Preface – Eclipse

Chapter Number: Preface

Chapter Name:  Preface

Page Numbers: 1-2

Date of Chapter: June 15, 2006

The preface hints at some future event in which Bella finds herself in imitate peril.  We can assume her protector to be her boyfriend, Edward Cullen. 
They find themselves alone and outnumbered, knowing that no help is coming, because "his" family is fighting another battle somewhere else. 
And in the midst of this torrent of emotion Bella hears a Wolf howl in the forest.
Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, unknown assailants, a wolf

Character Mentioned: The Cullen Family

Places Visited: The Forest

Memorable Quotes: 
"Somewhere, far, far away in the cold forest, a wolf howled."
Important Information learned:
Bella is, yet again, in the fight for her life.
Edward is protecting Bella, and is out numbered.
The Cullen family is far away fighting another battle.
There is a wolf in the forest near by.
Chapter Prepared By: Cocoa