YouTube Clips from the Seattle Signing

Oenone provided the links to three videos from Stephenie’s recent Seattle Q&A  and signing.


Video number two

Video Number Three


  1. Thanks for these! So great to hear, before my upcoming signing this week !

  2. These are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I am going to try to take video tonight. But after that I wouldn’t know what to do with it. If someone does, could they PM me?

  3. Thanks for these! I just recently read that Stephenie Meyer is coming to Toronto for a book signing and I will do my best to get there and see her!

  4. Lonely Moon says

    Thanks so much for providing this! It’s amazing to hear her speak. Few people are able to speak with developed sentences and full paragraphs but you can definitely see it coming from Stephenie. She’s fantastic!

  5. gah! that was today? jeez, i guess i’ll just have to catch the one at third place books. anyway, its closer…

  6. That was so fun last night. Stephenie was so nice!!!

  7. Isabella (dats realy my name, no joke) says

    What about the Eclipse signing and Q&E in Arizona? They said it would be on here. 0_o

  8. Awesome stuff. That place was so big! My signing is only a bookstore and we’re having an Eclipse Prom there. I don’t know how that will work if so many people show up. I hope I get there in time to get in..

  9. The videos don’t work! ='(

  10. wheresmyedward2011 says

    i’m having a mourning moment of silence for the fact that stephenie isn’t coming to Tx. :((((

  11. chunkchops says

    I love watching these videos because she’s going all over the place but not coming to TX. I feel your pain.

  12. Who was she talking about/what was she saying in the very beginning of video 3? I couln’t hear?

    Something about a republican…?

    Just wondering! 🙂

  13. cool!
    Bella’s home state, lol

  14. Aww, she’s not coming to my area, so I don’t get to ask her all my questions about Eclipse! I wish there were more! Maybe a transcript of her Q&A or something..

  15. its also my home state. (wash.) and i’ve actually been through forks twice along with second beach. (altho both times it was sunny…)


    that eould just be so kool

  17. would**


  18. wheresmyedward2011 says

    ya..its not your ideal vaca. spot..but i’m sure its still very beautiful. 🙂

  19. I loved that first question, it was very interesting and i had always wondered how warm they could become….Ha, Edward is like a reptile in the fact that his blood warms according to his surroundings…^-^

  20. Thanks for posting these! I love watching interviews with Stephenie!

  21. Yeah, I also cannot undertstand what she said at the beginning to video three. I thought it was something about loving someone better than?
    Loving Jacob over Edward?

  22. Such a great night!
    That signing/prom was so much fun.
    And they had amazing real whipped cream and good strawberries too O.o
    And yes, to the person who said it…Forks is definately a nowhere little town but the area is GORGEOUS.

  23. Angela :-) says

    GIRLS GOING TO TORONTO LISTEN LISTEN – wristbands are going to be given out!! You must get one from the store on Friday to able attend the signing. Cheers.

  24. Something about a republican…?

    Just wondering!