Halloween Happenings

There’s a lot going on this Halloween, and I don’t just mean the collection of candy and parties.

  1. Eclipse releases in the UK, Ireland, and Spain. According to Crepúsculo, the Spanish version of the Lexicon, Stephenie will videotape a special message to her Spanish fans that will be played at the FNAC bookstores.
  2. Also on Halloween, Stephenie will be doing a chat via the readergirlz site. The Chat is at 12:00 midnight Eastern USA time, 11:00pm Central, 10:00pm Mountain, and 9:00pm Pacific.  That would be 5:00am November 1 and 6:00am November 1 for the UK and Europe mainland folks. I tried to do the Australian conversion (Are you 14 or 16 + hours at this time of year?)and I think its around 2:00pm on November 1.
  3. If you are going as Edward, Bella, Jake, the Cullens,  or anyone from the Twilight Saga to a Halloween Party this year. Let me know (pelirroja_ljc@yahoo.com). We’ll put up some pictures of the different characters as we get them.

Speaking of parties, we just added something to the Twilight Lexicon Shop. The other day a friend was mentioning that her daughter was having a Twilight Themed party, but there were no Twilight invitations out there. Well, now there are invitations, thank you notes, and even signs to put in your lawn for your very own Twilight themed party.


  1. Wow thanks for trying the Aussie conversion lol, we’re 10 hours ahead of GMT andd.. yeah we’re 14 hours ahead of New York (if that helps? I don’t know)

    This sounds like so much fun 😀 Can’t wait to tune into Stephenie’s chat

  2. I did a google search for time differences as I live in Brisbane, Australia… Apparently you subtract the given number of hours to/from Brisbane time to get the time in these cities. New York was – 14 hours from Brisbane time. Please note that by November, daylight saving would have started in Sydney, so us in Brissie still deduct 14.

    Gee that was technical… So I guess that means 2pm on November 1st would be correct for Brissie, but I guess it would be 3pm in Sydney.

  3. NUuuuuuuuu!!! that puts the chat during school hours for me x_x i’ll see if i can get out of going to classes for the whole day 😀 damned 14-hours time difference!!!

  4. It’s so cool that so many of you guys are from places other than the US! I love England and Australia! I think they are so awesome and I want to live there some day! It’s also good to get some variety in the fandom.
    The chat will be at 9pm for me! Yipee! Except it’s a school day and I’ll need to get some sleep! Do you think readgirlz will put the chat up afterwards?

  5. ummmm australia’s GMT +10, so wat time does that make it?

  6. The UK Eclipse release date is Hallowe’en? Because the bookstores here in England all got Eclipse in last week …

  7. I got Eclipse 2 1/2 weeks ago. I think the boxed edition which has all three books comes out on the 1st.

    I’m going to have to wake up early on the 1st. 5 in the morning!! if i’m going to catch it but sleep deprivation at school for this is sooooo worth it!!

  8. I am so exitet of the next books. I couldn´t wait for them. It is so crazy… I have never read a book before which was so interesting and cool.
    I am German and I´m not really good in English, so I have to wait… The 4th book appears in February 2008 in Germany.
    It´s a pity. 🙁
    I am exitet because of the film, too…

  9. I’m a bit of a weirdo, so I have to ask…
    Can Vampires have sex?
    Just curious…

  10. readingispassion says:

    haha the answer to your question is on one of the personal correspondences, Keeke..idk which one so ill just say the answer is yes

    and about this chat with Stephenie…wont it get like all backed up or something with so many people wanting to chat?

  11. Thank you, readingispassion!!

  12. This sound like so much freakin fun except for the fact the i can’t do it because Me and my friend are going as the volturi! Oh welll…

  13. That sounds like fun! Me and like 9 other girls from my school are acually having our own twilight party! We’re probably going to send you pictures of Bellas, Edwards, (not up to my personal standards of course) and all of the other characters! I myself will be going as Alice. We are so much alike it’s not even funny! Anyways, I can’t wait to see everybody else’s pictures!!! 😀

  14. those party decorations are probably the best thing ive ever seen! :):):)

  15. will you guys be able to post it on here, like the other Q and A? That would be very helpful because i don’t think im going to be able to make it with school and everything. The time difference really stinks…..

  16. edwardluvr says:

    my friends and i are going as the voltrui YAAAAAAAAA!!!!
    its going to be ffffffunnnnn!!!

  17. vampirelvr says:

    i have the same concern as readingispassion, won’t there be so many ppl on the site that it will get backed up or soooo busy that you have to wait for like an hour efore you can talk to her?
    o and ya edwardluvr and i are also going as the voltrui!!! haha we already got our capes and everything… SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  18. vampirelvr says:

    o ya, edwardluvr, i think i am going to borrow my brothers black dress for it. LOL 😉

  19. grrr. i cant find vampire fangs to fit over my braces. stupid orthodontics…..

