Chapter Four – Nature

Chapter Number: 4

Chapter Name: Nature

Page Numbers: 92-112

Date of Chapter: May 25, 2006


The chapter opens with Bella having a bad week.  She has accepted the fact the Victoria is still after her because, in all honesty, she never expected her to stop.  However, Bella is feeling the need to be changed more now than ever.  Carlisle and the others aren’t that concerned has there are seven of them.  Edward’s one reply is that he will have the discussion with her if she meets his condition.

Edward goes away hunting with Emmett and Jasper leaving Alice in charge of watching Bella.  Bella is hoping to keep her time occupied by working and helping Angela.  Unfortunately when she gets to Newton’s they don’t need her to work and a flyer saying “Save the Olympic Wolf” causes Bella to head straight to La Push. 

Bella arrives at La Push greeted by a shocked yet extremely happy Jacob.  Bella instantly feels like the Bella she used to be with Jake, less responsible and carefree.  They walk to First Beach and talk about how things have been but the conversation quickly moves to why they are no longer friends.  Jacob is shocked to hear why Edward left.  Bella continues to explain to Jacob what happened in Italy.  Jacob then tells Bella about the events while she was away.  The pack had come across a fresh trail from Victoria.  They followed it and ran into the Cullens.  There was a minor interaction between Emmett and Paul.  Carlisle and Sam agreed that Victoria was top priority and they continued to track her.  Unfortunately she retreated to the water and the pack wouldn’t give the Cullens permission to cross the line.

Jacob then tells Bella that if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff without him things would never have changed.  They we probably be hanging out in his garage and there would be no vampires in Forks.  Jacob then tells Bella that Sam is upset with her because after everything that happened Sam felt Bella would be the one person who had enough reason to hate the Cullens as much as he did.  Bella is angry by this statement and with Jacob.

Bella and Jacob start to discuss why Bella loves Edward.  At first Jacob feels it is because of looks or money and feels hurt.  Jacob tells Bella to look with in her own species to which she replies then she is stuck with Mike Newton.  Jacob is again hurt by the comment.  Bella is too angry to care and pushes Jacob about being a werewolf.  Jacob places Bella’s hand on his heart to prove that he is human.  Bella realizes how much pain Jacob is in and the anger subsides.  

Characters Involved: Edward Cullen, Mike Newton, Mrs. Newton, Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Billy Black

Character Mentioned: Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Victoria, Jasper Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale

Places Visited: La Push, Newton’s Outfitters

Memorable Quotes:

“I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you.  Everything is so much more fun with you around.” Emmett pg 93

“Nature taking it’s course—hunter and prey, the endless cycle of lie and death.” Jacob pg 109

“Normal humans runaway from monsters, Bella.  And I never claimed to be normal. Just human.” Jacob pg 112

Important Information learned:

Bella tells Jacob about everything in Italy.

Victoria was in Forks while Bella was in Florida.

There was a confrontation between the werewolves and the vampires.

Sam is angry with Bella.

Chapter Prepared By: Be My Escape