The ABC World Weekly Report Eclipse Coverage

Thanks to the tech savvy Matt (can I just say I want your equipment!) we have YouTube coverage of Stephenie and Eclipse being featured on the ABC World Weekly Report. Alphie and I both screamed out loud when we saw the Lexicon Picture featured prominently in the coverage.:


  1. harry who? jk i love harry potter but, edward is the new love of my life

  2. I didn’t even know Stephenie was going to be on tv last night but I just happen to walk past the tv when she came on and stopped dead. (haha pun intended) I started “OMG OMG OMG” lol I had the biggest smile on my face. : )

  3. klutzy_albino says:

    I was so excited!!!! That was the LEXICON’s picture up there!!!
    Congratulations guys, that was amazing!!

  4. Bellafanatic says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s great to see Stephenie having such success! Also, thanks for putting all the other vids on there too, it is cool to see how everyone enjoys the Twilight series. Stephenie should be soo proud. I know I am!

  5. Once again, no problem anytime. Haha I like the name “tech savvy”, and no sorry, you can’t have it. Maybe you’ll luck out and get it for free like I did. If theres anymore interviews coming up just post em here and I’ll have them up later that day, savvy.

  6. Wooo!! Go Eclipse!!! Go Stephenie!! I wonder if you can find the whole interview….hmm…..i’m gonna go look to see what i can dig up…

  7. haha to harry potter! meyer beats her! not be offence to anybody! luv elcipse! :]

  8. I totally screamed like a little girl when I seen the lexicon picture, and I am not in any way a girlie girl. Congratulations to Stephenie she is awesome, she made me like reading again.

  9. That was great! Watching all of those people get their book signs was paining me. Wish I could go to the Tattered Cover signing today!

    Anyway, it was a nice coverage. I love to see Eclipse and the others getting so much attention.

  10. signed…that is, not signs. 🙂 I’m a bit tired still.

  11. Have you told Leela her art was on Television yet?

    And I’m so glad they didn’t use any stupid jokes. 🙂

  12. Hurray! I screamed when I watched this and then rubbed it in my brothers face because he is a huge HP fan. It felt good. Stephenie Meyer is the best! WAY TO GO!!!

  13. haha vampires need love too! lolz

  14. Edwards Angel says:

    oh my goshyyy the lexicon pic is in there YEA YEA!!!

  15. Sa-weeeeeeet! Thanks so much!! I was dying to see this.

    I screamed TOO!!! I’m so excited!
    FROM this part of the WORLD (far far away at southamerica) We’re sending our love to you and waiting for ECLIPSE in spanish!!! (Vampires needs love too… uffff)

  17. I’m glad I’m not the only one that screamed.

  18. That was really great!! Stephenie is awesome!!!

    I’m so glad to hear that Eclipse is doing so great everywhere!!

    And I loved the part where it said, there might be more than four books!! Loved it!!

    *Fingers Crossed*

    I hope that “Breaking Dawn” isn’t the last book in the series!!

    And finally a good news clip, not another GMA mistake…..


  19. Stephanie says:

    Congrats Stephenie!!!!

  20. FANBLOODYTASTIC! I never imagined that I would see the day where I got so extremely giddy about a vampire! *sigh* a sexy one nonetheless. Congrats Stephenie!!

  21. Pinkfurball says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy I’m so glad you put it on this site because I totally forgot to watch it!

    Congrats Alphie & Pel, I was screaming when I saw the lexicon picture!

    That deffinitly wouldn’t be the first adjectives to come to mind about Bella and Edward but the clip was still cool.

  22. I was a tad bit ticked how the one guy summed up Eclipse. “A teenage girl, a BLOODTHIRSTY vampire. Throw in some suspense and some near death experiences, and you’ve got a page turner.”

    UH, I think that Stephenie’s adaption, especially seen through the Cullens, is FAR different from any vampire stories in the past. Edward is NOT bloodthirsty. That word is so primitive, like he can’t control himself and he wants blood all the time. It’s actually the opposite. Maybe he should read the book.

  23. myfriendsthinkiamaddictedtoedward;*) says:

    I love listening to stephenie speak. I hold on to every ord like they are her last!!! Thanks for posting it !!

