Chapter Eighteen – Instruction

Chapter Name:  Instruction

Page Numbers:  383 – 409 (hardcover)

Date of Chapter:   Monday, June 11th, 2006


As Alice’s graduation party ends, Bella is anxious that Jacob’s pack has aligned themselves with the Cullens against the newborns. Everyone reassures Bella there is no danger but she remains worried, agonizing over why her bad luck continually puts other people in harm’s way.  

The wolves and the vampires intend to meet for a training session at 3:00 AM.  Bella tells Edward she wants to accompany him.  Edward notes that she is tired and says he doesn’t want her present for any tensions between the two groups if the training experiment does not go well, but she insists.  Ensured that Charlie is asleep for the night, Bella and Edward wait in her bedroom for the time to pass.  Bella thinks seriously about forming a plan to keep her bad luck from affecting others.  

Edward makes one last effort to coax Bella into staying, but she refuses.  He runs, carrying her on his back, to a large field, which Bella recognizes as the baseball clearing she visited with the Cullens over a year previously.  The familiar place brings back memories of James and his coven. Thinking about Victoria, Bella suddenly makes a connection between all the recent events.  She tells Edward about her realization, rejecting his former theory that the Volturi are at the heart of the trouble.  Edward considers her new impressions, and agrees that it’s a possibility.

Bella notices that Alice looks frustrated and Edward explains that she is uncomfortable being “blinded” by the wolves’ involvement.  The pack finally enters the clearing, arriving in wolf form.  There are more wolves now than Bella last knew about, and the vampires are both fascinated and careful.  Carlisle welcomes them and Edward acts as translator, using his mind reading abilities to speak for the pack.   The wolves agree to watch and listen, but are not comfortable doing more.  Jasper takes center stage to begin the instruction.

Jasper calls Emmett forward first, noting that his reliance on brutal strength is what makes Emmett the closest example of a newborn attack.  Jasper easily catches Emmett from behind and ends the mock skirmish.  He engages Alice next, wishing specifically for Bella to see why Alice can take care of herself.  Sure enough, Alice effortlessly outmatches Jasper, finally swooping up from behind and planting a quick kiss on his neck.  Edward claims the next turn, and Alice takes his spot next to Bella.  Alice surprises Bella, stating she knows of Bella’s semi-formed plans to spare her loved ones from danger.  Alice declares she will warn Edward if Bella continues to scheme.  Bella ignores her and tries to focus on Jasper and Edward.      

Jasper’s expertise is equally matched by Edward’s agility and mind-reading, and they finally agree to call it a draw.  Each of the Cullens take a turn with Jasper, and as the night goes on Bella is finally overcome by exhaustion.  The meeting is called to a close, all agreeing to meet again the following night.  Before the wolves leave, they request to familiarize themselves with the particular scents of the Cullens, so that during battle there are no mistakes.  Each wolf, in turn, approaches the individual members of the Cullen family, smelling and sniffing them all.  

Bella recognizes Jacob as the reddish-brown wolf.  She realizes he seems the most relaxed of the pack.  Jacob meets her gaze and comes closer. Bella notices that Edward is measuring her reactions, clearly hoping to find her afraid or disgusted by what she sees.  But instead of being afraid, Bella reaches out and runs her fingers through Jacob’s fur.  She is surprised by how it is both rough and soft.  Suddenly Jacob licks her across her entire face, laughing and jumping out of the way when she yells and smacks at him playfully in response.  Both vampires and werewolves, and especially Edward, are all shocked and bewildered by the encounter.

The wolves leave, but Jacob stays behind.  Jacob speaks to Edward through his mind, eventually turning back into his human form to openly discuss Bella’s safety during the newborn battle.  Edward is reluctant to involve Jacob initially, but is pleasantly surprised by the ideas Jacob presents.  They agree to work together, making a plan to mask the scent of Bella’s trail with Jacob’s.  They decide to place Seth Clearwater with Bella in hiding, using Seth’s and the pack’s mind reading as a way to communicate with the others.  Edward and Jacob end the conversation on pleasant terms, remarking their disbelief at the turn of events that has caused them to work together.

Characters Involved:   Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emmett Cullen, Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Seth and Leah Clearwater, Jared, Paul, Collin, Brady

Characters Mentioned:  James, Laurent, Victoria, Aro and the Volturi, Tanya, Irina, Billy Black, Angela Weber, Ben Cheney

Places Visited:  The Swan home, the baseball clearing

Memorable Quotes:

“I wished my bad luck would focus a little more carefully.  I felt like yelling up at the empty sky:  It’s me you want – over here!  Just me!”    ~ Bella’s thoughts

“You’re very perceptive today.  It’s impressive.”  ~ Edward to Bella

“Gotcha.”  ~ Alice to Jasper

“I’ve got my eye on you, Bella.”  ~ Alice to Bella

“Ew!  Gross, Jake!”  ~ Bella to Jacob

“Well, crap!  There goes your graduation present.”  ~ Bella to Edward

“How do you stand that?”  ~ Jacob to Bella

“Best two out of three?”  ~ Jasper to Alice

Important Information learned:

Bella has starting to think of ways to  keep herself the focus of her bad luck, so as to not endanger others.  

Bella’s plans have caught Alice’s notice and Bella is being watched carefully.

The pack has grown, and they’ve been keeping it quite secret.  

When in wolf form, the pack can still communicate to the vampires (and to humans) through Edward’s mind reading.

The Cullens and the wolves plan to divide the newborn army, leaving half to the werewolves and half to the vampires.

Edward and Jacob will work together to protect Bella..  

Chapter Prepared By:   LisaCullenAZ