Chapter Two -Evasion

Chapter Number:  2

Chapter Name:  Evasion

Page Numbers: 35-64

Date of Chapter: May 15-17, 2006

As Bella attempts come to terms with both the end of her high school career and her chosen future, her friends are all busily excited with preparations for graduation.  In the middle of these excited discussions Alice Cullen receives a vision of the future.  But as Bella tries to discover the content of that vision, she finds her attempts being artfully dodged by both Alice and Edward. 

After returning home that afternoon, Bella enjoys time with Edward and emails her mother Renee.  During this exchange Edward finds the stereo Bella received as a birthday gift from Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper in the bottom of Bella’s closet.  After vowing to replace it before anyone discovers its current condition, he suggests celebrating Bella’s new found freedom with a trip to Florida, by using the airline tickets she received as a gift from Carlisle and Esme for her birthday.  Bella rejects this idea, instead offering to go another weekend.

During dinner that evening Edward, shockingly, brings up the soon to expire airline vouchers to Charlie.  This insights an argument between Bella and her father, ending in Bella announcing that she will go to see her mother if she wants. 

The evening soon winds down with a quick trip to the Cullen house and a visit with Esme and a demonstration in vampire chess before Bella returns home to find Charlie anxious to have a talk with her about intimacy which leads to massive amounts of embarrassment for both Charlie and Bella.  When Charlie is satisfied that he has received the answer he wants, Bella is freed from the situation and goes to her room.  Bella finds that she is too wound up to relax, and hatches a plan to drive to La Push to visit Jacob.  Charlie is pleased with the idea and gladly lets Bella go, even knowing this will mean she may be late for curfew.  Unfortunately when Bella tries to start her truck she is met with silence, and soon discovers she is not alone in the cab of her truck.  Quietly turning some mysterious object between his fingers in the darkness, Edward quietly says, "Alice called."  He then begins to expound on the theory behind why Alice cannot see a werewolf with her abilities.  He calmly states that he will return her truck to working order by morning if she decides to drive herself to school.  Conceding that she may close her window if she chooses not to see him tonight. 

Bella storms into the house announcing that her truck won’t start, that she is tired, and is going to bed.  She does indeed slam her window shut indicating she doesn’t want to see Edward after his stopping her from going to La Push. Moments later, she opens the window as wide as it will go.
Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen, Angela Weber, Alice Cullen, Ben Cheney, Mike Newton,
Character Mentioned:
Renee Dwyer, Billy Black, Jacob Black, Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Clearwaters, Uleys
Places Visited: Forks High School
Memorable Quotes
"You’re really not that good of a mechanic, Edward." –Alice Cullen

"I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not." –Bella Swan

"So you felt the need to torture it?" –Edward Cullen

"It’s not like I’m headed off to Vegas to be a showgirl or anything." –Bella Swan

"…well, when you’re physically involved with –" –Charlie Swan
Important Information learned:
Bella shows little interest in the pomp and circumstance surrounding the ending of her high school career.

Alice has had a vision.

Edward seems to be avoiding the topic of that vision with Bella.

Edward unexpectedly wants to take Bella away to Florida for the weekend.

Carlisle speculates on the reason why Alice cannot "see" Werewolves with her second sight.

Edward will make good on his vow to stop Bella from going to La Push.
Chapter Prepared By: Cocoa