  20. Sydney and Melbourne will be 3pm according to Daylight saving. Sound good!.

    Enjoy! ;0)

  21. Well, technicaly Natahlie, you don’t have to worry about your braces since none of the Twilight vampires have fangs. (But if you seriously wanted fangs that would fit over your braces I’d personaly try some small non-brand name halloween store. They always have the perfect things for costumes. 🙂 ) Anyways best of luck with that! 😀

  22. Lee, are you sure it’ll be 3 pm?? x_x
    i hate this whole time thing.

  23. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Woohoo, Twilight-themed party swag! Love it, love it, love it. 😀

    And double yay for all the Halloween Eclipse releases!

  24. I really want to be in the chat but I have dial-up…=[ It’s going to kill my computer. xD ahh well.
    Then I want to dress up as one of the cullens…but, I have no idea who and none of my friends want to do it with me…shesh.
    I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!

  25. Emma (telefreak) says:

    12 at night?!?! CRUD!

    Will someone please post it afterwards. I don’t think I can stay up that late on a school night. Thanks so much!

  26. OMG!!!!! me n’ friend are going as vampires. i can’t WAIT!!
    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FOURTH BOOK!!!!!!!!! everyone in my drama class is reading the books. its like if you haven’t read twilight ur a NOBODY!!

  27. I can’t wait for the Readergirlz chat… They are always fun, and with SM it will be beyond AWESOME!

    Also… those decorations and invitations are great! I am SO going to get all those for my next birthday… and I will be 28…

  28. dis is my first comment on this site so its kinda exiting because i love it. but i have to go know (im at skool)

  29. yeah

  30. lol ashlee. i was at skool too.
    anyways um… for sending pix to pel do we HAVE to dress up as one of the Cullens or can we be any vampire???? does anyone know?

  31. I’m with Emma!
    Jeez! Why 12 at night??
    I mean, On a regular day fine…..but I have to wake up at 5!! O.O
    oh well, at least steph is doing it, right?
    I’ll do my best to make it!

    Thanks for keeping us informed! =D

  32. haha, i was thinking as going as jane….

  33. srry, i just did that wrong, i meant

    * i was think OF going as Jane for Halloween

  34. emma and cami1219-

    i have the same problem as you……..stupid school!

  35. inlovewithedwardforever says:


  36. Is anyone having trouble accessing the message board link? I can’t access it for some reason?!

  37. Lomesir22 says:

    Ugh. Jasper’s hacked the message boards again, I can’t find today’s Mutts ANYwhere, and I didn’t save any money by switching to Geico.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Halloween chat, though. 🙂

  38. ForeverLove says:

    LOL @ Lomesirs post about switching to Geico, and I’m having the same issues.:(

  39. All four comics are available here:


  40. whyyyyyy arent the message boards working?!?!?!

  41. nissanmama says:

    Rumor has it that Jasper hacked them, probably to get Alice to spend some time with him. I’m sure they’ll be back up and running A.S.A.P.

  42. I am soooooo very excited for the Q&A on Halloween. I have told my husband that I will be off as of 8:45p.m. I am very sad that the boards have been down. I wish Jasper would just find another way to get Alice’s attention.

  43. Well as soon as Jasper finds a good way to get my attention i’ll let you guys know. lol 🙂
    (Alice rocks!!!:) )

  44. im being victoria for halloween, any ideas?

  45. Why’s it always gotta be Jasper?? *sigh* That boy is so misunderstood! Either way I want the message boards back! Oh, and can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes.

  46. aww yeah firestar, he should find another way to get her attention…
    gosh. im on holiday for once and now the boards are down! perfect *grumble*

  47. Sophie Cullen says:

    …It’s been three days and it’s starting to mess with my mind. Got it Jasper? Next time you want to get Alice’s attention, smash her computer. Don’t take down the rest of us too!


  48. nooo its a school day!! and my bedtime is 9–that’s when the chat is starting for me. grrr. will there be a chat log thingy so people who missed the chat can see what questions were asked and the answers? that would be SO awesome and make me and those who cant make it feel better :]
    for halloween i could be alice…even though that’s really not what my costume was made for. i’m wearing this black dress that was supposed to be of a vampire i thinkk or something like thatt.

  49. oh great! i’m so excited to speak maybe with stephenie meyer!
    her books have a very big popularity in france it’s enormous.
    And it’s great because we’re on holidays!^^
    thanks for this information

  50. BoysfromBooks says:

    haha i consider myself lucky mine will b @ 12 midnite cuz my parents will b exhausted after trick-or-treating so i can do it as long as i can stay awake 😀

    i was gonna go as alice but it wouldnt work so….

    one more thing
    JASPER GET US BACK ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS NOW! u can get to alice any other way except sending me into a hyperventillating-phase every time i try and fail to get on the message boards!

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