just to give them a chance. It’s a lot of hassle but its worth it.

    and as for the girl who says she pictured herself as bella but didnt look anything like stephanie described…. i pictured myself as bella too, and look like what steph described. i actually met her and she told me personally that i have the same lips, hair, complexion of face that she pictured bella to have. i turned really red when she said that and when i did she said that that just proved her point.

  33. I think that they should not even make the movie because they would have to skip things in the book and no one can play Edward well enough. And also I am very oppinonated so I am going to dislike it if they do not use the book as the scriped (which they won’t sadly)

  34. the REAL bella! says

    [sarcasm] I’m like, sooooooo upset! i TOTALLY should have been Bella. Okay, I’m like 3 years younger than her but everybody tells me I look like her at 17. Plus, i like go to a small town school and have a boyfriend that’s named Edward too, except he isn’t a vampire, cuz we all know those don’t exist. Duhs! But i totally look like Bella and I bet that no SAG member looks like her! I get told all the time, walking up the streets or when I’m shopping at a camping supply store. Oh and I totally have a truck just like her! Except it’s newer and I can’t drive it yet but I will when i get my license. I act all the time in all the dramas in my school and they always tell me i’m like the best! Anyways, this sucks! I AM BELLA! the movie peoples are making a HUGE mistake!!! *pout*[/sarcasm]

    *rolls eyes*

  35. no affence but Yvette i think ur too full of urself. yeah u can b a great actress well i think i am one too no need to go out and be like OMG I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BELLA blah blah blah

  36. I have a friend who is like totally just like Bella and i wanted to see her in the movie but Oh well! It is so funny she likes guy named Edward who gose to our school and she is old enough to play her!! She is also an amazing actress what is even more sad is that she was a SAG member untill last summer!!!

  37. just me-
    haha no im not full of myself. i was just respond to a message some girl said before.

    yea, im an actress.
    and no i never once said “i should have been bella”
    i merely mentioned the fact that i look like her and that stephanie confirmed that as well.

    and talliana-
    that is so sad!
    what happened? i mean why isnt she is SAG any more?

  38. oh my gosh!
    i was just online
    looking up some more information for the bella casting call thingy

    and i found this –

    steven strait isnt going to be jacob?
    *sad face*
    and they also have an example of the script…

    in my opinion, it sucks.
    except for the part where jacob howls, i think thats pretty cute.

  39. wait so if they are looking for a jacob but they said it isnt a open casting call…that doesnt make sense! is it possible they are looking for a bella now 2? ahhh

  40. no i think that they ment it isnt a open casting call for the major roles like bella edward alice, etc.

    but jacob has one little role in twilight.
    he doesnt come in until new moon.

    but did you read the example of the script?
    what did you think of it?

    i dont like it D=.
    this got me even more worried
    *crosses fingers*
    to director- PLEASE dont mess it up like eargon.

  41. yeah i read the script. not gonna lie it is a little weird i mean it sorta worked but something not really but then again that might not b the actual script it could be one of those “fakes”.
    anyway i was hoping they would have had bella audition for an open casting and edward too. that would have been exciting but to join sag it is reallllllly hard. besides the whole money thing i think u need to have done like a commercial and been in movies or w.e

  42. yea i dont like it either.
    but your right it might not be the final one
    maybe they just put one together really quick for the jacob audition tapes.

    im not going to join sag. i was about to about 2 days ago but then i decided to just leave fate to it. i also decided that i didnt want to a part of something that was so… idk how to say it but judgemental maybe? i hate it when people separte others into “groups” so i hated it when they decided that the only actors they would consider for bella would be from the sag “group” and then even if you do join sag the chances of you getting the part of bella are reallly slim so yea. i dont think it would be worth it.

    if you wanted to and if you were willing to pay and all that jazz then you could fake a resume and say you were an… extra or something in like The Breakup.they dont check up on extras. people do that all the time. or they say they were in some production that they themselves just made up. but be careful doing that..

    haha why are you suddenly so nice?
    you were so bitchy to me before.

    urghh g2g 21st century issues honors project to do D=

  43. haha iwasnt bitchy i just thought u got a little ahead of urself. and maybe also i was a little mad they didnt have open casting either
    lol ok have fun on that project

  44. Hunter-

    I think you should back it up, that was really uncalled for. A lot of us are NOT getting aggrevated because we don’t get to play Bella- a lot of us don’t even look somewhat like Bella.

    Just for the record, in response to your overreactive, judgemental comment, I don’t think I should play Bella, nor do I want to. We are more concerned at what HOLLYWOOD does to books- and specifically, what it will do to Twilight.
    We KNOW some people from the SAG are talented, emphasis on SOME. The fear is that some talentless pretty boy/girl will be cast in a main role.

    Additionally, I am old enough for my license and much more-and yes, I do have my license. I think you should keep your big trap shut and refrain from rambling on issues you barely understand. Incidentally, you sound very clued in, like you were speaking from a personal point of view with that big rant. That sounds about right.

  45. Also- PLEASE nobody else say Gerard Way should be cast as Edward. No. NO! Edward is NOTHING like Gerard Way, appearance or otherwise. This cannot go on.

  46. vampirelvr says

    yvette, this is for you.
    you are way too full of yourself, and personally i don’t believe that stephenie said that about you. and i am sure you are a good acress, but there are alot of ppl out there in the SAG that would be a million times better than you, so just give it up. you think way to much of yourself. sorry to break it to you, but it’s true

  47. vampirelvr says

    and ppl, this movie is going to turn out great. i know that they screwed up eragon, but this isn’t eragon, is it?

  48. Umm… isn’t everyone being a bit hard on Yvette?? I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by what she said. And who is better/worse is a individual definition- no two people would think alike on the matter

  49. Tina,

    Relax, it’s just my opinion. I’m not forcing it on anyone.

  50. Back to the subject I’m not really sure who is in the SAG exactly, that part confused me. And then someone up above me ^ said there are only fifteen teen actors in the entire thing, or did I read that wrong? How are they going to choose practically the entire cast from that?? I wish seth’s messages on Steph’s website weren’t so cryptic, or I wish the production company would give them more news! It does suck that there isn’t going to be an open casting call, I would have totally been there, if not for the part of bella, maybe for the part of Jessica or Angela. Oh well, you can’t win at everything…