The first Eclipse Update!

I have updated the Timeline to include Eclipse information.  Just look for anything labled with an EC# and it’s new.  But be warned – if you haven’t finished the book yet, this is obviously full of spoilers. 

We will be updated the rest of the site slowly over the next few months to include all the new information we recieved in Eclipse.



  1. Yipee! I’ve been waiting for this! It’s always hard for me to judge time while I read, so the timeline is very appreciated!
    Thanks Guys!
    PS. Can you believe it’s only been a year and a half or so since Bella and Edward met?

  2. Yay! I’m excited to read back through it to see what’s new. Thanks so much for putting it up. I know.. so much has happend in such a short amount of time!

  3. Thank you Alphie!!!

    It’s so exciting to see how everything falls into place. But it’s kind of disconcerting seeing how the dates in the book don’t match up with the ones in reality. Stephenie mentioned something about that this past weekend when Rach questioned about the wedding already taken place LAST August..xD

    Stephenie I still think you should’ve invited us to the wedding.

    Anyhow, to Jocelynn, I really can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. After a year and a half they’re already engaged and soon to be married!
    It’s so sweet. ^_^

  4. wow thats great u guys really work fast.well i of corse will not get to see it until i read eclipse and new moon which i have to wait till christmas to read new moon. but any way great job

  5. Hi Alphie…. Thanks for putting these up. I noticed a small error in the new timeline. The vampire wars in Mexico were started by a Vampire named Benito, not Carlos. pg 289

    ~~That’s what I get for using my word doc version and not the actual book!  It was originally Carlos.  I wonder why she changed it.  Cool!

  6. Yes, Thank You VERY much. It is AWESOME! It’s because of this timeline that I found out that The Meadow scene in Twilight takes place on my birthday… lol.

  7. Thank You so much!!!

    Going to go read through it now!!

    Thanks again!! 😀

  8. Thanks so much, its really grat to have the info in a timeline like that. Its so exciting the first eclipse update, yay.

  9. Isabella Cullen-
    I know! It’s so sweet! I wonder how Mike and Angela, and all them are going to see it! I though Bella didn’t want to be that girl!

  10. Thanks SO much for all the work that allows us to ‘see’ everything more clearly. It is greatly appreciated!! Wishing a great weekend to all

  11. hi! thanks for posting the timeline :] But I wanted to point out that there’s a small error, on the June 15th 2006 it said:
    “Victoria and Seth’s remains are burned. Jacob is wounded and both Seth and Edward “feel” it though the werewolf bond”

    So I believe “Seth” would have been replaced with Riley? XD I’m sorry I hope that wasn’t troublesome and somehow helpful in a way. ^_^ Thanks again.

  12. AN AMAZING WORK!!! as always!!!

  13. While looking at the timeline today, i noticed something, but not super important. For the timeline for Carmen and Eleazar, you have that they were born in 1005. In the charater bios, it says that they were both “born” in 1655. I’m assuming this is wrong, unless of course they were both supposed to be 650 years old when they were changed…. I was just wondering if you knew which year is supposed to be the correct year. Thanks!

  14. yay! i’ve been waiting for the eclipse updates! does anyone know when stephenie meyer’s website will have outtakes and extras about eclipse?? i’ve been dying waiting for them!

  15. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I have read just about the entire thing and it really helps to put things in perspective. The timeline is very much appreciated. You guys are awesome. 🙂

  16. Wow, I love it! It;s so weird to have the books put in a timeline…it makes me realize that all this crazy stuff happened so close together. Thanks a lot! It must’ve been a lot of work.

    PS- I don’t rly think this is a big deal but if you wanted to know: on March 22nd who needs to be changed to why…I think, maybe I’m reading it wrong, but whatever.

  17. Heya
    I live in England and haven’t been able to find a copy of Eclipse in the shops
    Does anyone know if it is being released at a later date in the UK or something?

  18. Thanks, Alphie!

    Wow…for some reason I thought it ended sometime in July. A lot of things happened really fast in Eclipse! :p

  19. Sleepingvampire says

    Two things:

    First Serena, I don’t when the book comes out in the UK, but you can try looking on the UK version of Amazon, also Changing Hands bookstore ships signed copies internationally. You can find a link on Stephenie’s web sight under books and gear.

    Second am I the only one having problems accessing the message boards, or is the site just temporarily down?

  20. Sleepingvampire ~ I can’t access them either. I was actually in the middle of editing a post, and when I clicked to preview it, the boards wouldn’t work and haven’t worked since.

  21. rrandomness says


    Thanks for posting that up!
    Love it!

    It really helps… =)

    And for how long after the last chapter the epilogue occurs, I believe it’s got to be less than two months later, because the wedding is in around 2 months, and they obviously need to send the invitations a bit earlier. So that’s my take on that.
    And also, just by whatever Jacob’s feeling and thinking, it doesn’t seem like TOO much later.


  22. mentalmentos says

    Has anyone noticed the updates on Stephenie’s webpage? Her brother, it is him who is the webmaster, right?, has added a Twilight Series section, a Host section and updated the News.

  23. Alphie,

    You are awesome. I loved listening to your most recent podcast conversation. You guys are adorable. Your personalities really shine and I think Stephenie is very lucky to have such great friends. You guys know the books as well as I do. I’ve read them so many times. But now that I think about it, you guys know more about the books than me … lucky women! Thank you for all of the work that you do and for sharing so much with Stephenie’s fans. It is so much fun to have a place to come to that enhances reading the Twilight series. People don’t understand it unless they’ve read the books. Thank you from an old lady in Utah.

  24. Thanks Alphie:)
    I’ve just translate it to Czech. And James will put it on site as soon as she have time for it. :)) for somebody who want to see our layout or something – but almost everything is in Czech…however if you look at it and want to leave us some message there, you could, we will uderstand what you said… sorry for my english:))I don’t know whether I have mistakes here or not:))

  25. I love your books! You Rock!

  26. 😀 like everyone else i love your boooks, more than you know 😛 & i dont even know if you read these comments, but i REAALLLLLLY hope you do! because ive spent lik hours looking for away to contact you & its imposssiblee. ANYWAYS;
    for you movie. PLEASE PLEASE HIRE GASPARD ULLIEL/ GASPARD ULLIEL. as edward. PLEASEE. its peffect. & im shure tehre are like 5,000 + who would agree w/ me 🙂

  27. so i justr finished reading the trilogy it was amazing!!!!!!!can anyine tell me if they are going to make a movie??????

  28. thank you so much for this!!!
    i couldnt get the books so i read it on here and it was brilliant thank you so much alfiie
    you are the best