  24. edwardluvr says:

    i agree with tony edward said himself in the eclipse that he can control himself from blood cause when he thought she was dead it did not matter any more. i laughed when the guy said “sweet smart and popular” for bella

  25. Immortal Love says:

    yeah i also sceamed when i saw the lex! who is the artist by the way?

  26. your vennela says:

    Did the guy just say Bella was a TYPICAL teenage girl… Can we all say ‘read the book’ on three?


  27. twilightfreak says:

    Do u think that twilights going to become a movie

  28. When I saw the Lexicon art, I started hopping up and down and screaming, I was yelling “thats the lexicon site, ahhhhh”
    (I think my neighbors heard me!)

    That is so cool that they got that on T.V.!

  29. Wow! You guys must be so proud to see the header of YOUR WEBSITE on international news. I shrieked when I saw it. My family was staring at me.

  30. haha, I have this picture from the MO signing that I find to be classic: The seventh book of Harry Potter, with one tiny little display the size of a school desk, completely ignored. Not even ten feet away, a ten foot high display of Stephenie Meyer’s books, and hundreds if not thousands of screaming fans, all reading Eclipse. I love that picture. (no offense to Harry… but he can’t beat Edward.)

  31. can the media lay off harry potter for a bit? it’s making me angry. grrr.

    i love the twilight books (i can quote entire passages, if not chapters), but seriously, CAN WE STOP BASHING ON HARRY? if we’re to get technical, everyone would have to admit that harry’s got the lead for popularity and record sales. but, either way, does it make harry potter or twilight less amazing? i shouldn’t think so. but the media is acting as if one is “triumphing” over the other.


    but that does not mean that im not excited about stephenie meyer’s/eclipse’s popularity. it’s fantastic! i love these books and im DYING for breaking dawn! but to say that it’s overshadowing harry potter…..*shakes head*

    oh, last thing–if you have never read a harry potter book, please, for your own sake, don’t make fun of it or act like you know what it’s all about. you’ll only look stupid.

    haha sorry i had to rant a bit…

  32. oh yeah, and thank you ToastyCrow.

  33. Hello!
    Omg! I can’t believe it either! Hey does this mean that the Twilight series will become films! I hope so, I think Eclipse rocks! Ive read it like 100 times! Its awesome! Congratulations Stephenie you deserve it!!
    Katie x

  34. sarasponda says:

    aahh that was so cheesy and annoying! I dont think the writers knew anything about twilight. and that image of eclipse covering harry potter…awful…just stupid media hype. i wish the media would stop comparing harry potter and eclipse.

  35. OK! Stephinie, This book is the best book ever…i have never read a book like this before…THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD BECAUSE OF EDWARD’S LOVE FOR BELLA…AND I JUST THINK THESE BOOKS ARE SO AWESEOME I HAVE NEVER FINISHED THREE BOOKS IN TWO DAYS EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE…YOU ARE A GREAT AUTHOR YOU DESERVER TO BE THE WORLD’S BEST AUTHOR IN THE WORLD…whenever i hear someone say the names of your books i start smiling because they are just about everything a girl would want in a book about vampires! YOU ARE SOOOOO AWESOME! GREAT JOB ON YOUR BOOKS! they are completly the BEST

  36. Edwardfreak says:

    OMG! When I first saw this i was at the kichen minding my own bussness then i hear in the TV “Harry Potter Defeated ? No not by a dark wizzard but a high school student and her vampire boyfrend” I littery screamed when i heard this……..then saw it because i culdn’t move. Then they show the picture of lexcon.Now i really coun’t move.Stephenie hair looked AMAZING! I Loved the part where in the end he says “Vampires need love too”ha ha ha

    Yes we all know it, we are DYING for Breaking Dawn and it will be probably in the news again for binng the MOST POPULAR BOOK WHEN IT COMES OUT *sorry got exited there* so lets lay of wilth Harry Potter okay, lets move on with our life’s along with Edward.Bella,Jacob and all the rest of the Cullens.Amen.

    Now we all know that Harry……………wait……..Harry Who?

  37. Alice_eclipse says:

    i knew about this when i got my book signed in minneapolis.there were 800 people there.she out beat jk rowling who had 300 people come(the were not ecxpecting thatmany people at the signing)

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