More Character Bios

I had some time before people came into the office and actually made me do work ::shudder:: so I decided to update while I could.

Clearwater, Harry

Tonight, or later this afternoon, whenever I have time, I shall complete the update on the Clearwater family. I wanted to finish Harry’s though because it was long overdue.

Mtay. That’s it for now. More later!


I had hoped to finish the Clearwater family tonight, but I only have time for one, so I shall simply add the link to this post. Here, in all her tragic glory, is Leah Clearwater.


  1. Thanks!! I am wondering when the rest of the New Moon chapter summeries will be done?

    As soon as we can get them done? Unfortunately, I don’t have a real estimate for you. If we could have someone whose sole job it was was to update the lex, it would be done yesterday. 😉

  2. That’s really sad about Harry Clearwater…. 😥

    Anyways thanks for the character bios though! Good Job! 😀

  3. Thanks for all of your hard work. It is much appreciated!!

  4. Those are great to read ! Thanks for doing it ! I still love to read about Claire… So great.
    Thanks for everyone’s sakes!

  5. omigosh you work so much…but we appreciate it, rly.

  6. Katrina9417 says:

    You do a great job on the site. I just discovered it a few days ago.

  7. edwardluvr says:

    good job on updating the bio’s its really interesting to read!

    Poor Harry!!:(

  8. Great Job. I’m glad someone does these, it gives you more insight into the characters, and more info on them.

    Would the first vampire in La Push count or does she and he need a name?

  9. thanks for updating! i jsut recently discovered this site (recommended by a friend) and just fell in love with all the stories. 😀

  10. I LOVE THESE BOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!! i hope everyone else does 2 !!

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