Coral Gables Signing – September 15th, 2007

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry it took me a week to get this post up, but it’s been a crazy week for me. But better late than never, right?

I couldn’t possibly miss a visit by Stephenie to my home state, so I drove 500 miles to attend the Coral Gables (I know. Crazy, right?). I had planned on being there by 2:00 or 2:30, but that didn’t happen. Instead, my mom, my little sister and I arrived at 3:15 to find the War Memorial already filled with anxious Twilight fans.

We managed to get very close to the doors to the gym (mainly because we didn’t know a line was forming out the side door and around the corner of the building) and we bought our books so we could get into the signing. While we were waiting for the even to actually start I wandered around taking pictures of the line and some cool t-shirts I saw. I even ran into a lexicon member, Cami1219 (she was part of the very first group I asked to take a picture of and she recognized me instantly! I just wish she had told me who she was, but you can see a picture of us here).

Once the doors opened (around 3:40) we began to file into the gym to wait for the Q&A. I took a few pictures of the quickly growing crowd before I noticed Stephenie’s publicist walk out of a side door and start striding through the crowd, looking around for something. I yelled across the room and she finally found me. So, if you noticed three people push through the line and walk into the double doors at the front of the room with a lady in a red shirt, that was me and my family. We got to talk to Stephenie and Elizabeth for about five minutes. She signed our books and I gave them the presents I’d brought for them. Poor things were absolutely exhausted! We gave them hugs and were ushered out a side door so that Stephenie could walk out into the crowd and begin the Q&A.

Stephenie opened the Q&A by answering the questions that she has gotten on almost every stop of her tour, just to save time and then she answered more questions. I couldn’t video her responses because I don’t have a camera that takes good video, but from what I could hear, there weren’t any new questions asked. If anyone has a transcript of her questions or a video of the event, PM me a link and I’ll add it to this post.

Once the Q&A was done (4:30 PM), she began signing books. I stayed at the front of the line on some bleachers and took pictures of cool shirts/costumes/dresses that caught my eye. If you were there and you don’t see yourself in the pictures I either didn’t see you or my battery was dying. I tried to get everyone, but I’m sure I missed a few. The actual signing of books took the rest of the evening. I’m positive that she signed almost 3,000 books that day; I didn’t see anyone with only ONE book in their hands and I would bet that there were close to 1,000 people there. As soon as the last book was signed, Stephenie was ushered out of the gym. We left soon after and such is the end of my tale.

You can view the slideshow here.

If anyone has pictures that I didn’t get, send them my way! 🙂


I have received links to two photobucket albums with more pictures of the signing! Check them out!
ILL_JILL’s pictures can be found here.
floppery’s pictures can be found here.


  1. Wow 3,000 books! thats a lot sheher hand must be exausted. I’m so glad that the author of these awsome books is so good to her fans 🙂

  2. Wow! That looks like a crazy day!

    Stephenie is so great to do all this, she must be soooooooo tired now that her tour is beginning to wind down.

    Thanks for posting the slide show! I love watching these.

    Who knew I would turn into such a raging fan girl??? I am too old for this, and yet I am entirely obsessed. *smile*

  3. Yay!!! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to post that for us Seraphyn!! That truly was the best day ever! And I’m really glad I got to meet you!! Also, the slideshow was amazing! It was a perfect recap of the day!! =D I was very excited to see the pic of me on there! poor Stephenie, though! having to so many books! And yet she still managed to make her handwriting beautiful and flawless!

    Well, keep in mind that your books were, what? The second she signed that day? 😉

  4. Hey, I’m Karla and I was part of the group with Cami! I want to thank you so much for posting the picture online, and I hope Camila is happy! If anyone wants to message, my username is Rawsugar! xD

  5. Hey! I was also with Cami and Karla, but not in the picture because I didn’t make a shirt. I’m kind of in one of the ‘raising hands’ pictures though (bright pink shirt, polka dot bag and arm has a watch on it). And my friend Katherine is in a couple of the pictures to. She is the ‘AR’ in “We heart Edward”). I have the pictures that me & Cami took, but they are all so blurry because my camera sucks! But the book signing was cool. And I had only one book… but I took one of Cami’s because I felt left out (Cami had like a billion). And it was cool since we (Cami, Karla, Me and some other people: Katherin (not same as Katherine mentioned above), Krissy, Tina… and I think thats it) were the second ones there, but the third to get our books signed because this adorable little boy in a wheelchair went before us.

