Chapter Five – Imprint

Chapter Number: 5

Chapter Name: Imprint

Page Numbers: 113-130

Date of Chapter: May 25, 2006


The chapter opens with Jacob and Bella still at La Push.  There is an awkward silence between them and Bella begins to ask about the others.  Jacob confirms that Quil has indeed phased and is ecstatic about being a wolf.  Jacob says that most of the others are happy as well except for him and Sam.  Sam has had plenty of time to get over everything so it is really just Jacob that is the cry baby.  Bella asks about Sam’s story and Jacob warns her that it is long and strange. 

Jacob begins by telling Bella that Sam had it the hardest because he was first and didn’t know what was going on.  Once the elders discussed with him what had happened, he waited for the others to come of age.  At the time of the change Sam was in love and dating Leah Clearwater.  All that changed when Leah’s cousin Emily visited.  When Sam saw Emily it was love at first site, soul mates.  Sam has to live with letting down Leah and see the anger and hurt in her eyes.  At first Emily hated Sam for it but eventually the love and adoration Sam showed her was over powering. 

Bella asks Jacob if he has found his soul mate and he says that only Jared and Sam have.  Bella feels relieved by this.  The conversation turns to Jacob and what he was thinking the other day to make Edward so uncomfortable.  Jacob admits to thinking about the night Sam found her in the woods and what she looked like the first time she came to see him.  Edward was pained by the memories.  Bella was angry with Jacob for being so mean and decides to leave.  Jacob begs her to stay and she insists the next time he leaves she’ll come back.
Characters Involved: Jacob Back, Bella Swan

Character Mentioned: Angela Webber, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Quil Aetera, Sam Uley, Emily Young, Leah ClearewaterQuil Aetera Sr., Jared, Billy Black, Harry Clearwater 

Places Visited: La Push

Memorable Quotes:

 “Am I the only one who has to get old? I get older every stinking day!” ~ Bella pg 119

“Did you seriously just stamp your foot?  I thought girls only did that on TV.” ~ Jacob pg 119

Important Information learned:

Imprinting happens the first time you see you match after transforming.

Only Sam and Jared have imprinted.

Werewolves don’t age until they can control their phasing and decide not to phase anymore.

Chapter Prepared By: Be My Escape