Chapter Seventeen – Alliance

Chapter Number: 17

Chapter Name: Alliance

Page Numbers: 365 – 382

Date of Chapter:

As Bella arrives at his house, Edward rushes out to kiss her in a tense, uneasy way that makes her nervous.  He promises that nothing will happen to her and leads her into the house for the party.  Alice has transformed the house into an amazing nightclub, which Bella finds a bit over whelming.  In the moments before the party, the Cullens discuss their plan for attacking the newborns in Seattle while Bella listens on.

Everyone invited to the party arrives.  The normalcy of the event keeps Bella somewhat distracted as she goes from guest to guest to guest with Edward glued to her side.  When he did leave her side, it left Bella suspicious.  Bella follows him to find that Alice has seen something and no one is telling Bella about it. 
At the same time, Jacob and a few others from La Push have arrived, much to Alice and Edward displeasure.  Surprised that Jacob would come after she hit him, Bella asks him why he came.  He says that he has a gift for her – one that he didn’t get at the store.  They argue a moment, but Bella takes the gift.  It’s a silver bracelet with a tiny wooden wolf charm made by Jacob.  Bella thanks him for the gift and lets Jacob put it on her wrist.

Jacob asks why she is distracted and tries to get her to explain what’s going on.  He pulls Embry and Quill over to hear the details just as Alice steps in.  A fight nearly breaks out when Jacob blocks Alice from moving and Jasper immediately comes to her side, but Bella stops them.  Alice explains that she has seen something and that the Cullens are heading to Seattle. 

In the discussion, Jacob steps in and demands an explanation.  Upon hearing all the details, Jacob insists that the wolves be involved.  Alice sees what he means and thinks it’s excellent.  After a big of arguing, Jasper tells them that if they really want to be involved, there is a “strategic meeting” later on that night they can come to.  Jake agrees even though Bella protests.

Characters Involved: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Jacob Black, Jasper Hale, Quill Ateara, Embry Call

Characters Mentioned: Emmet Cullen, Lauren Mallory, Ben Cheney, Angela Webber, Jessica Stanley, Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, Conner, Austin, Lee, Samantha, Katie, Sam Uley

Places Visited: The Cullen home

Memorable Quotes:
“Alice will be Alice.”  ~ Edward about Alice.

“Who invited the werewolf?”  ~ Alice about Jacob

“Unless my right hook was too subtle for you, let me translate: that was me uninviting you.”  ~ Bella to Jacob

“Keep your hands to yourself, Jacob!”  ~ Bella to Jacob

“You’re giving me a much better gift than the one I gave you.”  ~Jacob to Bella

Information Learned:
Everyone came to the Cullen’s party – most out of curiosity since no one had ever been invited over before.

Alice has seen the next move from the Seattle newborns.

Jacob has a talent for woodcrafts.

An alliance is formed between the wolves and the Cullens for the sake of protecting Bella.