  6. i feel u stephenie all those poeple pressureing you on wat to and were to go lol but keep on doing the great work and cant wait tell breaking dawn comes out

  7. That’s so awesome. I really enjoyed the slideshow; thanks for sharing.

  8. Crap, my entire message didn’t go through. 🙁

    I also said: “Whoever came up with the Team Switzerland shirt is a GENIUS. I want one. *grabby hands*”

  9. OMG! I was there! *squee* I stood in line for 3 hours behing these girls dressed like the Volturi, they were so great. My dad saw this shirt that said “Edward Who?” with a dog paw print on it and said it was the funniest shirt in the whole place. It was also really funny to see all the guys looking down on all the girls from the see-through windows of the gym above. I hope Stephenie comes back next year!!!!!

  10. oooh! Caitie….that was actually seraphyn with the “Edward who” shirt!!!! =D I know, I loved it too!!!

    I also really hope Stephenie comes back next year!!! That would be the best!

  11. Thanks for the pictures, Seraphyn!

  12. The “Edward who?” shirt I was wearing was from the I Love Jacob Black after party in Phoenix. It was made by Twilight Teez for the event. I honestly don’t know if they still sell any of them or not. I think it might have been a special “event only” shirt.

  13. haha, thanks for putting my pic up. I was one of the few who took the prom theme seriously. Im in the white dress. -cries- I cant believe i missed the Q&A

  14. omg i was there!!

    look my brother is on one of the pictures i think i saw you there, you said you were sitting in the bleachers right,,,yuppers i was behind the girl with the red dress and fangs i remember you…or someone asking for her picture lol

    oh man you should’ve seen my shirt it said:
    who needs a space heater i’d rather have air conditioner 🙂

    I wish I had seen you!!! That is hilarious! Do you have any pictures of it for me to add to the post??

  15. OMG Im in a picture too! Im in the one where there are people at the signing table & there are 3 women wearing black shirts (its towards the end) but im all the way down on the left in that last black shirt

  16. I was there and it was busy..I was wearing a dark green shirt,that reminded me of Forks,and a black skirt,anyone see me? haha I had so much fun,I had the pink “Red Jumpsuit Apparatus” bag,filled with my and my sister’s books.I had fun..but noone took a pic with me,but it was a lot of fun.I got to stand in line with people who are now friends,althouth they liked Jacob and I have a preticular taste for Vampires..Jasper to be exact.Is it just me or do u picture Charlise looking like Chase from that show House MD.I do..e-mail me if u do too,or just want to talk to me.

  17. ROSE!!! I saw you,I laughed at your shirt,but dident get it…was it Anti-Jacob? ah ha I get it now,Jake is the space heater and Edward is the air conditoiner..i guess my mind was blocked by the bloody punch..that stuff was good!.

  18. Gah! I was soooo close to going!! So close!! I even saw the four girls that go to my school that went. Luckily I gave one a letter to SM before they went. It looked like fun!


  20. Stephanie (STEPHS' ROCK!) says:

    I was there! But not in the photos *cries* But my friend was the one with the Edward Cullen doll! *g*

  21. The book signing was amazing..

  22. omg!

    i was there!
    i was one of the people with the signs.
    i had the orange sign.
    my friend angie was the one with the pink sign.
    and us two got mad whenever we saw an “i love jacob” shirt, or your “edward, who?” shirt.
    me and a few of my friends are all JACOB BASHERS!!!!!!!!
    the rest of my NON-jacob basher friends all got mad at us.
    ashley, and bre.
    i also asked a question!

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