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I thought I’d highlight a few items that came out at recent signings:

  • There is a director, writer, producer attached to the Twilight movie project. They recently briefly met with Stephenie and mentioned that they were considering going to Forks to use it as an actual shooting location.  (NOTE TO ALL: There is no script as of yet, they are not casting it yet, and no one at the Lexicon has any pull, inside deals, uber connections…in short there is no way we can get you an audition, please don’t send us headshots, resumes, and other such info.)
  • Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater have not imprinted on each other or anyone else for that matter. Imprinting happens, if it happens, the first time you see the imprintee after your change.
  • Leah and Seth changing is what brought on Harry Clearwater’s heart attack.
  • The way to contact Stephenie remains via her publisher and "snail mail". Here’s the direct quote from the Little Brown website:

Although we receive a great number of requests, we’re not able to release the phone, fax, mailing or email addresses of any of our authors. If you’d like to send a letter to your favorite author, you can do so via a standard letter, addressed as follows:

[name of the author]
c/o Author Mail
Grand Central Publishing
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017


[name of the author]
c/o Author Mail
Little, Brown and Company
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Please understand that it is up to the discretion of the individual author as to whether or not a correspondence will be answered.


  1. this is so exciting!!!a director, writer, and producer!!!and actually in forks-even better!!!

  2. Christina Florente says:

    Exciting news about the movie. We know, we know, no strings!

    Hope the news on Jake and Leah will end the “imprinting” debates. :]

    RIP Harry. Sure, their changing might have instigated his heart attack, but I’m sure other factors (like him not wanting to eat his leafy greens) played a role. πŸ˜‰

    Keep the news coming!

  3. OH. I don’t think I realized Harry’s heart attack was brought on by Leah & Seth’s changing… Very interesting tidbit….
    Thanks for posting !

    And I do love the facelift, courtesy Seth. WONDERFUL ! It looks so fresh ! Love it!

  4. cabingurl says:

    I saw on one of the videos about the information of the movie. So exciting.
    I had never realized that Harry’s heart attack was brought on by Leah & Seth’s change. That is very interesting.
    I really like the facelift to Stephenie’s site also. I really liked how everything is grouped up.

  5. Although they havent imprinted I def. think that Jacob and Leah will have a little something something going on in the coming book.
    And I can’t wait for the movie … They better not butcher it.



  7. Chocoholic428 says:

    Oh, the reason for Harry’s heart attack is just devestating.

  8. Well it is about time they have some thimg new about the movie. It has been like forever. But I am happy to now that they have a director, writer, and producer! And useing real Froks is soooo cool.

  9. I’m so excited that they might be filming in Forks– I think that shooting the movie there will be very realistic.

  10. oh thats sweet!!! im so excited!!! ive been trying to picture all of this in my head and now it might be on the bi screen!!!! YAY!!!!

    poor harry that is so sad

    i luv the face lift on stephenie’s site!

  11. I would love to know who the writer and director are. It’d probably be too much to ask to get Jerry Bruckheimer as the producer, yes?

  12. Lomesir22 says:

    Even after reading all that, all I feel is a deep sadness for Mr. Clearwater. πŸ™

  13. i love the books!!!!!!!!! my friend says that me & my bf are like Bella & Edward. i feel for Jake tho. But i like the part in Eclipse where Edward and Jake tell the truth about how they feel about Bella, in the tent. i think it starts on p. 492. & i cried on page 610. i am in l-o-v-e w/ Edward!!!!!!!!! i wish i had a vampire bf!!!!!!!!! i do love my bf tho.

  14. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ (sheepish grin)

  15. Jenni_Elyse says:

    Thank you so much for posting the fact that Jacob and Leah have not imprinted on each other or anyone else!!! Hopefully, this will die down on the message boards now.

  16. edwardluvr says:

    yeah im so glad they got a director and producer!!!! i hope they dont ruin the movie like they did with eragon and blood and chocolate. but if they do butcher it they will have millions of girls and boys black mailing them. Jk!!

  17. Thanks for all the new info. I was really curious about the way imprinting works – thanks for clarifying. I think the changes to Stephenie’s site look great as well. I noticed something on her bio page (in the part where she is describing her boys & how wonderful they are) she made a funny comment that they reminded her of chimpanzees on crack & I noticed that it now says “chimpanzees on a sugar high”. I guess the sugar high might be more pc but the other comment always made me laugh.

  18. oh, i really hope they shoot in forks. it would make it all the more real!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  19. *the names Alice* says:

    wow thats so exciting! real forks! ahh awsomee.

    PS: pel or alphie i cant log in to the message boards for some reason and im sorry to post it here but it was the only way i could reach either of you. so please dont delete this!

  20. Wow. That shocked me about Harry’s heart attack! I guess it just didn’t click in my brain…I really hope that they don’t buther the movie either. That might make me cry. The website’s facelift is very nice though. I love the way it’s grouped the way it is.

  21. So Twilight is really going to become a movie now??? On SM’s site she or the webmaster have not clarified that… I’m excited for it–but I bet it’s gonna turn out JUST like eragon…grr…even though that book wasnt that good to begin with lol and twilight was a bit better.

  22. I just wanna say I love these books and this site. I never would have guessed that Leah and Seth were the cause of poor Harry’s heart attack. So I was just wondering, is there any idea of when the movie is expected?? I doubt it but just thought I’d ask…And yeah hopefully they get it right, if not oh well, I’ll just read the book again!!!

