Help needed

We are currently in need of some help at the Lex! 

We need someone with the skills and ability to draw complex tables with the computer.  Specifically, we’re looking for someone who can create a family tree of sorts for the Quileute tribe.  This  would entail having a working knowledge of the pack and would require some research.  We’d like it to look like a real family tree, if possible.  Something similar, but certainly not as complex as the Black Family Tree in the HP fandom.   If you have been trying to figure out the pack family tree on your own and would like to offer up your findings to the cause but aren’t able to fill the position of actually creating the tree, that’s fine.  We would be interested in seeing what you have. 

We are also wanting to build a very rough diagram of the Cullen home based on a quickly drawn up sketch from Stephenie.  This would require you to use your imagination a bit to make things work since Stephenie isn’t an architect and not all the line meet. 

If you would like to apply for one or both jobs, please e-mail me an example of your work.  Do not reply here if you are interested in the job.  You must send me an e-mail with your work attached.  twl_at_twilightlexicon_dot_com



UPDATE – I’ve had more than enough offers at this point.  No need to send in anything more.  If something doesn’t pan out I will ask for help again.  Thanks!


  1. I am going to a signing tomorrow, and this will be the question I am going to ask. (I’m interested in how the Clearwaters fit in.) I am very eager to figure out these relationships. I will be happy to share my information with whoever makes the chart.

  2. I was wondering, were you planning on updating the werewolf mythology?

    ~~~Yup!  Just give us time!


  3. Ahh, I’m actually working on the Cullen house floor-plan. But it’s not done yet. =[ Ahh, well.

  4. Helen aka Red_Ink says

    I can try, though my copy of Eclipse is not with me at the moment.

  5. Anne-Joell says

    Ahahaha, this is going to be difficult because I can do this stuff but I just don’t have it done :(.

  6. i’ll try a sketch of the front of the cullen house. i think i have a good idea of what it looks like. this will be fun. :[i][/i])

  7. i love these ideas can’t wait to see the final products of these projects

  8. I was looking at my americn history book, and there was a map with most of all of the native american tribes located. they didn’t have the Quileutes on it, but up in the NW peninsula they did have the Makahs, so i was very excited about that!

  9. vampirelvr says

    omg!! i swear my frined is pshycic!!! she made up this story that metioned the cullens in it and she was saying how they had a basement and everything!! WOW!! ys i would really like to apply for one of these jobs but i don’t know how to send my work in 🙁 good luck to thouse who want to get it tho!! 🙂

  10. vampirelvr says

    really, i am so sorry i cannot spell!!!

  11. Is there an age limit on how old you have to be to help out on this?

    Would love to help out!!

  12. um, what email address do we send it to?

  13. natasha, twl [“at” sign] twilightlexicon [period] com.

  14. Aoi Sakura says

    I think this would be WAY fun! But I do have one question: What type of a sample of our work do you need? Like, something we’ve already done? Or something we can do right now?

  15. I know how to do the family tree thing. I just need some more knowledge on the family. that is about it….let me know

  16. i just need more detail otherwise i know how and i can do it in my graphic arts computer shop. should be easy enough..

  17. i didnt see this message until today 🙁 or else i would have done he tree because that’s very simple to make the diagram (but cant do the codes and all)

  18. o. thanx GoldenEyesRock

  19. Autum whitaker says

    I was wondering about if mid-night sun is just goining be Edwards view of just what happened in twilight or if it will also include parts from the other books ,I would really love to see his view especially in the eclipse book, with the ring and wedding and watching Jacob with Bella . I didn’t know exactly where to send this question so if I sent it to the wrong person I apologize.
    thank you.

  20. i was just wondering if i could find a floor plan of the cullens house because i want to try draw it up on the computer. i have this program, it is called revit, and it is awsome. so if i can find a floor plan that would be great