  23. Oh, I wanted to mention how excited the folks in Forks are about the idea of a movie in Forks! There have been articles in the Forks Forum every week. (small cute) Their papers are adorable.

  24. Oh wow. I didn’t realize that Harry’s heart attack came from Leah and Seth’s change. That’s so tragic. And kind of ironic.

    I have to say, I am very excited about the Twilight movie news. At least now it seems like they’re actually serious about making the movie.

    Thanks for posting this!

  25. Thanks for the new info you posted, it clears some of my theories (like Jacob imprinting with Bella…)

  26. aww and i was really hoping for the Jacob/ Leah thin. oh well
    and its so sad about Harry. Leah and Seth must be devstated to know that they were the cause. i could never imagine…

    and yay for movie news!

  27. Thank goodness that Forks may be the location of the movie; I was hoping it would be so the book would realistically be brought to life.

    I never really connected Harry’s heart attack with Leah and Seth change; that’s so cool how Stephenie tied it in.

    I hope Stephenie ties Leah and Jacob’s possible imprinting in the next book.

    Thanx so much!

  28. wow you know i never connected seths and leahs change to harrys heart attack.

    and im so excited for the movie! but part of me doesant want this book becoming a movie :/ it may ruin it…

    pel or alphie…or anyone!!: i need like serious help. i cant log into the message boards and i dont know why! i tried to change my e-mail address, and it said it sent my new e-mail address an e-mail where i have to activate it. but i never got one! and im sorry i had to put it here..but it was the only way i could reach someone!

  29. Pel or Alphie…or someone!: i need serious helpp. i cant login to the message boards. and i had to change the email that i was using for it to the one i have now and i was soppose to get an e-mail but i never did! and now i cant log-in. and im very sorry for putting this here but i didnt know where else to put it! on the boards im *Alice*. not Alice. (i dont know if you needed to know that or not).

  30. Poor poor Harry πŸ™ I feel badly for that family.

    But, HOORAY for the movie!!! I hope it does the book justice.

    And… I hope Jacob finds his love and imprints in the next book… if Stephenie needs any names for her she can always use ME πŸ˜‰ I *heart* Jacob Black… *sigh*


  32. omg I never would’ve realized that Leah and Seth’s changing did that to Harry…well that kinda changes things.

  33. edwardluvr says:

    If i ever wrote a letter to stepehnie meyer it would probablly be like 200 pgs. Litarally
    i would have never guessed that harry’s heartattack was from leah and seth’s changing.

  34. So did Harry die from the shock of Seth and Leah’s change? And is there anyone else that is wondering if Jacob can imprint on Bella after she becomes a vampire, or am I alone in this? I really couldn’t see him with anyone else(i. e. Leah) just yet. The end was too sad for him to just bounce back. I wonder how far he had to go to get away from the other wolves’ voices in his head.

  35. I think the movie is going to be great i hope they put that song from the police called Every wear you go it so discribes New moon when edward left

  36. Jacob and Leah SO will not fall in love.
    And also, in the movie, they should use the song “My Immortal” by Evanescensce. It TOTALLY describes Bellas situation.
    I’ve also done some reasearch on the names used.
    Isabella= Lord or possesor
    Edward= Rich guard
    Alice= Noble type
    Jasper= Jasper, as in the gemstone.
    Rosalie= Rose
    Emmett= Whole or Universal
    Esme= Loved or Esteemed
    Carlise= Shining one
    Jacob= Holder of the heel or supplanter (Ironically, the name Jacob is related to the name James. Did Stephenie Meyer know this?)

  37. I’m so shocked that Seth and Leah’s transformation could have caused Harry’s heat attack. OMG.

  38. I [[and other people]] dont think they should make a movie.
    If there is a movie, then there will be other people playing in it.

    Even if Logan plays Edward, he still won’t be perfect.

    It ruins the whole idea of the vampires being beautiful and perfect. –afterall, everyone has their own image of what the cullens should look like, there’s no reason to ruin it!–

  39. i agree.Rosa’s too perfect for any reg. person to play her.

  40. ohmygosh!i love the books! I can’t believe we have to wait a year until the next book comes out!!!

    but i also agree. I think the movie would totally ruin the whole series.I really hope they don’t it.

    -before I thought it’d be cool &&fun.but now i realize that its not that great.seriously, think about it.

  41. DAHH!!
    I never realized that.i guess they’re kinda right. I mean, it would ruin the whole image of perfect vampires.
    but it would be kinda cool.but if i had to choose…
    i’d say:

  42. i hope they don’t make a movie based on twlight!
    (poor Harry!)

  43. Luvtwilight says:

    Why Twilight is like the best book EVER!

  44. Luvtwilight says:

    Befor I posted my last comment I didnt read the other parts but I still hope Twilight becomes a movie. Cant wait till next book. Why did Leah and Seth becoming werewolfs make Harry have a heart attack?

  45. I think that they should make the movie anime (like Final Fantasy etc.)! You CANNOT get a real human to play Edward (or the beauty of the vampires and the realism of the werewolves!) and if they go with the book series, anime will always keep the characters as beautiful time and time again!! That way the characters would/could be as “beautiful” as the book itself! They will not age! Also, they can go word for word from the book! I’d buy the whole series!!
    LOVE THE BOOKS Stephenie!

  46. Your book is very much like my dreams

  47. Shikiangel CerEbow says:

    wow Seth and Leah should feel very guilty now, lol. thats terriable Harry having a heart attack becasue his kids changed

  48. ToniCullen says:

    Harry had his Heart Attack before his kids changed. thats y Sue was having a hard time dealing with it.

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